February 9, 2008
By Marjorie Tietjen

How many of us are burdened with chronic disease or know a friend or family member who is totally or partially disabled? It is almost as if it has become normal and  accepted for a large portion of the population to be ill with conditions or "autoimmune " diseases which have no known definitive tests, causes or cures. Certainly our diet and the chemicals in our environment play a significant role in determining our state of health. However, we need to begin to question as to whether or not something more deceptive may also be taking place.

The media has become a monstrous propaganda machine. Apparently their main goals are to mislead, distract and manipulate the population through fear. When we become aware of the tools used by the media to control us, that is the first step in gaining back our freedom and autonomy. The Centers for Disease Control, the Media, The Dept. of Defense, and other government agencies, would have us believe that the most threatening biological agents are lethal microbes which cause acute disease and then death. A couple of examples would be anthrax and smallpox. It appears that we are being intentionally misled as to where the real danger lies.

Government biological warfare documents speak of incapacitating agents as being the most effective weapons for disabling a nation. When a population is infected with a lethal agent, it is very obvious that protective measures need to be taken, such as quarantine, antibiotics, etc. These actions help to curb and abort the epidemic. A much more discreet, diabolical and effective method of disabling a country, would be to employ a moderately infectious organism, or combination of organisms (Russian Doll Cocktail), which would pass slowly through the population unnoticed.

Some of the criteria for effective disabling agents are:

1. A biological agent which lacks objective signs that can be determined by medical testing. Many patients who are extremely ill with Lyme disease, mycoplasmas or other emerging co infections, are told all their tests are normal and therefore their problems must be all in their heads. Many people labeled with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Gulf War Illness, and Fibromyalgia, are told the same thing.....if they would only get a new job, a hobby, or begin to exercise.....then they would be fine.

2. An agent which would produce so many symptoms throughout the body that it would appear as if the patient was malingering or faking. This criteria prevents the medical community from taking the disease seriously. In the meantime it moves quietly through the population, being labeled as many separate diseases and conditions.

3. If the disabling agent is a combination of several diseases or microbes, some of which could be genetically engineered, then it becomes very difficult, if not impossible to diagnose and treat.

4. Diseases which are spread by insect vectors are very much sought after and have been used for years in biological warfare. Using insect vectors makes an epidemic much easier to pass off as a natural event, while concealing the identity of the perpetrators.

The following quotes are from Science Daily, Sept 3, 2004. They suggest that ticks, especially Ioxdes Scapularis (the deer tick which spreads Lyme disease) would make a very appropriate candidate for vectoring biological warfare agents. As you read these quotes, ask yourself if the Ixodes Scapularis ticks could have already been utilized for this purpose.

"Ticks as small as a freckle can transmit a number of illnesses for which there is no vaccine, and in some cases, no cure. These creatures could even become bio-terrorism weapons."

Purdue University and The University of Connecticut, at the time this Science daily article was written, were undertaking the project of unraveling the genetics of the tick species Ixodes Scapularis. Catherine Hill, Purdue's co-principal investigator, tells us that "From a bio- terrorism standpoint, it's pretty clear ticks could transmit a number of diseases that intentionally could be introduced and conveyed to people."

Another quote from the same article in Science Daily : "A number of ticks in the United States spread pathogens that the CDC considers potential bio-terrorism agents. The family to which I. Scapularis belongs, Ixodidae, carries many of the microbes included on the CDC's Select Biological Agents and Toxins list." These researchers are hoping that a better understanding of ticks will help them discover better treatments for the diseases they spread.

Not only are ticks considered an efficient means of transmitting biological weapons, but the spirochete, borrelia burgdorferi (the agent which causes Lyme disease) has also been considered by researchers, as a potential bio-warfare agent. In fact,some advisory board members to Lyme disease organizations have extensive backgrounds in bio-warfare research.

