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Learning New Indicators

Fred J. Schoeffler

Sheff, LLC

 February 2009

   “Have nothing to do with the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.” 
Ephesians 5:11.


I wrote and presented a much longer paper at the Southwest Interagency Hotshot Crew (IHC) Workshop in February 2008; this after my first paper and presentation on the same subject matter over ten years ago to a similar group of IHC’s. My goal is to hopefully educate you all about a very real, very disturbing phenomenon occurring worldwide on a daily basis. In fact NOAA readily admits to over fifty (50) on-going Weather Modification projects occurring in the United States today. This doesn’t include what “The Government,” the military, and “They” are doing. Weather Modification affects us as human beings, the weather, our climate, and certainly our jobs as wildland firefighters.

The very first Fire Order is “Keep Informed on Fire Weather Conditions and Forecasts.” So by extension, Weather Modification affects us as Fireline Supervisors, because obviously weather influences fire behavior. The most unpredictable element of weather is, of course, the wind. Many of the Weather Modification projects radically affect the wind, especially HAARP, so much of the following information is about that and other weather and the new indicators you’ll need to watch for.

My goal is to show you, among other things, what indicators to look for – in the clouds and in the smoke columns. Wildland Firefighting is risky enough.  The weather is fairly unpredictable without someone modifying it. When I was growing up, with few exceptions, “The Weatherman” was almost always correct in his forecasts. (Back in the day, they were all men).  If he said it was going to be a sunny day, well it was a sunny day, and if he said it was going to rain it actually rained, just like he said it would. And what about all the times that you hear these words relating to weather  - “unpredicted” or “rare” or “unusual” or one of my favorites, “without warning.” Our meteorologists and other weather folks have some of the most sophisticated weather-predicting and weather-observing instruments in history, e.g. Doppler radar, satellites, and the like, yet we often hear these words especially as they relate to tornadoes and severe storms. These “events” appear to just appear out of nowhere “without warning.” I contend it’s not all their fault.

You’re going to learn that “The Weatherman,” NOAA, and others cannot be held liable or responsible for faulty or inaccurate weather forecasts - period. Where does that put us?

As a Fireline Supervisor, I want the best “edge” that I can have regarding the weather when working wildland fires, and so like you, I’ve been using clouds as my primary indicators. You have to admit though, the clouds have “changed” a lot over the years; now we need to recognize those that are artificial or modified.

You’re going to learn something about “chemtrails” and a great deal about Ionospheric Heating technology, namely the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project (HAARP), and how it relates to altering the weather, namely the winds. Recognizing “persistent spreading contrails” is easy. This spraying occurs almost everyday – worldwide – especially when there are storms approaching.  In my opinion, recognizing HAARP is a bit more difficult, but more important. I designed this paper to be electronic and interactive, for the most part, in order to follow the many links associated herein.


According to “extensive research” by both NASA and the U.S. Air Force, “chemtrails” are a complete “hoax.” Just search for “chemtrails” on any search-engine or viewing hundreds of credible videos, worldwide. I will admit that there are some “chemtrail” websites that are a little bit “out there.” Just look up from time-to-time, especially when storms are in the offing, and on fires to see what’s really occurring. Chemtrails are actually being sprayed – chemtrails are NOT from jet exhaust.

Go to the NASA “GLOBAL CONTRAIL ID CHART” – International and in several languages at , they distinguish between “short-lived,” “persistent,” and “persistent spreading” contrails.


“Spreading persistent contrails” (98)                   “Contrails” - NOAA - Flagstaff, AZ (03)


"YOU ARE NOW BREATHING ETHYLENE DIBROMIDE, NANO-PARTICULATES OF ALUMINUM AND BARIUM AND CATIONIC POLYMER FIBERS WITH UNIDENTIFIED BIOACTIVE MATERIAL: "Biologic components have been reported in airborne samples that include: modified molds, desiccated red blood cells and exotic strains of bacteria" Additionally, award winning investigative reporter, Will Thomas, has reported findings of over 300 types of virally mutated fungi in the chemtrail fall out. The Idaho Observer has reported findings of 26 metals including barium, aluminum and uranium, a variety of infectious pathogens and chemicals and drugs including sedatives in chemtrail fallout. Dr. R. Michael Castle reports the finding of cationic polymer fibers. Others have reported findings of tiny parasitic nematode eggs of some type encased in the fibers. Researcher Clifford Carnicom has reported finding chemtrails fibers that are an exact match with the bizarre fibers found in those suffering from Morgellons Disease. Welcome to the brave new world of toxic barium skies, weather control, mind control and population control through the use of chemtrails modulated with electromagnetic frequencies generated by HAARP. Our health is under attack as evidenced by the skyrocketing rates of chemtrail induced lung cancer, asthma and pulmonary/respiratory problems as well as the emergence of a new plague, Morgellons Disease, an infection with a new and unknown pathogen that is seriously disabling and disfiguring. 

Easily researched and documented - disturbing to anyone that cares about their health.

A digital photograph of “contrails” taken through the windows of the Intl. Space Station over Eastern France.  

These are in fact chemtrails and unfortunately we’re seeing this more and more all the time and so some people consider it almost “normal” anymore. “Normal” weather is defined by climatologists as that which has been experienced in the previous three decades. We’re getting there, but I don’t want to consider all of this as “normal.”

If they’re spraying like this, you WILL have cloudy days – guaranteed, unless you have strong upper winds aloft!

The Alleged "Chemtrail" Hoax according to the Air Force

“A hoax that has been around since 1996 accuses the Air Force of being involved in spraying the US population with mysterious substances and shows various Air Force aircraft ‘releasing sprays’ or generating unusual contrail patterns.” Several authors cite an Air University research paper titled "Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025", alleging that the military is engaging in weather modification experiments. The Air Force contends the purpose of that paper was part of a thesis to outline a strategy for the use of a future weather modification system to achieve military objectives.

The Air Force further claims the "Chemtrail" hoax has been investigated and refuted by others in established and accredited universities, scientific organizations, and major media publications. I have included my “comments” along with the SASS (Subsonic Assessment Program) webpage refuting the existence of chemtrails:

Claims and Facts

Claim: Long-lasting contrails are something new and they have abnormal characteristics.

Fact: Contrails can remain visible for very long periods of time with the lifetime a function of the temperature, humidity, winds, and aircraft exhaust characteristics. Contrails can form many shapes because of horizontal and vertical wind shear. Sunlight can produce vibrant and eye-catching colors and patterns. Observation and scientific analysis of contrails and their duration date back to at least 1953.

Comments: Only the pilots can make the bizarre shapes – the clouds and weather don’t make their own shapes!

Claim: Contrail grid patterns in the sky are evidence of a systematic spraying operation.

Fact: The National Airspace System of the United States is orientated in an east-west and north-south grid with aircraft flying at designated 2000 foot increments of elevation. Contrails formed by aircraft may appear to form a grid as the winds disperse the contrails. More contrails are seen in recent years due to the growth in the civil aviation market. The FAA is responsible for the NAS and Air Force aircraft operate under the same rules and procedures as civilian aircraft when using the NAS.

Comments: Because they’re spraying them, somewhere, worldwide, everyday, especially when storms are approaching so they’re becoming “normal” in their opinion!

Claim: There are reported outbreaks of illness after the appearance of "Chemtrails"

Fact: There is no such thing as a "Chemtrail". Contrails are safe and are a natural phenomenon. They pose no health hazard of any kind. If there are massive outbreaks of illnesses, your local health department should be able to tell you if it is an abnormal event. Local health departments generally network together when they start seeing problems. If there is a problem, the CDC will get involved.

Comments: There are a lot more “unexplained” ailments and illnesses!

Claim: Samples taken have shown the presence of the "DOD patented" bacteria pseudomonas fluorescens.

