Chemtrails: A Call to Action

by Kate Mucci

March 11, 2008 at 14:32:29

When first I arose this morning, the sky was a beautiful blue.  No clouds, no pollution, nothing suspended in the air between the sun and me.  Wanting to take advantage of this rare and beautiful situation, I went out to putter in the yard a bit.  After about an hour, I stood up to stretch the back that was reminding me I was no longer 25 years old and saw, to my dismay, that the blue sky was gone.   

It was now literally laced with chemtrails.  In an hour!  From where I stood, all along the South and Eastern sky near Las Vegas, crosshatches of lines were now spreading out, forming a milky white cloud cover where, just sixty minutes before, the sky had been so beautiful. 

Since I didn’t want what’s in those chemtrails raining down on me, I headed inside.  The words of Carole Pellatt, the guest we had just interviewed for this week’s episode of Out There TV, rang in my ears.  Barium, aluminum, ethylene dibromide, heavy metals.  Biological and nuclear aerosols.  Aerial testing.  No wonder there’s a white film covering the soil in the flowerbeds.  No wonder the trees are looking so sickly. 

Our beautiful desert sky was now a massive toxic dump and there was nothing I could do about it.  Well, except express my anger and frustration here.  Some people drink, some people shout, I write: this time with a call to action.  This has gone on long enough.  We have got to do something about this.

One or two or even a hundred of us can’t do much about the chemtrails littering our skies, but I’m hoping that enough of us together can force governments worldwide to admit to what they’re doing (as Germany just did) and stop it.  I don’t care what they say they’re trying to achieve: spraying heavy metals, dangerous toxins and hazardous biologicals into the air is not acceptable.

On our website at, we have a page dedicated to the chemtrail issue. (  We’ve provided links to other sites like Iseelines, CaliforniaSkyWatch,  BakersfieldSkyWatch and Carnicom.  The various health and environmental problems created by the chemtrails and the substances found therein, are catalogued in great detail on those sites, so I won’t repeat them here, but I urge you to go to our chemtrail page and follow the links to the studies and documents that support what I’m about to summarize. 

A serious food shortage is coming upon us and I am convinced that worldwide aerial spraying is part of the problem.  Plants cannot photosynthesize because the full light spectrum doesn’t get through to them.  The bees are also affected by this distortion of light and I suspect also by the metallic substances in the air, messing up their navigation systems.  This fallout is most certainly poisoning them.  Bottom line: the bees are disappearing and, without them, many crops cannot propagate.  Our water is polluted, not just by chemicals from industry and unsustainable factory farming practices, but also by the chemtrail residue falling into reservoirs, lakes and rivers.  How can we expect plants to grow properly and to provide us with safe nutritive value when irrigated with water filled with heavy metals? 

One has to wonder about the rain that falls through these chemical clouds.  Can you imagine what happens to vegetables and fruits watered with rain infused with aluminum, barium and other mysterious metals?  And I certainly don’t want to go singin’ in rain infused with nuclear fallout that circles the earth as a result of the DU weapons being used in the Middle East and elsewhere.

Millions of people are suffering mysterious respiratory problems that can be explained in no way other than as side effects of the toxic chemicals and heavy metals in the air.  Many more suffer from asthma, something that was rare even just twenty years ago. 

Rickets is coming back because the ultraviolet rays of the sun don’t reach the skin like they used to, meaning human bodies can’t create the Vitamin D they need.  And cancer…. Rates are skyrocketing despite the billions of dollars spent on cancer “research”.  There is no doubt that environmental factors including the residuals from above ground nuclear testing during the cold war are directly responsible. 

Oh sure, there are many factors contributing to these problems, but the one thing common to all is that the compounds in chemtrails can cause them.  But who would want to do this to the planet?  Surely anyone orchestrating the destruction of the environment with what I consider weapons of mass destruction would at some point consider the ramifications to their own food supply, health and well-being. 

But maybe the people behind this think they’re beyond reach of any harm.  Maybe those who are ultimately responsible for this have a safe place to be or go or maybe they have some protected food supply.  Or it could be that they’re just sociopaths, dedicated to achieving their own ends without regard to the planet or its population. 

So who are they and why?  Look at the chemtrails as though their creation was a crime (which it is).  Who has the motive and opportunity?  Who has the money to orchestrate this heinous crime?

One needs only look at the masters who manipulate the puppets in government.  Who benefits when people are sick?  Who benefits when food prices are astronomically high?  Who benefits when the inhabitants of countries rich in natural resources are too sick to defend themselves?

You know.  I don’t have to tell you.  It’s the same people that benefit when you get cancer and the same people who benefit from war.  It’s the same group that pushes psychiatric drugs upon pregnant women and unsafe vaccines on babies.  It’s the same heartless group that the left victims of Katrina to drown and die of thirst, then raised the price of gasoline in the devastated area.  It’s the same group that gets no-bid contracts for destroying and then “rebuilding” countries they helped invade.  Follow the money.

We have many problems right now.  The economy is in a nosedive.  We are facing a sham election, the outcome of which is practically assured in favor of those who control the machines and we have serious weather conditions arising practically daily. 

People may think that chemtrails are the least of our worries, but I have to say loudly and with a strong voice, “You’re wrong!”  When you are not healthy enough to think or your stomach aches from hunger, you will not have the strength to deal with anything else.  We have to do whatever we can to protect our food supply, our families and our health.

We have tried to force “elected representatives” in government and hirelings in the EPA to address the chemtrail issue.  It appears that those robots can’t think beyond their programming, so they refuse to even consider the idea that their masters are deliberately poisoning us.  So let’s go around them.  Let’s use the courts. 

If enough involved citizens worked together, we could build a dossier on the criminals and the crimes.  Just as a prosecutor collects evidence in anticipation of a trial, we could do the same.

Gather evidence.  Somewhere, someone who has access to aircraft can donate their time and equipment to fly into the chemtrails and gather samples of residue. 


Establish the causal link between illegal aerosol testing and chemtrails to diseases and the poisoning of water supplies.  Somewhere, someone with access to laboratories and equipment cares more for their fellow man than getting government contracts. 


Is there a lawyer out there who would take this on, pro bono, or like an environmental case?  Are there any doctors out there who would be willing to take the time to help investigate the cause of illnesses they see in their patients and care enough to get involved?  


If every one reading this article recruited others and got involved, can you imagine the case we could put together?  Line up witnesses, collect and analyze samples, get experts.  Dot the I’s and cross the T’s.  Prepare a brief the likes of which Big Brother has never seen before.


Will we be able to fix this?  Can we stop them from poisoning our skies?  I don’t know.  But we have to try.  We have to do something.  The bad guys depend on us being fearful and apathetic.  We have to show them that we’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it any more.  And if we do this one thing, if we force them to answer to the poisons in our skies, what else can we accomplish?


The U.S.A. was a grand experiment.  This was to be a government of the people, by the people, for the people.  Well, we’re the people.  If we want to protect our way of life and our health, we the people have to get off our lazy, ample backsides and do something.