Kurt Billings on ChemTrails
Interview with Hilly Rose

Excerpts from The Art Bell Show - May 7th , 1999
Hilly Rose hosting.

Transcriber's note: In the interest of time (to make it into the magazine) and readability, this will NOT be a perfect transcription of this interview. I've tried to include the most important topics and segments and a few highlights. It will not be grammatically correct - and you will certainly find typos. However, the information is vitally important. My notes are enclosed in [brackets].

Many thanks to Mark for taking the time to tape it and sending the tape to us!

HR: It is my great pleasure to talk with Kurt Billings tonight. He has a unique view of the trappings of mind control and government experiments. Back in 1985, he began working with survivors of various types of mind control programming. He has provided education and consultation services to mental health professionals counseling victims of Satanic Ritual Abuse, that's SRA, and government mind control.

He has written a number of books including "Somewhere Under the Rainbow" in 1989, "A Generation Deceived" in 1992. He has compiled extensive research into his latest video called Prisoners of Psych Ops", in which he exposes why the U.S. is chemically spraying it's citizens through the use of contrails. The video is a documented review of the history of mind control, the government projects such as MKUltra and the latest mind control technology such as the microchips and the use of ELF waves. And we are talking about microchips that are implanted into your body. It is my great pleasure to welcome to this program Mr. Kurt Billings.

[Hilly asked for a synopsis of what would be discussed tonight.]

KB: You say that these contrails are the work of the United States government in chemically spraying the citizens through the use of --- they're laying down these various patterns and we can go on to talk about the microchips. Why would the government do this? Maybe we'd better start with the microchips.

I'll give you a little basic overview. There are several laws out there, including the 1986 Immigrations Control Act, Section 100 and it says that the president can control and track all people by any means possible including electronic medium under the skin - which is a microchip.

HR: This is an--- it specifically says "under the skin"??

KB: Yes, Sir. I'll give you a quick synopsis of the history of this--- once upon a time they started experimenting with microwires in the brain starting in 1911 to 1915. Then they started working to build it into a microchip and they started out with the power being a lithium power.

And now since the early '90's (I'm covering lots ground and we'll come back over all of this), in the early '90s they developed what they called the biochip, which was made up of organic material. This is the latest circuitry and it runs off of alkaline or acid. This chip is about the diameter of a hair, looks like a half a grain of sand and will easily go through a vaccination needle. Our government has been experimenting on us and has dumped 3 or 4 million through flu shots and vaccinations into the general public sine '93.

Now, the chip is driven through alkaline. So we have the contrails. What are the contrails? According to World Weekly, which is an Internet news, the contrails are diethylene bromide, which is a pesticide. What is a pesticide? If you look it up in the medical dictionary, a pesticide is an alkaline-based chemical. The alkaline will hit your skin and go right through it and will drive the microchip.

HR: I don't understand this, Kurt. You're saying that this government, the United States government, has been implanting microchips into the population that they can monitor. How do they monitor?

KB: They monitor by satellite - I'll get into all of the technology later. But not only will this chip monitor by a number frequency but, it will also broadcast directly into the mind through an ELF signal from a satellite which is part of the Euridian or Leo satellite system.

So these microchips are driven by alkaline and they generate alkaline in the body. So in order to feed these microchips, we've found over five or six years the water in the United States has been going more and more alkaline as we travel all over the country speaking and writing and researching.

We find that when that when we check the contrail when we see one overhead, we find the alkalinity go up through the ceiling. What's it take to feed the microchip? Alkalinity to be able to pass through the skin. What's the other thing? Alkaline poisoning is upper respiratory. That's one of the other symptoms of alkaline poisoning.

HR: So let me understand this. You are saying that the government is in a dedicated program to implant microchips into every American that is then fed by the material in the contrails? Is that what you're saying?

KB: That's what I'm saying.

HR: And that's the reason that this is being laid down so the government can activate them, feed them, if you will?

KB: Yes, that's one of the reasons and there are biologicals in there and other things, too.

HR: Why would they do that?

KB: Well, you've got to keep them fed and you've got to start to control your population. This is a form of mind control---this is also bringing on "the mark of the beast " - the ultimate experiment of controlling all of America.