Fact: The bacteria claimed to be DOD developed and patented is actually a common, naturally occurring bacteria. The U.S. Patent Office lists 181 patents involving pseudomonas fluorescens, none of which are held by DOD.


Comments: Okay, DOD didn’t develop, patent, or hold patents, but DOD uses them!




-- Guaranteed, when “they” are flying and spraying, you WILL have cloudy skies, for at least some of the day or night, because they do spray at night. This will   
    occur no matter what the IMET tells you or what your Fire Weather forecast indicates – guaranteed – especially during persistent chemtrail episodes.

-- Given the above, you may have somewhat reduced fire behavior during the day, albeit short-lived at times, because of the guaranteed cloud cover for some or
    most or all day or night, depending on winds aloft; sometimes they last all day.

-- Conversely, your night-time fire behavior may be more active under warmer, cloudy skies because of little and/or no Fuel Moisture Recovery. They spray at night.

-- You may experience hotter burning fires in certain areas because of the metals being sprayed, e.g. aluminum and magnesium, settling onto the fuels, especially
    in/adjacent to military bases and/or heavy or recurring spray areas.

-- You and your Resources may experience unusual illnesses or ailments as you work areas where the fuels and/or soils, permeated with these sprayed metals
    begin to burn and consume, emitting noxious smoke and fumes, especially next to military bases with aircraft and along military flight paths.

-- You and your Resources may experience more illnesses and ailments, especially if you’re exposed to the open skies during heavy spray days and/or nights.

Simply stated, chemtrails and HAARP clouds are apples and oranges. Yes, they may occur at the same time, and the last year or so, they often do. MOST of the “chemtrail” websites and/or videos innocently and mistakenly include all the strange, man-made, unexplainable clouds as “chemtrails” – well they’re not all “chemtrails.” I promise you that by the time you’re done reading this paper and researching the many links – AND LOOKING UP AND SEEING WHAT’S GOING ON IN OUR SKIES - ON A REGULAR BASIS, you will be able to tell the difference. I promise!

So, who are “they?” Who’s doing all this you ask? It’s definitely “the Government” and not just ours, the military for sure, even though they deny it, and probably Government contractors. Sure there are scores of commercial Weather Modification companies, mostly doing cloud-seeding, but that’s not really what this paper is about even though their operations can affect your operations. Let’s just say there are a lot of people doing this and most of them must know that what they’re doing is wrong, and they just aren’t allowed to talk about it because they are just “doing their job” or in the case of the military, “just following orders,” and then there are those that just may be ignorant. And then there are others…..

Chemtrails of Death, , well done and informative 24 minutes – this one cuts to the chase – doesn’t mince words – disturbing. Stay with it and watch the entire video.

We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual hosts of wickedness.” Epeshians 6:12.



One of the best HAARP primers is Nick Begich’s and others’ “Hole in Heaven” video clip, about an hour.

HAARP technology is quite simply, an Ionospheric Heater utilizing “electron cyclotron reasonance” – meaning it creates vortices.  It is euphemistically referred to as “ionospheric enhancement technology.

Physicist, Inventor, Patent Designer, and Eastlund Scientific Enterprises Corporation Owner, Bernard Eastlund, originator of HAARP technology, following Tesla technology, firmly believes that “you can virtually lift part of the atmosphere. You can make it move, do things to it, and you’re able to intensify and control light [and therefore] one could heat a specific part of the earth and learn to manipulate local weather patterns.” He says “by beaming huge amounts of electromagnetic energy to selected regions of the upper atmosphere with this technology, one could perform some truly amazing feats … even change global weather patterns.”

HAARP is presently managed by the Air Force, Navy, University of Alaska, and the Raytheon Corporation. The Air Force uses its various bases to mange different functions of the program. Hanscom Air Force Base (AFB) runs the public information section, Kirkland AFB manages the information distribution, Maxwell AFB develops doctrine and policy for non-lethal weapons systems, and Brook AFB puts together research for bio-effects of Radio-Frequency (RF) radiation. HAARP is being managed as a “proof-of-concept” project for the military, the step just prior to full weapons system development.

In 2004, The Science Channel, on a special television program titled ‘Owning the Weather,’ conducted an interview with Mr. J. Gregory Glenn, a Research Scientist at Elgin AFB and he basically acknowledged “Air Force weapons researchers and nano-particles specialists are conducting weather experiments …”

UCLA, Stanford University, Penn State, and the University of Alaska worked on the program in 1996. Industry contributors included the Atlantic Richfield Corporation (ARCO) through ARCO Power Technologies, Inc. (APTI), a subsidiary.  E-Systems bought APTI and it was then acquired by the Raytheon Corporation in a huge buyout. The original HAARP was part of the larger Strategic Defense Initiative - better know as “The Star Wars Initiative”

There are actually many of these Ionospheric Heaters word-wide and the technology dates back to the early 1970’s with the Soviet Union, and the infamous “Woodpecker Project.” This cooperative global effort boasts systems in the USSR, Canada, Japan, Greenland, Norway, Finland, New Zealand, and other countries. HAARP technology is far-and-away a much more advanced system and there are several of them word-wide as well. They are located in Arecibo, Puerto Rico and Fairbanks, Alaska [High Power Auroral Stimulation – HIAPAS] in the US. Other HAARP-like facilities are located in Tromso, Norway; Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, and Apatity, Russia; and Kharov, Ukraine and Dushanbe, Tadzhikistan.

Using a 36-acre antennae base, capable of 10,000 watts each at full power, only the HAARP system in Gokana, Alaska has the power potential and beam steering capabilities to focus its powerful beam specifically on its intended target with up to 3.6 GIGAWATTS of effective radiated power (EFR). According to author, researcher, and physicist Nick Begich, it is planned to achieve 4,700,000,000 (4 billion seven hundred million) up to 10,000,000,000 (10 billion) watts of ERP. Furthermore, utilizing the “electron cyclotrone resonance heating effect” HAARP is able to deliver one watt per cubic centimeter, compared to other technologies that only deliver one-millionth of one watt.”


August 19, 2007 over Los Angeles - Taken from Contrail Science website (see endnotes, references)

The “hole” in this cloud is from being HAARP-induced. It is NOT a “contrail” or a “chemtrail.” You’ve seen what “persistent contrails” and “chemtrails” look like, now you’ll need to focus on these HAARP clouds. IT’S THE HAARP CLOUDS THAT HAVE THE MOST INFLUENCE ON WILDLAND FIRES, to wit, THE WINDS.

And you’ll see a very similar looking “hole” cloud in Istanbul/Gokteki Delik in November 2006. . And another eerily similar looking “hole” cloud in Turkey in December 2006, , not to be outdone by the a very similar “hole” cloud in Baexem, Holland in November 2006,

According to science journalist Bill Sweetman, the Air Force stated in a DOD contractor’s supplement to the National Industrial Security Program manual that “draft cover stories must be believable and cannot reveal any information regarding the true nature of the contract.” Moreover, a Phillips Laboratory and Office of Naval Research report stated “the appearance of any material herein does nor constitute publication.” That’s a bit Orwellian wouldn’t you think! Begich asks “how do you print a pile of documents 613 pages thick, and say it ‘does not constitute publication’?”


photo credit: Martha Tenney)  Dark Roasted Blend

This is definitely a HAARP-induced cloud. Notice the “slicing” through the clouds. This activity is very common during HAARP pulsing, lasting a few minutes at a time. You will also see this in smoke columns.





Anti-crepuscular rays in the east opposite the setting sun –  March 3, 2004Washington State -Leigh Hilbert     From Atmospheric Optics, UK website



These are definitely HAARP-influenced clouds, even though the photographer, NOAA, and others classify them as “anticrepuscular rays.” These HAARP-rays will only last for a few minutes at most three to four rays common.

