Gwen Scott, N.D.

These are perilous times for human beings and all living things. Our air supply is a toxic soup because of Chemtrails.  Heavy metals, biological pathogens, “fibers,” polymers, and other dangerous materials are being sprayed every day, all around the planet.  The materials are fine particulates and are easily breathed in.  Once in the body, they become systemic in less than a minute.


Ten years ago I had the honor to meet the lead independent research scientist on Chemtrails, Clifford Carnicom (  Through his tireless and unselfish efforts, we began to unravel the components of this toxic soup.  As he made each new discovery, I would design a natural medicine to help mitigate the effects in the human body.  The following paper represents my best understanding to date.


Much of the information presented here comes from the scientific community (Mr. Carnicom and many others who wish to remain unknown.)  Some is personal experience, observation, and testimony from clients.


The work is always evolving as new information is brought to me.  The date of this writing is January 31, 2009.  Although I feel this protocol is sound, there may be additions.  After all, the mixture being sprayed from the skies into the air supply is subject to change as well.  Also, it does not seem that all of the elements, purpose, and remedies are known by anyone at this time.


I offer this work to EVERYONE.  It should be copied, shared, and distributed.  However, it is not for profit by ANYONE.  It represents ten years of pro-bono work on my part on behalf of humanity.  I gave it my mind, body and spirit.  These times call for us to leave greed and self-interest by the side of the road.  All life, as we know it, is calling to those who hear. 


It is my hope that some bright minds out there will add to this, learn from it, and freely present their own understandings in the same manner.  It is only by unselfish cooperation that man can hope to overcome these assaults.

Morgellons/Chemtrail Syndrome Elements


          Metals - scientifically confirmed

          Biological/Mycoplasma – bacteria, virus, fungus-bacteria / fungus / mycoplasma scientifically confirmed

          “Fibers” / Pseudo-life / altered parasites - confirmed (debate as to nature)

          Polymer / fiber-optic material - scientifically confirmed

          Frequencies entering body through atmospheric manipulation - confirmed

          Calcium particulates - confirmed

          Magnesium particulates - confirmed


Dismantling the Complex


   A.  Metals:  Aluminum, barium, titanium, possible others


The best, most effective way to remove heavy metals from the body on a daily basis is DIATOMACEOUS EARTH OR CLAY.  A research doctor found the purest, food grade source called “Fossil Flour” at  It costs pennies a day and has no known contraindications if taken in distilled water, on an EMPTY stomach.  Most people seem to do well with about one-tablespoon per day.  The clay is rich in silica which assists many body functions.  It should be stored in glass, or paper, not plastic.  The research doctor found most of the diatomaceous earth compromised with metals and other toxins, even ones sold in the health stores.  This source comes from the bottom of a deep lake in Utah and seems to have been protected from environmental pollution.


Please note that this research doctor spent years and did hundreds of hair and blood tests to confirm that metals were, in fact, being removed from the body with this clay.


  B.  Biological Components


    It is my belief that others before me (Rife, Beauchamp, Nassans, etc.) were right about the nature of the organisms we call bacteria, virus, and fungus.  These  

    scientists believed in the pleo-morphic nature of these beings…that a bacteria could change or “morph” into a virus or fungus and even into a tiny “seedling” that

    could hide from therapy and re-emerge at a later time.


    Whether thus is true or not, there are a few natural medicines that address all three and we have seen success with treating Morgellons Syndrome / Chemtrail

    illness.  Mycoplasma seems to respond especially well to the colloidal silver treatments.


1.    Colloidal Silver: Used internally and topically seems to have excellent results.  Also very effective as a nasal spray.  Most people use pro-biotics with colloidal as it may diminish the “good” bacteria in the colon.


2.     Miracle II Soap (plain without moisturizer); excellent bath soak, shampoo, and whole body wash. ( or distributor – at this time Kathy Zozula in Penn. Is my choice 412-558-0438.)


3.     Miracle II Neutralizer:  a clear liquid, kept in the refrigerator, taken daily.  They recommend 7-drops per day, but some people benefit from more.  Some people also spray their faces, inhale it in the sinuses, and spray it on their hair.  It seems to “neutralize” some of the pathogens…molds and mildew crash instantly.  I am told that it also creates an alkaline environment in the body.


4.     Deep Health by Herbs, Etc.: this extract contains many herbs designed to boost the immune system.  Some of the herbs have traditionally been used to kill bacteria and virus, as well as fungus.


5.     Yeast Re-Leaf by Herbs, Etc.: this extract has many herbs, including Pau D’ Arco, that have traditionally been used to kill fungus.