HR: Are you saying to me that President Clinton knows about this? Or do you think it's other parts of the government?

KB: There is no doubt that the president knows about this. He has been working on, since '92, when the vaccine "smart card" where everyone needed to carry a card with a microchip to the point where there was a presidential order signed that everyone gets a microchip when martial law kicks in. It's what came out of the Immigration Bill. It's called an ID card, but it's an ID card with a chip right in hand.

HR: I would assume, Kurt, that that's illegal.

KB: They have been doing it for years. I talk to X-ray technicians regularly who tell me they see hundreds.

HR: Do these people who are giving injections and vaccinations (which I'm against for other reasons - chemical reasons)--- are you saying that they are unaware of what they are doing?

KB: Some of them are. Some of them aren't. I talked two weeks ago while I was in Kansas City to a nurse who was in Obstetrics who was having to put microchips in the heals of babies and she quit because she refused to do it but she knew it was going on in the Kansas City Hospital.

HR: You're telling me that new babies are being inoculated and little chips are being inserted in their bodies that the government of the United States can use for mind control and all those people---

KB: And tracking. They can track them within ten feet. Yes, I am.

HR: Kurt, this is a horrendous allegation. Can you back this up?

KB: Yes, I can. I'll give you newspaper articles and a whole bunch of things. Yes, I can!

HR: And you believe that this is what these chemtrails are all about - they're feeding these microchips.

KB: Yes. Yes.

HR: It takes my breath away. I--- I hardly know what to say. I mean I understand the government is duplicitous. And I understand that there is this {unintelligible] history which you and I will talk about but when you talk about mind control, couldn't the president have used this in the Monica situation to reject---? Well, maybe he did! Because let's face it, despite everything that happened there, his popularity remained the highest ever. And it could well be because of the microchips!

KB: Could well be.

HR: Because there's no other way to explain that!

KB: No, there isn't. America is slowly getting dumbed down through the subliminals on tv, and the constant bombardment of "everything's okay", to the ELF, which is Extremely Low Frequency which I'll get into, to the microchip experiments, to the microwaving of people which dumbs them down, to HAARP, and so on.

HR: What's HAARP?

KB: HAARP is the electromagnetic thing that's going up in Alaska. That's not my field.


HR: I want you to start at the beginning, which starts way back - 1800's? 1900's?

KB: I'm going to touch that microchip and the Nazi doctors and some of their experiments but before we do that, I'm going to rattle off a couple of articles. These are on microchips and are in newspapers they can all go and grab so that they can find out what's going on.

This is from the Tucson Weekly, June 24th, 1994. This is a magazine that comes out once a week in Tucson and the article is entitled "Electronic Leash." It's says, "Implantable Biochip is Already Here, Big Brother is Just Around the Corner." That's the title and it's by Lisa Crosby. It talks about the biochip and how they already used it in Florida in 1989 for kid tracking. And they'd implanted several thousand of them.

The next one we have is from Sunday March 3rd, 1996, St. Peters, Missouri. The mayor is talking to the Town Council about implanting everybody in town and making them a global village. In one ear they can have the microchip that tracks them and in the other ear they can have the one that hooks up to the satellite system through a cellular phone type set up.

HR: Okay, what else.

KB: We have the Chicago Tribune.

HR: That's a biggie.

KB: Tues, May 7, 1996. It says, "In the Future, this Tiny Bug May Get Under Your Skin" is the title of the article and it by John Van and goes into a lot of detail.

HR: Just one more and let's get into the subject.

KB: Okay. I'm trying to spur people to do their own research and giving them foot holds. This is from the Arizona Republic and talks about Kidscan who has the patent in Florida and when they took it to Oak Ridge Laboratory in Tennessee who developed ELF, by the way, the government decided gee, this would be a good thing. And they started to develop the microchip there. And they talked about kidnapping.

HR: You mentioned ELF several times now. Would you tell me exactly what that is and why it's important?