Satellite image of smoke and fires in Alaska during the summer of 2004Smoke from large fires obscured much of Alaska and Canada’s Yukon Territory on August 22, 2004. Fires (locations in red) and smoke from satellites. (NASA image courtesy (href="">MODIS Rapid Response Team.) Beitler, Jane; NASA Earth Observatory, October 17, 2006,

There are clearly visible HAARP grid-lines and “slices” in the smoke - weather modification occurring here.



“In 1977, there were seventy-two weather modification projects underway” according to a special impact team report listed in the book Weather Conspiracy. “The weather weapon exists. It’s already in use.” NOAA admits to over fifty today.

Black Chemtrails – just check almost any credible chemtrail website

Brown Clouds - just check almost any credible chemtrail website

Project Woodpecker – US and [former] Soviet project – check out any credible weather modification website

US GWEN (Ground-Wave Emergency Network System) Towers – military VLF communication system, 150 to 170 kHz, 360 degrees for 250 to 300 miles, sites are 200 to 300 miles apart, coast-to-coast; after 1993 all Americans are exposed to these RF transmissions and these also affect our weather.

TMA Night Cloud tests (NASA) – Rockets released trimethylaluminum “forming clouds that could be seen for hundreds of miles,”


This photo was taken from Wallops Islands. NASA has used TMA for decades to study the near-space environment. This chemical burns slowly and produces visible light so that chemical tracers can be tracked visually with special camera equipment. [They go on to claim that the ingredients, separately, don’t cause harm, yet trimethylaluminum is highly toxic and flammable]. Credit; NASA/Wallops

Dyn-O-Mat and Dyn-O-Gel - A powder touted as a potential way to weaken hurricanes sucked the moisture out of a Florida thunderstorm in July 2001. An airplane dropped 8,000 pounds of the Dyn-O-Gel granules into a cloud 10 miles offshore (absorbing 4,000 tons of water). “Within minutes, the storm disappeared from Doppler radar.”

One granule absorbs 2,000 times its weight in water - falls to the ocean and then virtually melts away in the salt water. Then ask yourself, why is it so hard to believe that heavy chemtrail spraying has been occurring, maybe not using dyna-gel mind you, but other types of studied chemicals. There are those that speculate that these “hurricane experiments” in the Southeast may be having a significant effect on the intractable drought there. There’s even talk of using our favorite [CIA] 747 Supertanker for this. See Source Watch,

In 1992, a small Russian company, Elate Intelligent Technologies, Inc., using the “electrostatics” of an antennae array consisting of “dozens of aerials”, each 25 feet tall, that discharged electrical energy upward to react with the ions of the air, “cleared a 200-mile radius during a drizzly day. The company claims it can fine-tune weather patterns over a 200-mile range; Weather Made to Order - and to pioneering the field of ‘weather extortion.’” The company’s commercial director asks the author, ‘Do you remember that strong wind in Moscow two days ago? We created that.’” This is small-scale weather modification using HAARP-like technology.



In 1997, according to Air Force, then-Major Barry Coble, the military historically adapts to the weather. A true statement, just as we do on fires. He then asks, “What if military could forces could shape the weather …” He states that this is “the promise of weather modification and its role in support of the military.

He accurately states that United Nations (UN) treaties prohibit using weather modification to maim or kill people via the 1978 UN Convention on the Prohibition of Military [or] any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Techniques or the ENMOD treaty. This is the sole international document dealing with weather modification and allegedly, specifically outlaws weather modification for military use.

The Department of Defense (DOD) wrote its own policy based on the UN doctrine. An “instruction” dated January 10, 1995 was issued; The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Instruction (CJCSI) 3810.01, Meteorological and Oceanographic Operations, the terms widespread, long lasting, and severe as follows:


1) Widespread. Encompassing an area on the scale of several hundred square kilometers.

2) Long lasting. Lasting for a period of months, or approximately a season.

3) Severe. Involving serious or significant disruption or harm to human life, natural, and economic 
                       resources, or other assets.

Major Coble distinguished between “deadly or hostile” weather modification” and what he described as benign weather modification” (BWM).  That’s a fair distinction don’t you think?  Then he actually makes the Orwellian statement that “any harm caused by BWM is strictly a secondary effect.” Incredible! You know - kind of like collateral damage. In other words, if we can define weather modification as benign, and something adverse happens, then it’s okay, because it’s only secondary. And furthermore, if it wasn’t intentional, but only “secondary,” then it’s alright then?



In 1993, researchers announced they had discovered a never-before-seen network of water vapor rivers carrying as much water as the Amazon, some thousands of miles long, in the atmosphere within 6 miles of the earth’s surface. Richard Newell, a MIT climatologist began his atmospheric vapor research word-wide in 1985. He found that they were generally about 150 miles wide, just a mile deep, and the longest 4,800 miles long, with 350 million pounds of vapor flowing past a given spot each second. The rivers are transient but generally each hemisphere has about five at a time. The “vapor rivers” generally head for the poles but on the way they’re often deflected to the east by the Earth’s rotation and Jet Stream.


(U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Master Sgt. Ray Lloyd) Dark Roasted Blend

Do you think we’re seeing Newell’s “vapor rivers” here?

Check out these YouTube video clips on gravity cloud waves and see if they might be “vapor rivers.” . How about this similar looking strange cloud.  So many times, we hear “I have never seen anything like this.” . What about this series of “strange clouds” in Japan -  And what about this “weird cloud formation … cloud wave” near Santa Barbara, CA in Oct. 2006, .

When Loren McIntyre, a South American traveler and explorer, asked a Mayoruna Indian where the source of the Amazon River was located, the Indian pointed skyward to the clouds. Today’s advocates of weather modification also look to the clouds as a source of water to increase current water supplies.

Were there any connections between the Spring and early Summer 1999, of NATO’s aviation war activities and the environmental (weather) disasters that followed? Michel Chossudovsky gave one conditionally positive answer to this question. According to him, the latest scientific evidence indicates that USA military researchers have developed a technology that is capable of potentially triggering targeted floods, droughts, hurricanes and earthquakes, by diverting of vapor rivers in the Earth's atmosphere; however, he adds that there is no evidence that this potential weapon of mass destruction has already been used (Chossudovsky, Michel, 2001).




Patent 4,686,605 Method and Apparatus for Altering a Region of the Earth’s Atmosphere, Ionosphere, and/or Magnetosphere, Bernard Eastlund, August 11, 1987

Do you think you should be concerned about a device that makes these claims?

Weather modification is possible by, for example, altering upper atmosphere wind patterns or altering solar absorption patterns by constructing one or more plumes of atmospheric particles which will act as a lens or focusing device.

A moving plume could also serve as a means for … focusing vast amount[s] of sunlight on selected portions of the earth.

In another embodiment of the invention, electron cyclotron resonance heating is carried out in the selected region or regions at sufficient power levels to allow a plasma present in the region to generate a mirror force which forces the charged electrons of the altered plasma upward along the force line to an altitude which is higher than the original altitude. In this case the relevant mirror points are at the base of the altered region or regions. The charged electrons drag ions with them as well as other particles that may be present.

Line 11 passes through region R which lies at an altitude above the earth's surface. A wide range of altitudes are useful given the power that can be employed by the practice of this invention. The electron cyclotron resonance heating effect can be made to act on electrons anywhere above the surface of the earth. These electrons may be already present in the atmosphere, ionosphere, and/or magnetosphere of the earth, or can be artificially generated by a variety of means such as x-ray beams, charged particle beams, lasers, the plasma sheath surrounding an object such as a missile or meteor, and the like.

As explained above, plasma will be present along line 11 within region R and is represented by the helical line 12. Plasma 12 is comprised of charged particles (i.e., electrons and ions) which rotate about opposing helical paths along line 11.