6.     Diet is critical as well: foods should be organic, local, and grown in a greenhouse if possible (our earth is absorbing all of the toxins coming down from the sky…it’s in the food.)  If meat is eaten, organic, free-range is best.  Distilled water for internal use as well as cooking.  Microwaves should be avoided.  Untreated, organic fats only.  Many of the “organic” food companies, (Knudsen, Horizon, Cascadian Farms, Glen Muir, etc.,) have been bought out by big food companies.  An “organic” label may be misleading.  Organic Valley and a few others are still owned by folks trying to bring us clean, healthy food.  This group is dwindling, so growing our own food in greenhouses, etc., is a good plan.


7.     A high potency, liquid iodine taken daily seems to be very beneficial in controlling the fungus.  Eating good amounts of organic coconut oil seems to very beneficial as well.


8.     Cleansing the organs (liver, colon, kidneys, bladder, lungs, etc.) is very beneficial.  Dr. Hulda Clark has a number of good formulas as do many in the natural medicine world.  Find the ones that you can do comfortably.


9.     As always, exercise will assist the body in detoxifying and rebuilding.  Choose a form that you enjoy.  As morbid matter from dead pathogens build up in the lymph glands, movement is important to flush these out of the system.  There is no “pump” for the lymphatic system like the heart (blood) so movement is important.


10.  There are many herbs with anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal prosperities: garlic, all of the “Italian” spices, turmeric, ginger root, onion, Chinese mushrooms (Reishi, Maitake, Shitake, etc.) Pau D’Arco, chili peppers, and many more that we can incorporate into our diets.  Do some research and find the foods and herbs that you will enjoy and eat.  Sugars feed fungus and should be avoided as well as all refined, denatured, altered foods.  We also want to eat pro-biotic foods like Kefir, yogurt, etc.


11.  Soaking feet in a Miracle II soap dilution has been extremely effective in killing fungus on the feet.  Hand soaks for fingernail fungus works as well.


  1.  Polymer / Fiberoptic Material

This component of Morgellons syndrome is perhaps the most difficult to address.  It seems to incorporate into the hair, skin, eyes, (see pupils with a black light) as well as other organs in the body.  It may be used as a “coating” or external membrane by the “fibers” or altered parasites.  I have not found anyone, to date, that has the true answer as to its purpose (many speculate about mind/body control, etc.) or an effective therapy for “flushing” it from the system.  However, there is some evidence that the following therapies do encourage it to leave the body.


1.     When using the organic grape swish in the mouth (discussed later), this polymer comes out of the mouth with the “fibers.”


2.     Drinking organic grape juice and organic red wine also seems to encourage the plastic out of the system.  Some people report that drinking carbonated mineral water helps as well.


3.     Steaming the lungs with tea tree oil (discussed later) is helpful.  Also, smoking pure, unaltered tobacco (American Indian) is reported to help people cough it up.


4.     Apple cider vinegar (organic only) diluted in distilled water is a good flushing agent for toxins.


5.     Steaming in a shower (use a good filter) helps many people to cough it up and blow it out.


6.     Miracle II soap seems to help break it down and draw it out, especially in a hot bath soak.


7.     It seems very true that the “plastic” incorporates into the fungal network.  Some suggest the fungus uses it as food, but this is unknown.  It is true that when the fungus is “crashed,” the polymer is released and leaves the body through the respiratory system, eliminatory system, and soles of the feet.


  1. Fibers/Parasites/Altered Life Forms

There are many theories and much speculation about what the “fibers” coming from Morgellons sores really are.  Some say GMO cotton, others a nano-type creation, others a living parasite.  I have seen many of them under the microscope and thousands from my own body.  Much of their nature is still a mystery to me, but with the help of some brilliant scientists and personal observations, I have some theories about their nature:


1.   They seem to have a low level intelligence


2.   They are highly magnetic


3.   They are attracted to grape, either in grape juice or red wine (organic-not so much with conventional as the grape has been denatured and weakened.)


4.   They “herd”, meaning they follow movement of “leaders.”  They will move towards or away from something they either are attracted to (grape) or 

       something they don’t like (red laser light).


5.   They have different “ends.”  Some are hooked in nature, others are a bulb and some are straight.


6.   They carry pathogens internally


7.   They have a thick, tough outer shell that appears to be a fiber-optic/polymer material that is highly florescent.


8.   Some will quietly exit the body and “become” hair-like, while others create sores and cause sharp, intense pain.


9.  They seem to be able to “morph” into many forms…leaves, bugs, gold, silver, and others that will leave the human body in a very visible manner. They seem to communicate with other life forms as well, like bugs, and can influence behaviors.  This is perhaps the strangest and most baffling aspect of their “nature.”


