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Date: Wednesday, 21 January 2004, 10:02 p.m.

Received the following from a friend, thought I'd share...

The Kyoto Fraud

Howdy Y'all, just some thoughts for those who like to question things now and then!

According to the well known laws as formulated by Archimedes, the melting of ice-flows will not, and cannot cause a raising of water levels. The specific weight of ice is less than that of water.

That means ice displaces a larger volume than the surrounding water, and so it floats. When the ice melts, the volume shrinks and the ice cube is absorbed back into its original displacement.

Since, only 40% of The Earth's ice is continental, and since the South Pole is surrounded by masses of floating ice, any melting would ONLY produce a maximum of one foot rise in the worlds ocean levels. The land mass of the Antartic is less than 10% of the area of the Earth's major oceans. That means you have to melt 10 ft of Polar ice to raise the oceans less than one foot.

Check this out in your bathtub next time you're bathing (if you do). Place a block of ice in the water with you, and you will see that it raises the overall water level very little.

The daily tides are more than this. For example The Bay of Fundy (Science Digest) has had a tide twice a day of over 20 feet.

How much global warming would it take to melt all the Worlds ice-caps?

In the Arctic, temperatures of minus 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit are not uncommon. That means it would have to get ONE HUNDRED (!) degrees warmer before we could melt EVEN ONE DROP OF ICE. You know I like vacationing in the tropics, but this would create a run on the ice machine.... it aint going to happen people.

Assume the temperature rose to 42 Degrees Fahrenheit. It would take months to melt all the ice. Global warming is an IMAGINARY monster conjured up by political control-freaks.

Let us assume we did have an average temperature increase of about 20 Degrees. What would happen to the ocean levels? According to the scientific findings of Dr. Boyle, more water would evaporate from the oceans, REDUCING water levels greatly. The Atlantic and The Pacific would drop by hundreds of feet. So... the only way the global warming theory holds any water (no pun here) is if we raised the earth's temp by around 150 degrees overall. Not happening.

Now for the greatest of all scientific facts:
This Earth was CREATED.

When it was assembled, The Creator installed an Earth Thermostat. This thermostat regulates and maintains a constant Earth temperature. Before you can even understand how this thermostat works, you have to know that the First Law of Thermo-dynamics is BOGUS.

Energy CAN be consumed. Energy is destroyed on a daily basis. The energy absorbed by the Earth is far beyond the energy radiated away from the Earth. Where does it go?

The thermostat is called the Hydrological cycle, remember your college science classes?

This thermostat can receive and neutralize billions of Joules of Solar Energy in a few days. After a violent Solar storm (a solar flare), the Earth's surface temperature rises. After a few days the temperatures revert to normal. Why? We must give credit to the engineering genius of Our Creator.

These are the scientific facts,and the question we must ask is this:

Why are we inundated with intellectual drivel and scientific misinformation?

Simply put.... CONTROL.
Sheeple (People-Sheep) are even addressed in Biblical days... those blind followers that do NOT question conventional/traditional thought. The power brokers, are trying to ram-rod a Kyoto treaty through the political system. This treaty has nothing to do with improving the human condition, or making life better. It has everything to do with gaining economic power and world control.

Stop blaming the SUV's for global warming. The black tarred roadway they travel on produces more global warming in an hour than all the SUV's that use its surface in a day.

The so-called GreenHouse gases and global warming are not harmful. The U.S. & Canada have during the last fifty years, enjoyed a 30% increase in forest growth. Carbon Dioxide is not toxic. It is NEEDED! Thank you Lord for Carbon Dioxide. In fact, with chlorophyll and sunlight we can produce more apples as well as more free oxygen. To feed more people we need to increase the formation of GreenHouse gases...

Nature is Powerful in its means of "fixing" man's self-destructive methods. Thanks again Heavenly Father...

"Thanks For Listening" to me vent :-)