FIG. 3 is an idealized representation of movement of plasma 12 upon excitation by electron cyclotron resonance within the earth's divergent force field. Electrons (e) are accelerated to velocities required to generate the necessary mirror force to cause their upward movement. At the same time neutral particles (n) which are present along line 11 in region R are ionized and become part of plasma 12. As electrons (e) move upward along line 11, they drag ions (i) and neutrals (n) with them but at an angle (symbol circle with line) of about 13 degrees to field line 11. Also, any particulates that may be present in region R,  will be swept upwardly with the plasma. As the charged particles of plasma 12 move upward, other particles such as neutrals within or below R, move in to replace the upwardly moving particles. These neutrals, under some conditions, can drag with them charged particles.

For example, as a plasma moves upward, other particles at the same altitude as the plasma move horizontally into the region to replace the rising plasma and to form new plasma. The kinetic energy developed by said other particles as they move horizontally is, for example, on the same order of magnitude as the total zonal kinetic energy of stratospheric winds known to exist.

This just described plume domination potential.

Thus, this invention provides the ability to put unprecedented amounts of power in the earth's atmosphere at strategic locations and to maintain the power injection level, particularly if random pulsing is employed, in a manner far more precise and better controlled than heretofore accomplished, by the prior art, particularly by the detonation of nuclear devices of various yields at various altitudes.


photo credit: Karen Titchener, Cloud Appreciation Society  Dark Roasted Blend

Detonation of Nuclear Devices? (Check out “CLOUD EXPLOSIONS” on this link - Extreme & Beautiful Weather,, [this may be a bit difficult to find but well worth it, once at site, go to Extreme Weather link on left, then scroll down NINE links to Extreme & Beautiful Weather, Majestic Skies Created by Powerful Storms, then to “cloud explosions.BE PATIENT AS IT TAKES A LITTLE WHILE TO DOWNLOAD) I think you’ll see that most of those clouds in that series resemble “the detonation of nuclear devices.” This is HAARP.

This invention has a phenomenal variety of possible ramifications and potential future developments. As alluded to earlier, missile or aircraft destruction, deflection, or confusion could result, particularly when relativistic particles are employed. Also, large regions of the atmosphere could be lifted to an unexpectedly high altitude so that missiles encounter unexpected and unplanned drag forces with resultant destruction or deflection of same. Weather modification is possible by, for example, altering upper atmosphere wind patterns or altering solar absorption patterns by constructing one or more plumes of atmospheric particles which will act as a lens or focusing device.

A moving plume could also serve as a means for … focusing vast amount[s] of sunlight on selected portions of the earth.

The earth's magnetic field could be … disrupted at appropriate altitudes to modify or eliminate the magnetic field in high Compton electron generation (e.g., from high altitude nuclear bursts) regions. High intensity, well controlled electrical fields can be provided in selected locations for various purposes. For example, the plasma sheath surrounding a missile or satellite could be used as a trigger for activating such a high intensity field to destroy the missile or satellite.

Still further, plumes in accordance with the present invention can be formed to simulate and/or perform the same functions as performed by the detonation of a "heave" type nuclear device without actually having to detonate such a device.

(photo credit: Cobalt Osanga) Dark Roasted Blend

Detonation of a “heave” type nuclear device? Just check out the first few thunderstorm (“cloud explosions”) photos in Extreme & Beautiful Weather,, [this may be a bit difficult to find but well worth it], once at site, go to Extreme Weather link on left, then scroll down to Extreme & Beautiful Weather, Majestic Skies Created by Powerful Storms. I think you will agree that most of the clouds in that series resemble “the detonation of a ‘heave’ type nuclear device.” I contend that this is HAARP.

Patent 4,712,155, Method and Apparatus for Creating an Artificial Electron Cyclotron Heating Region of Plasma,

“A method of creating an artificial electron cyclotron resonance heating region of plasma at about 50 km above the earth's surface in which the collision rate of the electrons in said plasma is greater than the cyclotron frequency of said electrons,

The present invention provides a method and apparatus for creating an artificial electron cyclotron heating region of plasma that lies above the earth's surface at altitudes (e.g. below 50 kilometers) where the collision rate of the electrons in the plasma is originally greater than the cyclotron frequency of the electrons. First, artificial magnetic lines of force are established from the earth's surface into the region in which the operation is to be carried out.

The artificial magnetic field is designed so that the field strength B at the altitude of the region of plasma to be altered is sufficient to increase the cyclotron frequency of the electrons in the plasma so that it will exceed the collision rate of the electrons. When this occurs, the plasma is now in condition to be excited by electron cyclotron resonance heating to thereby increase the charged particle energy. … The radiation is deliberately transmitted … upwardly through the region of plasma to be altered. … [and] when applied to the plasma in at least one region, excites electron cyclotron resonance within the plasma to heat and accelerate the charged particles in their respective helical paths around and along the field line. Sufficient energy may be employed to cause ionization of neutral particles … which then become a part of the plasma thereby increasing the charged particle density of the plasma.

As the plasma moves upward, other particles from the atmosphere at the same altitude as the selected region move horizontally into the region to replace the rising plasma and to form new plasma. The kinetic energy developed by said other particles as they move horizontally is on the same order of magnitude of as the total zonal kinetic energy of stratospheric winds known to exist at altitudes equal to the region being altered. Since there is evidence that these stratospheric winds may be linked to certain weather patterns on earth, the present method may be used to affect similar patterns. (This sets up for vertical development, i.e. plumes)

Plasma 12 is naturally present along these field lines. This plasma consists of equal numbers of positively and negatively charged particles (i.e., electrons and ions) which are guided by the field line 11.

As the gyrating particle moves along a field line in a uniform field, it will follow a helical path about its guiding center, hence linear motion, and will remain on the field line. Electrons and ions both follow helical paths around a field line but rotate in opposite directions

As known in plasma physics, the characteristics of a plasma can be altered by adding energy to the charged particles or by ionizing or exciting additional particles to increase the density of the plasma. One way to do this is by heating the plasma which can be accomplished in different ways, e.g., ohmic, magnetic compression, shock waves, magnetic pumping, electron cyclotron resonance, and the like.

However, before electron cyclotron resonant heating can be excited in the plasma of region R, the cyclotron frequency of the electrons therein has to be increased until it is greater than the collision rate of the electrons.

Plasma in region R at an altitude of about 35 kilometers is to be altered.

Referring now to FIG. 3, a first embodiment of how plasma 12a is altered is illustrated where a selected region R 1 of plasma 12a is altered by electron cyclotron resonance heating to accelerate the electrons of plasma 12, which are following helical paths along artificial field line 11b ….

As electron cyclotron resonance is established in plasma 12a, energy is transferred from the electromagnetic radiation 20 into plasma 12a to heat and accelerate the electrons therein and, subsequently, ions and neutral particles. As this process continues, neutral particles which are present within R 1 are ionized and absorbed into plasma 12a and this increases the electron and ion densities of plasma 12a.

The electrons are accelerated to velocities required to generate the necessary mirror force to cause their upward movement. At the same time neutral particles which are present along line 11a in region R 1 are ionized and become part of plasma 12a. As electrons move upward along line 11a, they drag ions and neutrals with them. Also, any particulates that may be present in region R 1 , will be swept upwardly with the plasma. As the charged particles of plasma 12a move upward, other particles such as neutrals within R 1 , move horizontally in to replace the upwardly moving particles. As plasma 12a is being moved upward with a very high kinetic energy in the vertical direction (e.g. 10 7 ergs/cm 2), the flow of the atmosphere particles to replace the rising plasma will have comparable kinetic energy in the horizontal direction. The horizontal kinetic energy so generated will be of the same order of magnitude as the total zonal kinetic energy of naturally-occurring stratospheric wind at altitudes of 22 to 32 kilometer;

Since there is evidence that wind currents in the stratosphere appear to be linked to certain weather patterns on earth, such winds can be produced with the present invention at selected locations and altitudes which can be used in establishing such weather patterns.

This invention can be employed in any region of the atmosphere or space where an artificial magnetic field or fields can be generated after which the electron cyclotron resonance heating is carried out ….