Reports are constantly growing in numbers and scope.  How and why they “morph” into other forms is still unknown to me.  It seems that people who reach the stage where these phenomena occur are the most ill from Morgellons.  Ironically, or maybe not, it takes a very strong immune system and spirit to “expel” these unnatural pathogens.  Using the Miracle II soap and Neutralizer to clean their clothes, homes and belongings has proven very helpful.  Also, following the other protocols (clay, diet, herbs, colloidal silver, etc.) has greatly reduced these symptoms.


The fibers also seem attracted to water and long soaks have proven helpful.


Many people report these “fibers” will leave their bodies in a bath.  Some research scientists believe the “fiber” is an altered form of a parasite called a nematode in the phylum of Aschelminthes (note: after the early 1900’s, most, if not all, of the information about Aschelminthes was either altered or eradicated all together.  What is available today is either misleading or vague).  Because these are water dwelling creatures, it would make sense that they would be attracted to water.  However, it is generally agreed that is this “fiber” is a nematode; it has been altered and is a pseudo-life form.


Another interesting observation…when I pluck them from my forearms and place them in a dish, they will stand either straight up or at a sharp angle pointing up.  After about 2-3 weeks they will lie down.  It could be their magnetic quality responding to frequencies in the air, or it could be their natural way of “holding on” to a rock or plant (nematodes do this) waiting for another host (see full report on attracting and extracting the “fibers” from my forearms at the end of this paper as there may be clues to the scientific community about their nature that I have missed).


One of the therapies that enables people to “off-load” these “fibers” is vigorously swishing their mouths with organic grape juice (Knudsen’s Just Concord seems to be the most productive).  The juice should be poured into a separate glass, then a small mouthful is swished for approximately 10-15 seconds.  The person then spits into a white sink or bowl to see the results.  To date, of the many hundreds of people who have done this therapy, I have not found one that doesn’t produce these “fibers” (except people with dentures…the exit pathways are sealed off).  This process is done at least 7-10 times for best results.  Some people have reported doing this therapy 30-50 times in a session.  However, it has been my experience that if you “off-load” too many, too quickly teeth, caps, crowns, etc., can become compromised.  After the therapy, the mouth and tongue are washed clean.  If a tooth is tender, etc., a soaking with colloidal silver is often helpful.  It is also helpful to drink organic grape juice and organic red wine as they seem to follow the grape, in a heard manner, out of the system.


A brilliant chemical engineer brought this next therapy to me.  It is early yet in body testing, but it does seem to help knock the fibers down.  Dr. John Milewski discovered by placing water on magnetic sand for three days, the water itself would become magnetized.  He gave it to plants and they thrived.  In fact, they went beyond thriving to become very large and healthy.   I have observed this with all of my 40+ plans.  The chemical engineer thinks it “flips the poles” on the pseudo-life forms and renders them impotent.  It may be they are attracted to it and flush from the body much like grape.  I have noticed that if I swish my mouth with the magnetic water (Ormus) before I use the grape juice therapy, there is an increase in the amount leaving my mouth.  Hopefully, in time, we’ll have some concrete answers to its action.


Interestingly, I saw an ad recently for a “natural toilet bowl cleaner.”  The ad says the capsule you drop in the toilet tank contains “hydro-mineral magnets” and will kill bacteria, fungus, and mildew.


The magnetite sand is currently available from: Greg Crocco in New Mexico: (cell 505-452-7144; home: 505-897-0828).  You can review Dr. John Milewski’s findings on the Internet.


At the very least, it seems to be a very potent detoxifying agent as urine and fecal output increases with its use.


Dr. Hulda Clark has written many books and in all of them she cites parasites and pollutants as the primary cause of all diseases.  Since there is a good chance that at least part of the “fiber” may be a parasite, it makes sense to follow her anti-parasite protocol.  I believe the two most valuable aspects are the 17-day herbal cleanse and the “zapper.”  The herbal formula uses three herbs that are powerful and have been used traditionally to clear parasites.  Her formulas and dosages are very specific and should be followed carefully.  The “zapper” is a frequency device designed to kill the parasites.  It is important that you read her book (The Cure For All Diseases) to understand what you are doing and why.


Even if the “fibers” are not in the parasite family, it would certainly assist the body to rid it of any existing parasites.  As Dr. Clark explains, parasites cause many illnesses and deplete the body of its natural healing energy.