KB: Okay. ELF is Extremely Low Frequency. It's set up so that it moves on a wave that it is able to broadcast directly into the mind. Our mind moves at 25 brain waves per second to 4 brain waves per second where your conscious level is 25 and your Delta level, your unconscious level is 4 brain waves per second. So this is able to broadcast so that it comes right into your mind as thought or affect your dreams and basically be able to program you.

HR: And is that what the government is doing? Feeding these microchips with chemtrails and getting the information directly into your head with ELF, is that correct?

KB: Correct. Okay, I gave your radio station a couple of clips and let me give you some background on this. Remember all the Waco night music and disturbance music they were playing? This was set up for sleep disturbance. At the same time they were doing sleep disturbance, they were locked in through ELF to the music. Now this is not backmasking, this is ELF. What you'll hear is a sound that goes vroo, vroo, vroo [demonstrated as a low, humming sound]. And you'll hear is a southern male... I slowed the music way down so you can hear it.

HR: This is sort of like a reverse recording?

KB: This is like a reverse recording. Forward, you'll hear Nancy Sinatra singing. And you should be able to make out most of the words but it says, "You're all going to die. You're all going to die. Now that you know that you know it. You're never going to be free, you're all going to die." And this is what they told them that went directly into the minds of the men, women and children at Waco two to three weeks before they burned them out.

HR: But how did they know that everybody at the Waco in the Koresh compound had been inoculated and had a microchip in them?

KB: You don't have to have a microchip to broadcast ELF. ELF was designed to broadcast into people's heads.

HR: Directly?

KB: Directly.

HR: Well, then why do they have to bother with the microchips?

KB: The microchip helps it along a whole bunch.

HR: You said this is what they played at Waco.

KB: They played this at Waco. I got this from the media.

HR: And the suggestion is that they're going to die--- why would they do this? What's supposed to happen in the people in Koresh's compound?

KB: Well, it's supposed to 1) torment them. 2) make them to the point where they just give up.

Well, lets play this. So it's Nancy Sinatra forward and then you have reversed it. Is there one cut or two on the reverse?

KB: There's two.

[The tape was played. There was commentary that Hilly did not hear it. I did hear some of it the second time I listened - especially "You're never going to be free" - that was very clear.]

Kurt's website: www.psychops.com


KB: ELF was set up by the military so that they could bombard the enemy. It's gotten to the point now that it's about the size of a shoebox and you're able to point this little generator at a house, or whatever you're pointing at (it's a pretty localized signal) and broadcast directly into the mind. I've been working with people for years who are victims of mind control and they're starting to have problems with their smoke detectors going off, or their computers going weird or different things going off in their house, electronic items.

We've done some research to find out that the ELF wave will set off, according to the smoke detector companies, the smoke detectors.

HR: Okay, you're saying that this ELF, which no one can hear--- can you tune into it possibly with sophisticated equipment?

KB: Yes, you can.

HR: What kind of equipment?

KB: Electronics is not my field, but there are receivers that go from 4 to 50 cycles per second.

HR: Maybe one of our callers later will tell us about the technical aspects of getting this done. Okay, so go ahead.

KB: So I'm talking to people all over the country (I'm on two different speaking tours right now) and they're telling me, "Gee, I'm having troubles. I'm getting stuff in my sleep like, 'Go out and do this.' Or they're trying to get me to go out and kill somebody. But my smoke detector keeps going off and waking me up."

HR: Because of ELF?

KB: Because of the ELF that they are bombarding them with at close range. I'm sure we'll get callers later who will tell us this because I always do when I'm on the air.

HR: Can you get a detector in your hand that will tell you there are waves coming in that shouldn't be there?

KB: That's a question I can't answer. I have a friend who's an electrical engineer who's been trying to figure out how to block the wave. They haven't been able to block it through lead, tin foil, you name it, even the ground.

You know, this reminds me of what we've done in Kosovo. Nobody ever heard of this device that knocks down all of the electricity - short circuits it. And now it's suddenly come out that the government has this device. So why wouldn't they have what you're talking about. In the three minutes we have left, what would you like to talk about?