Dr. Donald MacArthur, who was in charge of the development and testing of biological weapons for the Pentagon, had this to say at a Hearing before a Subcommittee of the Committee on Appropriations in 1969. "Incapacitating agents are a more recent development and are in the research and development (R&D) phase (in 1969). In fact the prime emphasis in agent R&D is on developing better incapacitating agents. We are synthesizing new compounds and testing them in animals. I should mention that there is a rule of thumb we use before an agent can be classified as an incapacitant, we feel that the mortality should be very low (emphasis mine). Therefore the ratio of the lethal dose to the incapacitating dose has to be very high. Now this is a technical job. We have some of the top scientists in the country working for years on how to get more effective incapacitating agents. It is not easy." He also tells us that an incapacitating agent "imposes a greater logistic burden on the enemy when he has to look after disabled people."

When a large portion of the population is sick and unable to work, this puts an enormous strain on the economy. Think for a moment about the Lyme/co-infection epidemic and how many people are unable to work. We are not just talking about those who have been diagnosed with Lyme, but also the thousands upon thousands of people who are being mislabeled with depression.....and the ever-growing list of those people with so-called "autoimmune diseases".

Many readers are already aware of the great difficulty Lyme patients experience in trying to get diagnosed and treated. It is becoming increasingly obvious that this denial of treatment is intentional. We are told that Lyme disease has been around for hundreds of years and that ticks are filthy organisms which can spread many diseases in one single bite. This appears to be true, but, is this due to a natural evolutionary process or is this sudden proliferation of countless co-infections, a process which has had some help from bio-warfare researchers? Are all these ticks, carrying multiple pathogens, naturally this way or are they the result of the Russian Doll Concept? Have ticks themselves been modified to endure harsh weather extremes? The ticks which carry Lyme disease appear to be surviving in climates previously inhospitable to this species. In fact, this disease is becoming endemic in many parts of the world at once and it seems to be just as controversial everywhere it spreads.

As I mentioned before, one of the criteria for an effective bio-warfare agent is resistance to antibiotics. Borrelia burgdorferi (Bb), the causative agent of Lyme disease, can often present with persistent infection and is many times incurable with the standard antibiotic regimes. In many cases it is obvious that a patient's symptoms are due to ongoing infection. There is positive response to antibiotics,(even if not a total or permanent cure), herxheimer reactions, positive tests and even sometimes positive cultured biopsies and autopsies......all after what the mainstream medical system calls an "appropriate course of antibiotics." Why are they denying that Lyme disease can persist in the body, despite what they consider adequate treatment? I don't believe this stance is due to stupidity or ignorance.

While usually extended antibiotics are necessary in controlling and improving a tenacious Lyme infection, it appears that the organism may never be totally eradicated. It is known that there are techniques used to enhance bacterial resistance to antibiotics. So....while on the one hand the medical authorities are warning us of the dangers of the overuse of antibiotics and even limiting their valid applications....on the other hand they are creating and perhaps even letting loose antibiotic resistant germs.

I would like to quote Thomas Keske from his "Origin of Lyme Disease, part 2. The quotes in his excerpts are from the 99th Annual Meeting of the American Society for Microbiology. "Oddly, the Lyme agent, though it is a supposedly "old" disease, has a somewhat curious genetic structure that looks like it "was captured in mid-shuttle," like it is "still undergoing construction." It is riddled with gene duplications and pseudo-genes, fragments with inversions, deletions, frame-shift mutations, inappropriately placed stop codones. Perhaps the untidy genetic structure is a statistical fluke. Of course another possibility not mentioned is that an odd genetic structure might conceivably be a product of genetic experimentation."

Please take some time to review the qualifications for an effective biological warfare agent and think about them in relation to the Lyme/co-infection epidemic. Contemplate how Lyme patients are being treated. We are often labeled as hysterical, depressed and as having antibiotic seeking behavior. By the chance that there is an intentional epidemic being caused by "whomever", this psychological labeling causes doctors to ignore an epidemic which may be passed not only by ticks and other insects but through the blood supply, organ donation, intercourse, breast feeding and through the placenta during pregnancy. Why are there no studies being conducted in these areas?

We need to put on our thinking caps and not be afraid to mention the unthinkable. When things just don't seem to add up, we must begin to ask difficult questions. We don't want to simply make wild statements which create fear. However, we do need to raise our serious doubts in a concerned rational manner. How can we resolve a problem without knowing it's real cause? And......how can we determine the real cause if we don't explore all the possibilities?

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