There is the notion among most people that there are “Morgellons Disease” / Chemtrail illness suffers and the rest of the world.  In other words, unless they are presenting sores, they are unaffected.  Due to the scientific research of Clifford Carnicom, we know this is false.  Mr. Carnicom did many blood tests until he could statistically “push” it out to include every living human on the planet.  In other words EVERYONE he tested had the “fibers” in their blood in varying degrees.  He tested enough for the statistical evaluation to be correct.  As to why some people (quickly growing in numbers) present the sores and others do not is up for debate.  I personally believe the immune system is doing its job by pushing these things out of the body.  After all, they don’t belong.


It has been noted that on the major networks as well as the Spanish channels, drugs are being marketed for people with sores all over their bodies.  I am told that they never show the sores, but show happy people who now feel free to rejoin society now that their appearance is acceptable.  On the Spanish stations, the same “sores all over” problem is presented, but an herbal medicine is offered.   This implies a wide-spread problem.  I have also been told that a recent news story showed people in Peru with large sores being treated with iodine washes.  The commentator said the cause was “unknown.”


Grape juice mouth swish (discussed earlier) – do you see small “fibers” in the juice after spitting?  Knudsen filters Just Concord, so there isn’t any grape residue.  These “fibers” have been identified as exactly the same ones in the blood, skin lesions, and air supply (see Carnicom’s analyses on his website


In a dark room look at your pupils with a black light.  Are they florescent?  It is not natural for the human eye to “glow.”  I am told not to look too long at the black light as it may damage your eyes (depending on the wave length).


With a digital thermometer, take and record your temperature two or three times a day.  The average, normal human temperature should be 98.6.  All of the people I have asked to do this are reporting much lower temperatures, some as low as 94.5.  Also, people report feeling cold more often.  I have many theories as to why this is happening, but no concrete scientific proof.  I do know that hot baths and sitting in front of a fire seem to greatly soothe people.


After 10 years of working with “Morgellons” and observing it, there is still much work to be done.  I am sure this will be up-dated as time goes by.  I have used hundreds of different therapies (some harmful, some benign) and these are the best I have to offer.  They meet the criteria of being available to everyone, affordable, and effective.  Always share any new therapy with your health care practitioner.  This is important to avoid any contraindication in therapies and medicines




Although not specific to Morgellons sufferers, respiratory concerns are important when trying to heal the body.  Oxygen is imperative for healing to take place.  We are operating on a very low level because of the displacement in our air supply.  It should be remembered that all of the fine particles being dispersed into our air supply daily (heavy metals, fibers, pathogens, etc.) displace oxygen.


It was recently reported that, surprisingly, 70-80-per-cent of the new lung cancer patients had never smoked.  Not surprising.


I was recently told that the metals (aluminum, barium, etc.) have a sword like shape so they can puncture the lungs more easily to enter the blood stream.  It should also be remembered that barium is a cough suppressant.  People should be coughing constantly with all of the toxins coming in, but few are.


There are some good, natural therapies to assist the lungs in detoxifying, repairing, and rebuilding.


If you can, wear a mask when you are outdoors.  I know it looks funny and may be uncomfortable, but there is no better way to keep all of the particulates out of the lungs.


All of the respiratory system works best when moist.  Lungs need moisture to expel unwanted matter.  Steaming in the shower (use a good water filter) and using a vaporizer at night during sleep helps many, especially in dry climates.


You can steam with herbs: tea tree oil is good.  A few drops in a mug, some boiling distilled water and deep inhales and sniffs. Throw the liquid down the drain when all the steam is gone.  NEVER drink it.  Salt is another, excellent lung tonic and steaming agent.  The salt should be sea salt or “real” salt.  Salt miners have very few respiratory infections because of the salt they inhale.


Some people smoke pure, unaltered Native American tobacco.  I am told it helps to block the particles by forming mucous which can then be coughed out.  Although this controversial, I believe it helps.


Note:  the brand called American Spirit is now owned by Phillip Morris.


Taking vitamin C is reported to help the lungs to heal as well.




1.  The more I use the iodine (liquid form), the more results I see with controlling and crashing the fungal network.  I also see an increase in the polymer / plastic material leaving my system.  I am using a brand by TPCS called Iosol.  I found it in the local health store.  I use it with distilled water.


2.  It is true that calcium is good for us, however, too much in the blood stream can cause very dangerous health problems, particularly in the cardio-vascular system.  A natural way to moderate calcium in the system is to intake phosphorous (mineral or carbonated water) as calcium and phosphorous share the same absorption site in the colon.  You would want to check your calcium levels with your practitioner to find out what your current levels are before assuming you have too much or too little.