In this process, artificial particles can be added to the region which is excited by the electron cyclotron resonance in any manner …. In this method, sufficient electromagnetic radiation can be transmitted so that altered plasma in the region is trapped on the artificial field line or lines between mirror points and oscillates back and forth there between. If the electron cyclotron resonance excited region is energized sufficiently to cause a rising plasma region, this rising region can pull with it a substantial portion of neutral particles which exist in or near the plasma region

For a very good example of HAARP activity, and the “slicing” action that is so characteristic of HAARP, watch for these in your smoke columns as well. The pulsing will only last for a few minutes at a time, Strange clouds in Lancaster County, August 19, 2007,



The core hypothesis underlying the ( ARCO patents was to generate huge amounts of MEV electrons along magnetic field lines above the earth's surface as shown in the MEV link. Resonance energy can be applied many ways to objects.

“WIND was the force that created a resonance effect and toppled the Tacoma narrows bridge in 1940.

The ARCO patents by Dr. Eastlund, hypothesized a large phased array antenna located in Alaska with its RF energy focused at altitudes 100km or more above the earth. (href=" MEV electrons. The frequency was chosen to be in the 1-3 MHz range to create an electron resonance heating that would create MEV electrons along the magnetic field lines. The RF beam is shown in yellow in the figure. The heating process is depicted as a helix along a magnetic field line. The electrons spiral along the field line with increasingly large orbits as their energy increases.


Electron Cyclotrone Resonance is a key component to HAARP technology. According to Begich, “it can best be visualized as a particle being spun like a coiled spring and then screwed right through something.” According to an Eatlund patent, more than one [electromagnetic radio] wave can be generated and the various waves can be modulated at will and in a highly non-linear fashion. Clarifying, non-linear deals with the “resonance effect,” – initially large power inputs then lessening to small amounts of input. This is similar to pushing someone on a swing-set. Initially, you need considerable energy to get the swing going, but afterwards you need only small amounts of energy to maintain the swinging, merely using one finger to do so. That’s why you’ll notice the short-lived, pulsing HAARP “slices” and grid-lines in the clouds and/or smoke columns, analogous to slicing a pile of shaving cream with a fencing foil as it quickly fades away.

Moreover, Penn State’s ionospheric research lab admits that they don’t know what will happen when HAARP beams at full power. The Office of Naval Research, in a 1990 HAARP document admits that “at the highest HF powers available in the West, the instabilities commonly studied are approaching maximum RF energy dissipative capability, beyond which plasma processes will ‘runaway’ until the next limiting factor is reached. In other words, they don’t know what it will do.

Check these electron helical coil actions on each of the paper’s links, Rowland, HL, Beam Physics Branch, Plasma Physics Division, Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, D.C., Simulations of ELF radiation generated by heating the high-latitude D-region;,

Rowland, HL, Beam Physics Branch, Plasma Physics Division, Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, D., Three Dimensional Simulations of [Lightning] Sprites and Elves, .

Both of Rowland’s simulation papers provide Excellent Animated Segments of HAARP Physics in Action – You See This Every Time You Witness a Supercell or Abnormally Large Fire Whirl.

One of my all-time favorites is the Weatherwise magazine photo of “a helix of circular contrails” allegedly formed by a jet over Denmark on May 23, 1998. Not possible. This is clearly HAARP activity, just look at almost any of Eastlund’s patent diagrams.



Mark Twain once said “Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.” Well I’m here to tell you that there’s plenty of people and Government entities that are doing something about the weather.

In 1976, Zbigniew Brzezinski, predicted in his book Between Two Ages, that there would be a new technology capable of making techniques for conducting secret warfare, among which he mentions techniques of weather modification and instigation of prolonged periods of drought or storm, available to the leaders of major nations.



According to HAARP patent inventor Bernard Eastlund’s website (Eastlund Science) , gravity waves are believed to be responsible for severe weather phenomenon, but he admits that there is a lack of research and associated research papers. He admits that HAARP has the capability of producing 3.6 Megawatts CW (Continuous Wave). He believes that to be “significant” and cites Gossard (1962). Moreover, he cites research done by Sofko and Huang, Gravity Wave Generation and Joule Heating associated with solar flares in the polar regions. He says the gravity waves would have resulted from the auroral zone electrojet and the accompanying Joule heating activity. Check out the most common “gravity wave” video at .

What is a gravity wave? To start a gravity wave, a TRIGGER mechanism must cause the air to be displaced in the vertical. Examples of trigger mechanisms that produce gravity waves are mountains and thunderstorm updrafts. To generate a gravity wave, the air must be forced to rise in ( STABLE air. Why? Because if air rises in unstable air it will continue to rise and will NOT create a wave pattern. If air is forced to rise up in stable air, the natural tendency will be for the air to sink back down over time (usually because the parcel forced to rise is colder than the environment). The momentum of the air imparted by the trigger mechanism will force the parcel to rise and the stability of the atmosphere will force the parcel of air to sink after it rises (you have now undergone the first steps into creating a wave).”

”It is important to understand the concept of momentum. A rising or sinking air parcel will "overshoot" its equilibrium point. In a gravity wave, the parcel of air will try to remain at a location in the atmosphere where there are no forces causing it to rise or sink. Once a force moves the parcel from its natural state of equilibrium, the parcel will try to regain its equilibrium. But in the process, it will overshoot and undershoot that natural position each time it is rising or sinking because of its own momentum. At a sufficient distance from where the trigger mechanism caused the parcel to rise, the intensity of the gravity wave will decrease. At increasing distance, the parcel of air becomes closer to remaining at its natural state of equilibrium.”

”In a gravity wave, the upward moving region is the most favorable region for cloud development and the sinking region favorable for clear skies. That is why you may see rows of clouds and clear areas between the rows of clouds. A gravity wave is nothing more than a wave moving through a stable layer of the atmosphere. Thunderstorm updrafts will produce gravity waves as they try to punch into the (href=" tropopause. The tropopause represents a region of very stable air. This stable air combined with the upward momentum of a ( thunderstorm updraft (trigger mechanism) will generate gravity waves within the clouds trying to push into the tropopause.”

Gravity Waves Ripple over Marine Stratocumulus Clouds

Gravity Waves Ripple Over Stratocumulus Clouds NASA Earth Observatory

These artificially generated “gravity waves”, in my opinion, are actually HAARP-induced clouds, as they appear to be a might too perfectly symmetrical. Zoom in and you’ll see what I’m talking about. You will notice HAARP-induced “gravity waves” throughout the GOES Hot Stuff clips.

“Researchers have shown that gravity waves in the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere considerably influence the formation of high cirrus clouds considerably. Gravity waves are fluctuating air parcels caused by air parcel displacement, and then restored to its initial position by gravity. The generation of gravity waves must occur in a stable atmosphere. Gravity waves, to avoid rising or sinking, are continually seeking a state of equilibrium. It will, however, overshoot and undershoot that original position each time it is rising or sinking because of its own momentum.

“Gravity waves can reproduce both vertically and horizontally. They can result from a passage of wind across terrestrial forms and convection penetrating a stable region. They can also be generated as adjustments to imbalances in the atmospheric flow. They are observed at all levels in the atmosphere and seen in the troposphere as oriented bands of clouds. Gravity waves transport momentum and energy from the troposphere to the middle atmosphere.”  



“During intervals of high geomagnetic activity, trains of long period acoustic waves have been detected at the ground. Investigating these phenomena, researchers found that these traveling pressure waves must be originated by auroral activities and that one of the most plausible generation mechanisms of these atmospheric pressure waves is periodic heating of E-region in the polar upper atmosphere caused by imping auroral electrons.

This sounds a lot like HAARP to me.