KB: First of all, I'll give you a little information about myself. I am a CIA brat so that's how we came into this knowledge. One of my relatives worked for Operation Paper Clip. Operation Paper Clip is where we brought the Nazi doctors over during World War II with the Vatican passports from Italy to Canada and into America and we basically drove them around from military base to military base training the Central Intelligence Agency. Which came out of that, Project Naomi, Monarch, MKUltra, Marionette and a dozen other code names.

So I got to see some things first hand, such as Mengela who was being driven from military base to military base.

HR: I thought he escaped to Argentina, no?

KB: Cover stories.

HR: Okay, so don't believe the movie?

KB: Don't believe the movie. And since my Dad and two of my uncles worked for the CIA and the OSI, we got to see a lot of things that were extremely enlightening. So I started researching and documenting things as I was growing up and started stumbling into some of this back in 1984 working with victims coming out of MKUltra and Monarch and Marionette programming. I started to see programming that was driven by microchips.

HR: Back then??

Yes. The lithium chips. They started putting chips into people back in 1965. Animals, very crude chips, but they were crude chips. They started putting chips in prisoners in California in '89 for control.

HR: Now is this the result of German scientists? Or something else?

KB: Some from German scientists... Dr. Delgado from Yale University, which created the naval Intelligence. This was back in '54 and he's one of the developers of the microchip. He started doing experiments in the '50's and had already implanted them by the mid '60's.

HR: What I want you talk about in this portion--- if we could get to the history here, but I wanted to give you the opportunity to let people know how to get your videotape.

KB: Okay, it's Kurt Billings, Post Office Box 6018, Spring Hill, Florida, 34611

Let me touch a little bit on the highlights of the microchip because these are the questions I get asked so much. First: How can you tell if you've got a microchip? Okay, the old lithium chips, they're x-rayable. On the biochips, they're not x-rayable. They run off the alkalinity in your body as I was talking about. So what you need to do is to go out and take a Ph test, a litmus test, from either your urine or saliva. If you go to the point of alkalosis, which is 7.5 (our body is supposed to be 6.8), or the point you have acidosis and you can't get rid of it and you're eating healthy, you're a candidate for a microchip.

Now, in November I got to sit down with one of the manufacturers of the microchip. I got to talk to him about a few things I had found out through different experiments. We found out that the microchip, the new one, the biochip is dissolvable. If it's not fed with it's alkalinity or acid, it will dissolve. So there are---

It will dissolve in the body?

KB: It will dissolve in the body, it will completely dissolve.

HR: So you don't even have to use a needle to inject it or anything?

KB: No, no. I'm saying once it's been put in by vaccination or flu shot, and you have one. If you're running to point of alkalosis, you can't get rid of it and it's not your diet (you can get alkalosis from diet), what you do is you take acid forming vitamins and food to bring yourself back to 6.8 and drop one more to 6.7 and you leave it there for a week. The chip will dissolve if it cannot get the alkaline. That's why they have to keep spraying us.

HR: What we're seeing in the air--- you're saying--- what I don't understand is, in Art Bell's investigations, they talk about a goo that is coming out of the planes. How does that relate to what you're talking about?

KB: Some of the goo is biologicals. Some of the goo is just oil and different things. Some of the goo is pesticides. So it has a multi-purpose [?]. I'm only touching my end of it, which is the pesticides in the goo.

HR: So you're saying that this is fueling the microchips. What if you never go out of your house? How do they refuel it if you never go out of the house?

KB: The other thing we're seeing is the alkalinity in the water going through the roof. You'll find in a lot of your city water and some of your larger reserves, you'll find a higher and higher rate of alkaline. They're dumping alkaline in the water in the major cities.

HR: Does this have anything to do with fluorides? The city I come from keeps turning it down, they refuse to fluoridate the water.

KB: No fluoride's another poison.

HR: It's a poison.

KB: Fluoride will actually kill us. But that's another story.

HR: Okay, go ahead.

KB: So you have a microchip that you got from a vaccination or a flu shot and they know because they have high alkalinity or they have weird dreams or people start to speak to them, they hear voices, or otherwise, the chip can be dissolved. There is an answer.

