Thankyou Arizona Skywatch for posting my research online anonomously.  It remains unfair however, to both you Bridget, and Mike for your gracious and perhaps perilous postings of mine.

  My name is Christopher R. Rodgers and I am the one called Blue in the research posted at Ariz. Skywatch and now others online. I am nothing more than a land surveyor and therefore nothing more than a trained legal observer. We surveyors collect data, analyze it, accept or reject it, then document our findings

on maps, deeds etc.


  The work posted at Az.skywatch is but a fraction (about 10%) of the photographic work I personally did, much to my chagrin, dismay, and now complete disgust. The current photographic file is about 3.8 gigs, without all the supporting documents (about .6 gigs) I found relevant to and in support of our / my / your current predicament, dilemma and demise.


  I attempted for about nine months of collecting air samples (with nothing more than a fish pump, a bottle filled with distilled water, some broken glass and old microscope), to disprove my findings and discoveries but those discoveries only deepened in complexity to the point which I have given up two years later in awe, but mostly disgust and grave concern.


  Being old school biology the things I've personally photographed and witnessed defy my old school teachings of life in general ad nauseam.


  The things I've witnessed and photographed in our air, living on and in our skin, in our hair, our bloodstreams, body orifices and in our noses has overwhelmed my intellect completely and remains the reason for my publicity!! I'm just not smart enough to figure this out and stop or cure this alone!!!!!


  I gave away my research equipment fearing of course that other disgusting things I had not considered would likely be discovered, but remains necessary for full awareness of our / mine / your, all of our plight.


  I really don't want to discover anything more because what I've witnessed already defies biological parameters, as I once understood them!!


  This is a brief list of things I've already witnessed and photgraphed:

     -- Metal particulates in all air samples of such content that electrolysis removes them visibly and easily and at a level presumed toxic in some form.

     -- Exotic plastic fibers which grow and or duplicate themselves in all water / air samples and found living on skin, hair, blood and nose excretions.

     -- Exotic plastic fibers growing on glass, metal, microscope table, stainless steel needles, organic broccoli, tortillas, tobacco products, house plant

         leaves, dog hair etc.

     -- Soft plastics known as Glu stick has been photographed growing on its own into bizarre strandings as well. How this is possible remains a complete

         mystery / misery.

     -- Things found in blood samples numbering photographically just under 100, were found in only about 5 drops of blood and are not within the

         guidelines of normal blood consistencies and compositions.

     -- Things found in spiderwebs defy, in my opinion normal biological compositions and beg further explorations and explanations.


  Testimony given by others infected for years suggests we have a real problem and my research confirms their testimony is and remains a current and real concern for all!


  Atmospheric photographs (over 1000) of such a bizarre nature, proves we are all breathing exotic compositions of something gov't is just unwilling to admit to and for whatever reason continues to spray above.


  I originally started this project just to capture what exactly was being sprayed on us / all and therefore affecting us / we / you because some / many of my photographs were so odd that I wanted to know if I could capture what appeared photographically obvious. I've overachieved that much to my regret and continued demise!!


  As I write this very letter the sky outside my door is being completely sprayed in and occluding our sun lowering the temp. at least 2-5 degree's from what would have been a warm day.


  With all the things I've witnessed and photographed I'm really not sure how much longer we have left!!!


  In my opinion a slow but continual incapacitation is occurring in all of us, some however seem to interface better than others which may be by design or function of genetics.


  Thankyou again Ariz. Skywatch may the great spirit bless you both for caring!!


Christopher R Rodgers  AKA Blue.