CHAFF and its EFFECTS ON WEATHER Violent Winds, False Readings, and Potential Health Impacts

Radio frequency (RF) chaff is an electronic, defensive countermeasure designed to reflect radar waves and, thus, obscure aircraft (ships and other military equipment) from radar-tracking sources. The chaff packets are ejected from an aircraft in cartridges or projectiles that contain millions of individual fibers. Once released into the aircraft slipstream, the chaff packages burst open and a diffuse cloud of dipoles is formed to produce a radar-reflective cloud called a “chaff corridor.”

Military-initiated “chaff can spread over several hundreds of miles and stay in the air for up to a day and it could result in inaccurate [weather] warnings of severe weather.” It is generally held by the professional weather community that “automated systems cannot distinguish chaff from rainfall. The automated systems record chaff as precipitation and overstate the amount of rain archived in the database.”

The U.S. Forest Service used cloud seeding and chaff during the 1960’s and 1970’s in attempts to suppress lightning and prevent forest fires. However, the project actually caused a massive increase in ice crystals and actually reduced the amount of precipitation by over-seeding the clouds. So, the reduced rainfall worked against the primary objective of reducing forest fires, and the experiments were abandoned in 1973.

Interestingly, in 1993, some non-military meteorologists theorized that a chaff cloud emanating from a nearby Air Force base resulted in some significant weather modification, even though it was inadvertent. From August 20/21 0000 to 0230,1993, meteorologists tracked a chaff cloud coming from a flight-restricted, military base (Luke AFB) southwest of Phoenix, Arizona during an active thunderstorm with lightning. The chaff, they theorized, neutralized the lightning as the radar cloud showed little or no lightning in the enveloped chaff cloud. However, the chaff cloud intensified the thunderstorm winds enough to actually shear off one-foot-diameter power poles in its path at the ground level.

Now that’s pretty remarkable wouldn’t you say?  I would want to know and/or recognize that kind of weather modification, albeit inadvertent, in and around any wildfire I was working, wouldn’t you? We work wildfires in and around military bases more and more now-a-days. Hopefully, an Incident Commander or Fireline Supervisor would have enough time to react and pull his folks to safety assuming he “recognized the current [and expected] weather conditions.”

This one’s definitely worth looking into because this “chaff cloud” moved through portions of Maricopa, Pinal and Gila Counties, where any one of us could be on an AZ State, BIA, BLM, or Tonto N.F. wildland fire. No doubt, you will be on wildfires near this or other military bases nationwide in the future when they’re using this chaff. The military will never admit it though.

Article; AMS Online Journals, , BE PATIENT.

REMEMBER, scientists admit that widespread chaff can actually lead to inaccurate weather forecasts because the chaff clouds typically produce a radar echo which closely resembles precipitation. We all know that unpredicted wind is far more serious than unpredicted rain.

According to Carole Pellatt’s research, chaff contains; glass fiber (silica), aluminum, calcium oxide, magnesium oxide, sodium and potassium oxide, iron oxide, aluminum coating, silicon + iron, copper, manganese, zinc, vanadium, titanium and other."  Moreover, chaff is a health hazard if inhaled, ingested or absorbed through the skin. What about when it settles on the vegetation and in the soils? This is potentially a very flammable mix here, especially in regularly-flown and applied flight routes.

Moreover, a 1998, DOD, EPA, GAO, and joint Canadian report found that “today’s chaff is made of type E glass fibers coated with a 3-μm layer of high-purity (>99%), and chaff used for training purposes (e.g. RR-188 training chaff) consists of fibers 1.8-cm in length.

Aluminum provides the fiber with its radar reflective properties. The chaff fibers are about the thickness of a human hair (ca. 25μm in diameter) and range in length from about 0.8 to 7.5 cm. The fibers are 60% silicate glass and 40% aluminum, and contain trace amounts (< 1%) of silicon, iron, copper, manganese, magnesium, zinc, vanadium, and titanium. In addition, the fibers are coated with a lipid [either stearic acid or Neofat 18, a 90:10 (w/w) mixture of stearic and palmitic acids] which acts as a lubricant to prevent clumping during deployment.

Table 2. Estimated Elemental Deposition onto the PTA.



Amount Release (kg)

Aluminum coating

40% (w:w)


Silicate glass

60% (w:w)



16% (w:w)



56% (w:w)



2% (w:w)


Environmental Effects of RF Chaff



Up to 25 million acres of land and water at several thousand sites in the U.S. are already contaminated with unexploded ordnance (UXO), toxic explosive compounds and their byproducts, toxic propellants, and heavy metals. More sites are being identified every year. See Military Toxins Project, Communities in the Line of Fire, The Environmental, Cultural, and Human Health Impacts of Military Munitions and Firing Ranges, Case Studies, June 2002, .

According to Mark Purdey, a leading expert on airborne heavy metals and how they relate to associated illness and poisoning, asserts that exceptionally high levels of silver (Ag), strontium (Sr), and barium (Ba) were measured in deer antlers, vegetation, and soils in areas of chronic wasting disease (CWD) cluster areas in Colorado, Wisconsin, and Saskatchewan, while other areas were 2 to 3 times less in CWD-free areas of Alberta and the UK. In fact, silver was virtually undetectable in antlers sampled from CWD-free deer herds in the UK and other locations.

Antlers from 2 to 3 years old ranging from free-ranging or farmed-raised deer were collected from April to June of 2003 across the regional farms where the most intense outbreaks of CWD were identified. Soil and vegetation samples were collected as well.

He notes that Ag is potentially very toxic and was used extensively in silver-iodine crystal, cloud seeding weather modification projects in drought-prone CWD areas, where significant spraying had taken place. Thus, the resulting Ag-contaminated rain permeates the local vegetation, as well as in atmospheric “fall-out.”

He states that Ag contamination will “bio-accumulate” in the lichens and mosses (bryophytes) and other vegetation. It’s interesting, he says, that the “practice of cloud seeding is mainly contained within the North American continentthe area which has virtually all cases of wild animal Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies (TSE) – notwithstanding US authorities warning against the use of silver ions as a broad spectrum biocide.

TSE, aalso known as prion diseases, are a group of progressive conditions that affect the ( and ( nervous system of ( humans and ( animals and are transmitted by ( prions. Mental and physical abilities deteriorate and myriad tiny holes appear in the (") cortex causing it to appear like a sponge (hence 'spongiform'). The disorders cause impairment of brain function, including memory changes, personality changes and problems with movement that worsen over time. Prion diseases of humans include classic ( Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, new variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (a human disorder related to ( mad cow disease), ( fatal familial insomnia and (") kuru. The conditions form a spectrum of diseases with overlapping signs and symptoms; mad cow disease.

Prions cannot be transmitted through the air or through touching or most other forms of casual contact. They may be transmitted through contact with infected tissue, body fluids, or contaminated medical instruments. Normal ( sterilization procedures such as boiling or irradiating materials fail to render prions non-infective.

Purdey notes that the average Ba and SR levels were significantly higher in the vegetation of CWD cluster areas at 54 ppm and 62,1 ppm, twice the levels of non-CWD, control-area environments. In fact, the Ba and Sr levels in CWD clusters were also “several fold higher” than the average levels.

Therefore, it is noteworthy that the majority of North American TSE clusters have emerged near to significant military munitions production/storage/testing facilities such as White Sands [NM] missle range, a missle factory near Tucson, [AZ], the Rocky Flats Nuclear weapons factory, a plethora of ‘cold war’ and modern missle silos scattered between NE Colorado, SE Wyoming, SW Nebraska, the Cold Lake Air Weapons Range, and Camp Wainwright on the Alberta-Saskatchewan borders where radioactive metal-based materials were used.

Notes Purdey, irrespective of any role that elevated Ag, Ba, and SR levels may play a role in the pathogenesis of TSE’s, the novel observation” of Ag in deer antlers might suggest that the antler acts as a heretofore unrecognized toxic ‘sink’ for storing excess Ag, Ba, and Sr intakes, as well as other metals in the deer family that are thriving off food-chains that have absorbed these metals.