Let's touch the history here for just a few minutes. Back before World War II started, the very rich, the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds and others all put together, the Wilhelm Institute and Tavistock. Now, this is the people who started to do the original mind control experiments on the breaking of a person. What they started to do was put a person through so much stress or trauma that a person would actually split or break and you would have a personality, as they called it in psychology, split off. Between the two personalities is what is known as an amnesiac wall. So one personality doesn't know about the other personality, we're talking Multiple Personality Disorder, here.

HR: Sort of like the Manchurian Candidate.

KB: Exactly. So we started to create the ultimate soldiers. So they trained Himmler and Mengela and on broke World War II and they started doing the experiments. As they did the experiments, they trained the kids, the twins. You can get books the "twinning", where one twin they would have respond once they split this person, they would call this a "clean slate " and they can program what ever they want into this personality. So they would take this person and get them to do whatever they wanted by flashing a hand signal, or an audible sound, or whatever the codeword they wanted for whatever they wanted them to do. At the same time they were taking electrical wires and adding electricity and electroshock and LSD and all those different type of things.

HR: So it's sort of like Pavlov's dogs?

KB: Exactly, but they were doing it with humans and funded by the Rockefeller institute and George Bush's family and others. So, after WW II became Operation Paper Clip. In Operation Paper Clip, brought the Nazi doctors over and they started doing the experiments in the Presidio and 29 Palms and Area 54 and other places.

HR: I know that Area 51, what's 54?

KB: It's another area in the desert. Then what came out of that was MKUltra, one of the original mind control programs. They started to experiments on American soldiers and the general public and through hospitals. At the same time they were starting that, they started in Canada through Dr. Cameron.

HR: Who is Dr. Cameron?

KB: Dr. Cameron is the head of the Psychological Association of Canada. The CIA gave him a lot of taxpayer's money, several hundred thousand dollars, to start experiments in the Canadian mental institutions. They called it the "Sleep Chamber" and what they would do is they would take somebody mentally ill and they would split them and wall off the mental illness and basically tell them, "Your healed." So Dr. Cameron was doing experiments for the U.S. Government in Canada and started "curing" the mentally ill by walling off their illness.

HR: That's certainly a positive use of it.

KB: Yes--- And no. I'm reading from The Colonial's Times, Nov. of 92. This is where the Canadian citizens sued the CIA, one of the only groups that ever sued the CIA and won. They proved that there was mind control.

Let me give you a good example of what they did. There was a mother that was having trouble with schizophrenia. When she went to Dr. Cameron, they put her in the Sleep Chamber. And what the Sleep Chamber is, is that they put extremely heavy LSD, electroshock therapy and other psychotropic drugs for 4-5 days, split the person and wall off the schizophrenia.

So when she comes out, she doesn't recognize any of her kids, her family. She lost her whole life, but she was "cured." The problem, when you wall something off, that wall starts to expand and push and eventually the mental illness creeps out again and all you've done is create a Manchurian Candidate or somebody who gets works and worse and worse.

HR: Kurt, why did they have to bother if they've got this ELF, which would tell her what to do?

KB: This was back in the 40 or 50's. So basically they decided to see if they could split somebody off, and split somebody off again, they started creating structure internally. But a lot of it didn't hold. So they started the use of adding electrodes and eventually microchips. They would split the alter off and tie it to a microchip where the microchip would basically broadcast to the alter what to do.

Now let me give you a good example of this. Timothy McVeigh. In Time Magazine, he talks about the microchip that was planted in his rear end by the government. He talked about taking instructions from it, and he was hearing voices from it. So here we go. We have the government; he came out of a special unit that was programming, basically brain washing and was the patsy for the Okalahoma bombing, controlled by microchip.

HR: You're saying he didn't do it.

KB: Well, he was involved but he wasn't the one who did the bombing. That's a whole 'nother thing.

HR: But wait a minute, you're saying, he didn't do it. On the other had you're saying he was under mind control. Why not just have him do it since he was other-directed?

There's a lot of evidence out there, and this is a whole other show, that the way the bomb was sitting, it couldn't have take the whole building like it was. I have a couple of friends in the military Special Forces that supply with me information. One of them is an explosives expert. He said obviously the columns were drilled with explosives. So he parks the truck, it goes off, but that's not the real bomb that did it. There was more than one bomb that did it according to even the seismographs.

