Liars, Damned Liars and Al Gore

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apparently an editorial from the 7 May 2008 AMERICAN THINKER Magazine written by Mr. Marc Sheppard ...



"Liars , Damned Liars and Al Gore"


It is time , way overdue , for the Media to stop supporting Gore's senseless effort to blame Human populations , esp. the U.S.A. , for Global Warming .


All :

The real , 'inconvenient' Truth is that the Earth has been cooling for the past Decade and likely to continue that trend for the next Two or Three Decades in spite of the ill-intended balderdash concocted by Left-wing politicians and distributed by their Mainstream Media accomplices .


" Gore's Myanmar Words as Inopportune as They Were Repulsive "

American Thinker ^ | May 07, 2008 | Marc Sheppard


Thirty days after Steve McIntyre caught N.A.S.A. 'cooking' Climate History, again - This Time, in a feeble attempt to somehow conceal the alarmist-embarrassing "downward" Trend since 1998 - -Al Gore shamelessly portrayed Saturday's Myanmar cyclone catastrophe as a " consequence " of Global Warming.


A mere 16 days after N.A.S.A.'s Jet Propulsion Laboratory confirmed that the Pacific Decadal Oscillation's 'Cool' phase shift would likely bring Colder temperatures for as many as the next 20-30 years . Gore told NPR that: The " trend toward stronger and more destructive storms "appears to be linked" to global warming and specifically to the Impact of global warming on higher Ocean temperatures . "

This just SIX Days after a German study also predicted COOLER Ocean Temperatures due to the Meridianal Overturning Circulation entering a weak cycle , and in spite of there being absolutely No empirical Evidence of a Global Warming / Storm strength link .


Gore's monotonous, and baseless Account of AGW-forced violent Cyclones and Hurricanes came just Two days after McIntyre reported that Four of the past FIVE months were " 'all-time' Records for Southern Hemisphere, SEA ICE " levels .


In fact , it was the very day after Anthony Watts reported another false start to the distinctly overdue , Solar Cycle 24. . . . a likely 'contributory factor' to Falling global temperatures that the Nobel Peace Prize Winner exploited the Deaths of over 22,000 ( reported and still rising ) Human Beings to egoistically advance 'his' threatened AGW Political Agenda while callously protecting his personal, Financial Interest .


And with 41,000 reported Missing since Cyclone "Nargis" devastated the former Burma( MYANMAR ) , the Death figures are sure to rise to unthinkable numbers . Meanwhile , the Nation's corrupt Military rulers are making Aid Delivery to ease survivor misery nearly impossible .


And while these poor souls will undoubtedly see Years of unimaginable suffering and the arduous rebuilding of over a Million destroyed homes , 'this' man - - who professes his desire to Save the Planet - saw another Opportunity . That it arrived at the end of a One month period in which 'another wheel' fell Off the " Greenhouse gas Disinformation " bus almost daily, only adds to the Morass.


This was an astonishingly Nauseating display - - even for the likes of Gore .