Furthermore, he adds, “many of these TSE affected animal and human populations were found living beneath low-fly jet flight paths or the ‘take-off’ flight paths coming from military or civilian airbases like Namao, Alabama, and Leduc and Edmonton, Alberta, respectively.” Sometimes, we work fires in those same areas. Therefore, the burning fuels would generate unhealthy and possibly deadly smoke!

The military and geophysical researchers have used quite a bit of Ba in their aerosol spraying applications. Aerosols containing the Ba ion – such as ferroelectric Ba stearate or Ba strontium titanate compoundsare regularly discharged along jet flight paths, low flight practice areas, around munitions production, storage, guided missle testing, and storage facilities as a means of enhancing refracting ducting radio and radar signaling communications for maintaining reliable security and rapid around-the-earth communications. Ba ions have been widely discharged into the atmosphere since the mid 1970’s as a means of conducting geophysical explorations of the ionosphere.

Therefore,  any food-chain, including soil and vegetation, that is situated around these top military security areas, flight paths, or beneath these areas of ionospheric exploration, could find itself subject to the toxic ‘fall out’ from this mode of atmospheric metal pollution.

Notwithstanding the elevated levels of Ag, Ba, and Sr and how they affect the pathogenesis of TSE’s, the “novel observation” of Ag in deer antlers might suggest that the antler acts a newly recognized ‘sink’ for storing excess heavy metal intakes in deer that are thriving of food-chains contaminated by these same heavy metals.

For example, many of the TSE affected animals and human populations have been found to be living beneath low fly jet paths or the alternate ‘take-off’ flight paths coming from and/or leading into military and civilian airbases.

So, by extension, all wildfires in these areas will be emitting high levels of Ag, Ba, and Sr in the smoke as the fuels consume. And so will any airborne soil, in the form of dust, you’ll be inhaling on those dry, windy days.  Be warned, be aware.

See also Mark Purdey’s, The environmental origins of TSEs: the ferrimagneto-prion theory, (transmissible spongiform encephalopathy) (usage of ferrimagnetic substances for the treatment of mad cow fever), Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients, 7/21/04, , (White Sands Military Base).

Strange Days Strange Skies, , EXCELLENT website four (4) photos wide, short written clips, web links; chemtrails, ailments and toxins as a result of spraying, Please, check this one out. VERY  SCARY.

According to NASA, “the products of the trimethylaluminum, (TMA) chemical burn are aluminum oxide, carbon dioxide, and water. These chemicals pose no threat to the public during preparation on the ground or release in space. Consumers use aluminum oxides to relieve heartburn and to purify water.” That may very well be so, separately, but when you combine them, you still get trimethylaluminum, a highly toxic and extrememly flammable substance. It’s pyrophoric, it lights when exposed to air. They’re using the Straw Man fallacy here. This stuff is very toxic and dangerous.

Telephone Interview with Rosalind Peterson, Agriculture Defense Coalition, January 19, 2008, and

   Trees are dying all over Northern CA and she and others attribute it to spraying

   Trees will grow well for several years then develop deformed limbs and also begin bending over after a few years instead of continuing to  
     grow straight

   Large oak trees are getting all mushy and soft at bases, fungus

   Manzanita, pinions, pines are all wilting and fading and dying

   Almost always overcast anymore and those in Redding and Shasta County relying on solar power are having to supplement power because
    of fewer sunny and clear days

   Believes wildland fires may be getting hotter because of significantly more metal content in soils (and on vegetation) based on sampling

   Soaking rains are not soaking into ground as well and ground seems harder and less pervious to water lately

   Ground after rains normally would be very muddy for days but not so now, much drier sooner

   Case of large flock of birds in Northern CA dropping from the sky dead

   Based on her Agricultural background, she’s concerned about lack of photosynthesis and less crops growing based on cloudier skies and
    lack of sunlight

   Crop harvests are much less in CA and nationwide and rather than exporting we (USA) may have to begin importing more fruits and
    vegetables rather than being self-sufficient as in the past

   Heavy metals and other toxins and pathogens are being found in heavy spray areas in soil and water samples

She recommended: Our Dead and Dying Trees; July 22, 2007



The Government is generally the sole defendant in all cases involving allegedly negligent weather forecasting. The courts hold that enterprises like The Weather Channel make their forecasts based on weather information and meteorological data provided by the U.S. Government.”

 “The Brandt case involved some men on a fishing boat that relied on Weather Channel information during a storm, and one drowned. The judge ruled in favor of the Weather Channel by holding, incredibly: “Because prediction of weather is precisely that – a prediction, a weather forecaster should not be subject to liability for an erroneous forecast … To prove negligence requires proof of a minimum standard of care and proof that the defendant’s conduct was below the minimal acceptable standard of care. … in favor of the forecaster’s first amendment rights.” Brandt  v. The Weather Channel, 42 F. Supp.2d 1344 (S.D. Fla. 1999), aff’d without opinion, 204 F.3d 1123 (11thCir. 1999).”

Mr. Standler correctly states that “corporations and other professionals are generally legally responsible for their decisions, so why are weather forecasters held to a higher standard. He further argues: If the Government engages in providing some service, [weather forecasting based on its data] then it ought to perform that service competently and non-negligently. If one cannot rely on information, then that information is worthless, except as a suggestion to make an independent determination.” [footnote omitted].

Mr. Standler then strongly concludes: “People on land need to be responsible for their own safety and they need to know of warnings about future hazardous weather. As weather forecasting becomes more accurate, the time will come when the Government should be held responsible for failing to warn about hazardous weather or other aspects of a negligent weather forecast. The time may have already arrived, and we need to merely wait for a courageous judge who will break with tradition and legal precedent and make new law.”

As I said earlier – we’re on our own as far as the weather goes – but we must still rely on the assistance of CREDIBLE and COMPETENT weather forecasters, meteorologists, Fire Behavior Analysts, and the like so that you can use the new indicators knowledge you will acquire.

Piel, Peter; Andover Legal Aviation Law Links, , go to the weather links

Stadler, Ronald B., [Legal] History and Problems in Weather Modification,, 2002

Stadler, Ronald B., [WX] Modification Law in the U.S.,  October 22, 2006

Stadler, Ronald B., Tort Liability in the U.S. for Negligent Weather Forecasts,



I focus on tornadoes quite a bit, especially in all the GOES Hot Stuff,, and tornado images. Obviously, fire whirls and tornadoes follow the same principles, and we’ve all been witnessing a lot more intense, tornado-like fire activity in the past few years - and it seems to be increasing as evidenced by the 2008 Indians Fire behavior on the Los Padres N.F. in California.

There was the March 1998 Gainesville, Georgia tornado that went for 10 miles and killed 11, and meteorologists said it came “without any warning amid powerful thunderstorms.” Elaine Sexton of the Georgia Emergency management Agency said “There wasn’t even anything on the radar… there wasn’t anything anybody could have warned us about.” 

Say what? In this day-and-age of sophisticated Doppler radar and its kin, how is it that tornadoes STILL sneak up on towns killing people? I contend that in part, it’s because of Weather Modification.

Rolling Storm Clouds”,, this is definitely HAARP activity that preceded a tornado,

Rolling Cloud”,, this definitely appears to be potentially dangerous wind currents aloft in this one,

“Storm Cloud”,, this rolling, greenish cloud means tornadoes,

“Tornado in Southern New Mexico,, May 4, 2007 tornado “outbreak”; Does that mean there was more than one?