HR: So where are we in all this? You're revealing a lot of information, and if I accept you whole plot, so what? What am I supposed to do about it? How can I stop the government from doing what is obviously illegal and a heinous crime?

KB: Well, first of all, you've got to guard your kids and stop getting vaccinations. Let me give you another example. The kids in Arkansas that did the massacre. One of the kids came out of a mental institution, had been in and out of mental problems. He said that he was told "by God" (could be a microchip, my opinion). So God's telling him to shoot these people.

I've seen this in society more and more in society where the kids are being influenced from the bombardment of different things, psych warfare or other things and we're seeing more and more heinous crimes come out.

HR: Why? Why would anyone want to tell kids to go shoot a bunch of other kids??

KB: Well, one, you take the guns away and you get total control of the public.

HR: So you feel with this huge sentiment, now after Littleton that there are going to be more and more laws to take people's guns away?

KB: It's coming in the wind.

HR: I don't disagree with you.

KB: I see the government manipulating society every which way it can. You take the guns away. You start bombarding with mind control. You have mindless slaves.

HR: A lot of you very fine listeners are sending me articles about what we're talking about tonight and one of them is by Dr. John Askill of Milligan University in which he talks about a variety of things and how to protect yourself (which we'll talk to Kurt about in a minute).

But an international panel of experts convened by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, NIEHS, reported that Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) electric and magnetic fields should be regarded as a possible carcinogen.

Kurt, I have a fax here--- you talked about them implanting infants. Is there a chance that they are implanting adults and is there a chance that some people that thought they were being given implants by aliens were actually implanted by our own government.

KB: Yes, yes. First of all, they've been dumping them into pre-made vaccinations and flu shots since 1993-94. A lot of the implants, not all--- I have seen several people who have gotten American CIA chips and then radiated and basically hit with a hypnotism wall that says gee you've been abducted by aliens and it's actually a CIA experiment.

HR: Alright, Kurt, I was talking about this article here by Dr. Askill. He said five things, here. He said to limit your exposure to EMF's, sit at least two feet from your computer, sit as far away from your television as possible, and don't stand in front of appliances such as dishwashers, blenders, microwave ovens, and can openers while they're operating. Use cordless, cellular and electric razors sparingly. Stay away from high power lines outdoors and electrical distribution panels indoors.

I assume of none of these really are going to help with these ELF waves the government is using to implant information in us.

Correct. The only thing--- I'm an electrical engineer and I've been experimenting with this is to put up an energy blocker. . And this end is above me but he is doing some experiments. So far we haven't been able to block them with lead or tinfoil or any other normal way but there's supposed to be a way to jam them. The only problem we're having is that the frequencies vary and it's hard to jam all kinds of frequencies that vary in waves.


(Caller) John: I'd like to talk to him about the biochips, the chemtrails and also satanic abuse, MKUltra mind control victims. Especially those microchips like with Timothy McVeigh. I heard about Dr. Diegal where he was talking about the Euridian project where they're putting 66 satellites up in orbit and working in Denver making these implantable chips to track every person on the planet Earth.

KB: That's what I am talking about ---.that's the biochip. It is the Euridian system, which is a low orbital tracking system. It's already in place that you can buy and sell with certain chips that are being tested at the moment. Yes, I'm very aware of this!


(Caller) Stan from Independence Missouri: Mr. Billings, you sound a little nervous...that's fine I realize the gravity of the situation. A lot of this information is documented. Gordon Thomas, the BBC producer, wrote "Journey into Madness" back in the '80s. It's been announced that Barns and Noble is marketing "Trance" [Trance Formation of America] by Cathy O'Brien, one of the few MKUltra victims that has retained her memory. In fact, it should be noted that her daughter--- while she was in there the only "under requisition" item that the State of Tennessee gave her was a black trench coat. There's a reason for that. Some people think this is a way to outwardly mark the children that have been used in the MKUltra program.