3.  Magnesium is needed for many bodily functions. But, when you combine magnesium with aluminum (a physicist told me this) you can get blood clots or thick, sticky blood at the very least.  Some good, natural blood thinners include ginger root, cayenne pepper, and ginko balboa.  It is very important not to introduce these herbs into your system if you are already on a blood thinner.  Your blood may become too thin and you could suffer” bleed outs.”




If you have read Clifford Carnicom’s work on Morgellons and I suggest you do ( they you know I am the subject that provided samples of scar tissue with fibers from my back.  The fibers emerged the way most do in “Morgellons”, in a painful, bee-sting way, culminating in large sores with a volcanic look.  Some healed in a matter of weeks, whereas others remained opened sores for months and, in a few cases, years.


The problem for me was that I wanted to study them in a whole state.  The fibers were often imbedded in scar tissue, or attached to it, and were always mangled.


I called on my “Reluctant Shaman” to find a way to attract these “things” to my forearms where I could study them with my own eyes.  I wanted them whole, “living”, and available.  He devised a poultice that did just that.  I will not share the ingredients because the process took months and was incredibly painful.


When they began to emerge, they were very dark and large.  It was easy to see them without magnification.  I plucked about 40-50 and gave them to Mr. Carnicom for observation.  He was very interested to see that they were standing up in the collection bowl as mentioned earlier in this paper.


He looked at them under a high powered microscope and confirmed to me that these were the same “fibers” we were seeing in tissue samples, blood samples, and mouth samples.


After a few months, I noticed that the “fibers” were smaller and harder to see.  Again I asked my “Reluctant Shaman” for a solution and he suggested a large magnifying glass (3X) with a light.  This worked well and I was able to find the smaller ones easily and pluck them.  They behaved in the same manner as the larger ones, but with the extra magnification I could see that their “tails” were different.  Some had distinct hooks, others "bulbs” and some were straight.  I call them “tails” because this part of them was the last to emerge.


Again, I produced approximately 40-50 per day from each arm.  The process became a little more difficult because some would get trapped under the skin and I would have to ease the tops out with a needle to pluck them.  Until this point, they came out with very little disruption on the skin.  Now that they were being compromised in some way, I began to get some small sores.  However, these were never of the proportions found on my back where they spontaneously emerged.  At one point, I shaved a small portion of my arm to see the results.  Unfortunately, it causes a very itchy rash that lasted for months.  I suspect I broke them open and released some kind of “payload.”


I also began to notice a new layer of skin emerging that was “plastic” and very florescent.  It seemed to me that they lived in the plastic material and may have used it to form their outer shell.  At a later date, I was able to observe under a microscope a very fiber optic outer casing on one of them that had been torn in the removal process.


Another important observation: all of my extraction tools, which are stainless steel, began to show signs of magnetic attraction.  The needle would cling to the tweezers, etc.  The fibers also began to cling to the metals and it became hard to collect them.  I then began to put them in a small glass of grain alcohol to get them off the tweezers.


Later, a third generation began to appear.  These were (still are) extremely fine and difficult to collect.  I am using a 30X jeweler’s loop to see them (this too has become highly magnetized).  These tiny fibers look and respond exactly like the earlier, larger ones.  They can produce small sores, but aren’t as painful.  I can wear clothing over them without discomfort which I couldn’t do with the larger ones.


Are they reproducing?  Are they the same thing, only in different sizes?  Are they a partially living being?


I will say, when they are extracted they will produce a “snake-like” movement.  This could be a plastic / polymer response to stretching and rebounding, or it could be some form of life responding to being squeezed and pulled from its “host”.  Questions to be answered.


These fibers will “grow” at a fast rate, sometimes ¼ inch overnight.  Some, if left alone, will continue to grow and become like hair.  They will even change color to appear like other hair on the arms.  Mine is blonde and these dark fibers will become blonde hair, leaving a dark root.  When these “hairs” are plucked, they look and behave exactly like the short, dark fibers (hooks, bulbs, straight / snake-like movement).  You can tell very easily if you have plucked a real hair or one of these.  These slide out, whereas real hair gives a little, painful pinch when plucked (women know this).


I share this experience with the hope that some very bright person will put some more of the “Morgellons” puzzle together for us.


Again, as new information is brought to me, this protocol will be updated.



Many Blessings to You and Yours,

Gwen Scott, N.D.