-- The vaccine has not undergone FDA safety testing, and its risks are unknown in all age

     -- The swine flu vaccine contains a dangerous adjuvant, known as squalene or MF59, which
        was also contained in the anthrax vaccine forced on Gulf War soldiers. This adjuvant has
        been shown to cause permanent organ damage and irreversible autoimmune diseases, and
        has been linked to "Gulf War Syndrome". It has never been approved as a vaccine adjuvant,
        which means this vaccine is "experimental". Therefore no one, including health-insurance
        companies and the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, is liable for adverse

     -- Clinical trials of this vaccine did not include the dangerous adjuvant squalene.

     -- This vaccine could also include such toxic ingredients, found in other vaccines, as
        aluminum (neurotoxin linked to Alzheimers Disease), formaldehyde (carcinogenic
        embalming fluid -- vaccines are not tested for carcinogenicity), mercury (neurotoxin linked
        to autoimmune disorders and autism), and African Green Monkey's Kidneys (diseased flesh
        of African Green Monkeys). However the exact mix is a secret, claimed as "proprietary" by
        the vaccine manufacturers.

     -- Vaccine safety is now so questionable that even the seasonal flu shots may
        increase the risk of getting the swine flu.

     -- Research scandals have already taken place involving the vaccine manufacturers, such as
        Baxter Pharmaceuticals and Novartis (Chiron) Pharmaceuticals, yet these companies
        continue to be contracted by the World Health Organization to produce a pandemic vaccine.

     -- Treaties are already in place between the World Health Organization (WHO), and over 190
        countries, to make vaccinations mandatory whenever the WHO declares a level-6 pandemic
        emergency. The WHO declared Swine Flu a level-6 pandemic emergency in June, 2009, and
        has not rescinded that declaration. Most states have included mandatory vaccinations in
        their health emergency contingency plans. For instance, Arizona already has provisions for
        forced quarantines and mandatory vaccinations. It is up to the free and sovereign citizens
        of each state to stand up against mandatory vaccinations, for our families, our children
        and loved ones (please see and use the petition below).

Petition Vs. Mandatory Vaccinations -- Any State
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