Those people in Colorado, not only about Jon Benet Ramsey, but also about Columbine, if they get that book "Trance" and what Mr. Billings is offering here, I think they can understand what happened there. Also, Mr. Rose, notice the timing. You had the NRA convention that had been scheduled for two years. This all came down at this time--- In the same week, you have two MKUltra doctors die, Dr. Dotlieb and Dr. Gilly West, in the same time frame.

--- The State of Tennessee blocked Cathy O'Brien from bringing charges against Mr. Bush for molestation. The State of Tennessee invoked the 1947 National Security Act.

Nina from Florida: I'm calling because I have seen one of the ELF stations--- They had a newspaper article that said it was inactive but we drove out past it and it was securely guarded. Hayward, Wisconsin in the Cherokee forest. I know someone who is an electronic engineer and he recognized the cables. They said it was used during the war as a sonar down into the ground and into the ocean, but "no longer being used".

Michael from Philadelphia: What do you think about people having implants being put in there - why they're being operated on in the local hospitals?

KB: I have heard probably from 2-300 people in the last few months that have gotten microchips from surgery that were left in and it just absolutely outrages me.

HR: What do you mean they were left in?

KB: They put a microchip in during surgery.

HR: How do you know this, Kurt?

KB: One, their alkalinity went through the ceiling, two: they started to hear voices. Three: it's personal testimony.

HR: You say it's being done in mass numbers and (in one way) it's being done through vaccinations? I assume, then, that all the military are subject to mind control.

KB: Desert Storm started putting in microchips for tracking and some of the Special Forces got them for being able to communicate - from my sources in Special Forces that they could talk to the soldiers in the field through them.

HR: You mean to communicate, or influence their actions?

KB: To communicate, to talk to them - one way.

HR: Well, then some soldiers must know about this.

KB: Yes, Sir. I've talked to several of them who have talked to me about it.

HR: That blows me away because in a military operation one would think--- well, I'll say it again. Now that we've suddenly discovered we can short-circuit everything in Kosovo in Yugoslavia, why not be able to talk with mind control. It makes perfectly good sense.

Caller from Pennsylvania: I must tell you, Hilly, I enjoy you thoroughly. Back in 1960, I was put into a group called the Accelerated group. We were segregated from the school population and they wanted to see how they could accelerate education. Every Tuesday and Thursday we would have to go to the library and put on these humongous headphones. It just sounded like gibberish but you had to do that for twenty minutes and I did do that. The last year of my high school I dropped out, not of high school but I dropped out of the accelerated group because I just said this wasn't for me. All my friends were otherwhere in the school. My parents, by the way, had to sign a paper stating that I could participate in this.

KB: Was it a waiver?

Caller: Yes, it was.

KB: What you were going through was a lot of subliminal.

Caller: Afterwards I found that there were certain things that I just knew without even knowing I knew.

KB: What they did was it was like the backward ELF, it talked directly into your subconscious mind, planted it in your memory and then you could recall it.

Caller: And then later in life, I 'm 52 years old, by the way, I went to work for a major newspaper---I was totally blown away when I found this thing called Memsa (not Mensa). It says you can embed certain things into the written word that will trigger certain responses from people.

HR: I'm trying to understand. Was this in a catalogue? When they hired you did they indoctrinate you with this?

Caller: No, not at all. I went to work for the newspaper in the editorial department.

KB: And where did you find Memsa.

It was just something I came across. The use of words was very important ---how you presented them.

KB: Enormous subliminal advertising.

Yeah! The same thing as when you see a newscaster and they give a certain twist or a certain turn or a certain look, they can put a spin on something. Newspapers, and periodicals and magazines do the same thing.

KB: Yes, maam.

And it's so alarmed me that I totally dropped out of it.


HR: Kurt, I have two things here--- I hope you have a sense of humor. I just couldn't resist this particular fax that came from "Mindless Slave" in Sacramento. He says, "Please ask your guest how a microscopic silicon microchip injected into my but can navigate it's way into my brain, integrate itself into a particular neuromatrix in my cerebral cortex which is responsible for inhibition of socially unacceptable behavior, receive an analog ELF carrier, demodulate that carrier to extract the message, translate that message into electrical impulses that my protein based processing cortex can understand and force a behavior upon me against my will - all while I am conscious, undrugged and busy listening to the Art Bell show." Can you give me a simple answer to that, Kurt?

