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Posted By: IZAKOVIC <>
Date: Sunday, 1 December 2002, 2:33 a.m.
Here is one post from Timebomb 2000 thread titled JUST SEEN BIG FLOCK GEESE DO

"On our way back to St. Louis from our Texas trip two weeks ago we went clear
across Arkansas on I-40.
About an hour east of Little Rock we saw what had to have been several
THOUSAND geese FLYING NORTH. Wave after wave of "V's" came over. The sky was
almost dark because of the numbers. There were six to eight "V's" flying
parallel to each other and they stretched from southern horizon to northern
horizon. I first noticed them probably 3 to 5 miles before we actually got to
them and then continued to peek in my rear view mirror after we passed the
I have never in my 46 years seen anything like it.
Kris "

On November 12, 2002, Mr. Carnicom, a leading chmetrail researcher, has
confirmed his find about presence of the ELF radiation in this article titked
ELF RADIATION IS CONFIRMED, that is posted at:
The presence of frequent or continuous Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) radiation
at discrete frequencies appears to have been confirmed through two separate
methods. Research results during the past several weeks have been accumulating
at a rate that I am unable to keep pace with; complete presentations will be
sacrificed on a temporary basis due to the significance of the findings. This
page will be added to or modified as time and circumstances permit in the near
The frequencies appear to have intelligent design behind them, and they occur
within the range that is well established to affect both biological and mental
functions. Detected frequencies are occurring primarily on multiples of 4Hz,
including, but not necessarily restricted to 2Hz, 4Hz, 8Hz, 12Hz, 16Hz, 20Hz,
24Hz and 28Hz. The combination of timing and frequency represents a plausible
avenue to investigate the conveyance of informational content.
Spectral analysis techniques also indicate the presence of a discernible
periodic component within the data of approximately 3.5 minutes duration.
Two completely different and separate methods of ELF detection that have been
developed are producing identical results. The first involves an electronic
ELF amplifier circuit that incorporates data logging to provide a record of
the frequencies for further evaluation. The second involves the combination of
an inductive-capacitive resonant circuit in conjunction with a gaussmeter and
a signal generator. These methods have recently been described on separate
pages within this site. The detection of these frequencies or subsets of them
has occurred upon all occasions when measurement has been conducted.
The role of a modified atmosphere that results from the aerosol operations
that continue to be conducted without informed consent must be considered in
any analysis of these findings.
This information is being provided at this time due to the significant
implications upon both the biological and mental well-being of the populace
that is now known to be a subject of this radiation.
Clifford E Carnicom
Nov 12 2002
End quote.

On November 26, 2002, Mr. Carnicom posted a new article, that further
elaborates on the nature of his finding, at:
The presence of geometric patterns of ELF radiation continues to be detected.
The ELF circuit that has been described previously now behaves in a
predictable and steady fashion, and the sensitivity can be adjusted such that
the unusual multiples of 4Hz are regularly detected and logged to the
computer. The previous statement of concern with regard to biological and
mental effects is again asserted, and readers are requested to rapidly educate
themselves upon the expected effects of ELF radiation. These ELF influence
topics include, but are not limited to:
1. Mental functioning
2. Suppression of the immune system
3. Effect upon free radical reactions
4. DNA and genetic influences
5. The role of cyclotronic resonance in ELF-biological interactions
References for these topics will be described later if time permits, but it
can be said that information on these topics is relatively easy to acquire.
Please consider such examples as the books which have been written by Robert
Becker, M.D. entitled, The Body Electric as well as Cross Currents. Another
useful reference is the chapter entitled, Biophysics of Interactions of ELF
EMF with Biological Systems, published by the National Institutes of Health1.
Other references are available.
End quote.

It seems that geese have trouble to find South because of the electromagnetic
shift due to this ELF operation.
How about humans?