KB: In ten seconds or less, right? Okay, sure. Basically, it bombards your subconscious mind and slowly wins over your will and slowly starts to program you. That's a simple answer. But it's like the lady with the headphones on. It sounded like gibberish but later she was able to recall it. It goes right past your conscious mind. Your will is your conscious mind. Once it gets past your will they can slowly programming you. All they've got to do is get you to start accepting the ideas. What we're trying to do is bring out enough information so you don't accept the ideas.

HR: Kurt, you have talked about Satanic Ritual Abuse, SRA. What in the world is it?

KB: Satanic Ritual Abuse is the rituals they do in "Satanism", human sacrificing, rituals to draw down power or magic in the middle of pentagrams and so on. The government has been using these to experiment on people for years. In one of the websites that I do research on, they just released the congressional hearings on Kennedy back in the '70's. Senator Kennedy, in his hearings, discovered that the Ultra program was using Satanic Ritual Abuse to help program people because they found that it tapped into the spiritual end and helped the programming along. Plus the trauma bonding through human sacrificing and other things that they did. Trauma bonds the person to the programmer.

HR: How is that different from any other programming?

KB: It's not, it's just a different form.

HR: Satanic in it's origins.

KB: Yes.

HR: You trace back all the way to Rockefellers and the Rothschilds.

KB: Yes, the Illuminati.

HR: This article that I've been quoting from here tonight, is that appearing anywhere or is it on your website?

KB: It's on my website - www.psychops.com

Caller from Florida: Mr. Billings, what evidence do you have that it's a wide spread thing that most of our government officials know about?

KB: I started at the top of this show with a couple of laws, one of them is the Immigrations Act---

Caller: I heard all that. But to get very specific, my governor Bush here in Florida, is he part of it? Does he know about it?

KB: I don't know if Jeb Bush knows about it or not, to be honest with you. He's a governor. I'm talking about Central Intelligence Agency, president's briefings, and the upper end of the government.

Caller: The reason I'm so concerned about this. I was born in '43. I went to college in NY in the '60's. I'm so shocked at what's happened to our society and I'm trying to figure out how all of this has happened. It makes sense that we're being brainwashed.


KB: Travistock, who trained the Nazi doctors, is also part of the National Education Training Laboratory, they write the teacher's curriculum. In 1962, they wrote a book, "Issues of Teacher's Training". On pg 47, book 5, it says that basically that every child needs to be brainwashed because the kid is insane.


KB: Microwaves will raise the body temperature and slowly cooks your brain and makes you delusional.

HR: Kurt, two things we haven't touched on. Is our government doing this unilaterally or is it doing it in concert with other governments or are other governments doing other similar ---

KB: Yes, yes, yes. It's going on around the world.

HR: Who are the subcontractors?

KB: Hughes Corp for one. Soon all the subcontractors will be up on my website. Most of them are from Colorado.


[A question from a listener during the break on the implants and vaccines] Could medicine through inhalants do the same thing?

KB: To my knowledge, no. They have to be implanted under the skin. Besides, I think you'd know if you sucked something up your nose - I would think. I could be wrong, that's my opinion.

HR: Is there any other way you could ingest this in your body - like in food perhaps?

KB: No. It has to be stuck under the skin. That's what I've been told by one of the manufacturers of the biochips.

HR: And these people are manufacturing for profit, not for fun.

KB: That's exactly it. It's well paid for.

Caller: Look up Patent 5788648 and quantum interference devices. And what it's called is electron encephalogram... It's in the IBM Patent Search.

How it works is 130 htz basically broadcasts electromagnetic code through satellites, control monitoring & synchronization stations. [Caller went off on a long spiel about how POSITIVE this is, although admittedly "invasive." Hmm.]

KB: What he's talking about is a device to interfere with the brain that is basically an ELF type set up. I've heard that it was developed by IBM and Harvard and was done by a series of experiments - it's on the web.

(Temporary) end.

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