Huge Tornadic Supercell Chases Us – South Dakota 06-06-07”,, amazing fast and violently spinning vorticies with HAARP activity throughout almost the entire 10-minute video by Minnesota Storm Chasers, as they drive speeds of 80-100 mph to stay ahead of it,

Supercell Thunderstorms – Beauty of the Beast”,, amazing footage of mostly severe supercells with significant HAARP activity evidence throughout almost all of this 6-minute video – good stuff,

“Storm Cloud wall, incredible”,, definitely some HAARP activity here --

Fort Cobb, OK Supercell Time-Lapse”,, very interesting supercell with definite HAARP activity, , Compare this to HL Rowland’s – “Simulations of ELF radiation generated by heating the high-latitude D-region”; it’s HAARP all the way, ,  and HL Rowland’s animated supercell, lightning simulations, Three Dimensional Simulations of [Lightning] Sprites and Elves, .

“Devastating and violent tornadoes” (6 ½ minutes),, amazing historical footages,

Hay Devils”, (National Geographics), this whirlwind shows what will happen to all the slash that you generated during line construction or structure protection and then feed and intensify any firewhirl that develops; similar to what happened on the Fish Fire, August 2001, near Reno, Nevada, when structure-protection slash, lifted into the firewhirl column causing intensified fire behavior and ultimately a huge firewhirl that burned THROUGH a good, black Safety Zone,



I don’t quite know what this cloud is, other than I agree with the English photographer, it’s a “Mystery Cloud, but I would find it very dangerous if this type of wind hits a wildfire,,


Nubes Exranas – Strange Clouds; 3-minute video,, you’ll have to admit that MOST of them are NOT NORMAL, October 2007,


Chromecast, Strange Cloud Phenomena,, very long thin, cloud overhead,


Oklahoma’s Secret Tropical Storm; Weather or Not – Weather Archives

This is an incredible story of an inland tropical storm in Oklahoma where this prescient and dedicated weather forecaster is in awe at what is occurring, and he is literally beside himself throughout the night as he tries to understand what is happening, and is continually befuddled as this storm does its thing. Excellent links. Unbelievable!

Oklahoma's Secret Tropical Storm - August 19, 2007

Good morning. Oklahoma had a tropical storm overnight.

“At least that's a legitimate claim that can be made, since [Hurricane] Erin still was being classified as a tropical depression last evening before strengthening to produce sustained tropical storm force winds. Isolated surface gusts even exceeded hurricane force low for now.

“What follows are excerpts from a series of messages I sent privately to others overnight. They give one atmospheric scientist's running, real-time perspective on a bizarre event ….

“It has been impressive to watch how well this system has held together a circulation after moving inland -- indeed, looking better inland than it ever did over the Gulf ….

“It reminds me of one of those Australian "landphoons," which are fairly rare even there, and nearly unprecedented here.

“As for what to call this Still a lot left to learn about this crazy atmosphere of ours...

“As of 4 a.m. CDT, Erin still is being called a tropical depression by HPC, but has been producing tropical storm force sustained winds right here in Oklahoma. That discussion is incorrect, in that those are sustained TS force winds (as shown in this OK mesonet plot and others overnight) -- not just gusts, and not just in thunderstorms either. There also have been TS force, southeasterly inflow (not outflow) winds.

“They'll have to classify this burst of intensification as something over Oklahoma.

“How is this going to be handled in the NHC best tracks? How should it be handled?

“The "eye" from OKC's terminal Doppler weather radar (TDWR), … saved as a still image from TDWR.

“The winds are in MPH. Still, thanks to a low-level jet that has mixed substantially down to the surface, we've had sustained, tropical storm strength gradient winds in the area from what still is a warm core low, and was a named tropical storm at one point. Call it what you will.

“There were a few tornado reports in the east semicircle of Erin yesterday in NW TX and W OK...nothing significant, just small/brief touchdowns...but that was more than anyone believed would occur before the event began to unfold. Check out the tornado and wind reports received so far. (73 reports with at least 3 tornadoes)

“Although it was east of the strongest low level wind fields, and nontornadic, a small supercell also moved just E of Norman and was photographed by Rich Thompson. Note the pronounced wall cloud in this picture.

”Now it's approaching 6 a.m. … The main spiral band is moving past me now. Surface sustained winds still are legit TS strength farther NW near the eye. Yes, eye. [See reflectivity image at top.]

“Check out the base Doppler velocity image at the next scan. Classical...

“Yes, you're reading it right: There are a few pixels of 60-70 kt inbound velocities just off the deck, on the south side of the eye. There were hurricane-force winds above the surface, over Calumet, Oklahoma. It's hard to believe I'm typing this.

“Those who are up will be able to follow this amazing event for the rest of the morning on the Twin Lakes (Oklahoma City) radar: OKC radar from COD ... and linked loops.

“Maybe it will spin down from here on...maybe not. I've lost all confidence in my ability to predict this system and have decided to just enjoy it!

“655 a.m.: Now, why am I calling this a "secret storm"? … I realized how different media treatment would be with the very same conditions and radar imagery superimposed on South Florida and called a tropical storm. … The Weather Channel … Matt Drudge … CNN … Panic and mayhem at 11!

“But here in Oklahoma, it's a scientific curiosity for the semantic dickering and curious investigation of weather scientists and enthusiasts -- but for the public, merely a nuisance.”

Displayed radar imagery courtesy College of DuPage, Posted by tornado at 06:53 AM



Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellites (GOES) is a joint NASA and NOAA program engaging in satellite photography. The following links are from “GOES Hot Stuff”, an archive of 1994-2008 satellite photo and movie images. JUST BE PATIENT.

The links provided will get you to “GOES Hot Stuff.” Once you link in on any one, you will be able to then just scroll down to any and all of the italicized events, e.g. “January Twisters” and click on the specific link. To the right of each link is “more” for a brief storyline of the event image(s). Normally, it takes 15-45 seconds to download the photo or movie clip. JUST BE PATIENT as it sometimes takes a minute or two on some of the larger downloads and some occasionally several minutes.

Next, enhance the image using the “maximize” button in the upper right of the image or zoom (150%-200%) if you need to, on many of the photos and movies for better, more detailed viewing.

Next, “play” the movie once through to see if you can detect what you’re looking for; then reset and push “play” again, stopping it right-away; and then “FREEZE-FRAME” your way through the movie using the right arrow to better visualize each frame. The HAARP grids and grid-lines will be much more evident as you do this.

Be prepared to learn – you will be amazed. After this visual, educational and informative journey, I promise you that you will never look at clouds the same again. And yes, that’s my intent. You must learn the cloud indicators so that you will “Keep informed on fire weather conditions and forecasts” in order to “Base all actions on current and expected fire behavior” so that you may “Fight fire aggressively while providing for safety first.


January Twisters, January 7-9, 2008, , HAARP grids and lines are very obvious.

Smoking Southern California [fires] color movie, October 21-25, 2007, , HAARP grids and grid-lines noticeable in some smoke columns and approaching clouds from the west.

Smokin Florida, May 11, 2007, , HAARP grids and grid-lines are readily visible in the smoke column once image is zoomed out to 150% to 200%.

Smoke-filled West, July 9, 2007, , HAARP grids and grid-lines are readily visible in smoke columns once image is zoomed out to 200% to 400%.

Eagle Pass [TX] Tornado Outbreak, April 24, 2007, VERY IMPRESSIVE, , series of 24 tornadoes in Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas according to NOAA; this is rife with HAARP grids and grid-lines.

Crossing Jets Over the Gulf Coast, February 28, 2007, , rife with HAARP grids and grid-lines.

East Coast “thundercane”, November 15-17, 2006, , NOAA asserts “death and destruction comparable to that done by an average hurricane”, HAARP grids and grid-lines evident during the life of the storm.

Another rope-like cloud, October 28, 2006 and Rope-like cloud, September 19, 2006, both at , AARP grids and grid-lines evident when zoomed to 200%.

Messy summer weather, July 9, 2006, , HAARP grids and grid-lines very evident when zoomed to 200%.

Arizona Dust Storms, June 7, 2006, , HAARP grids and grid-lines very evident; NOTE: storm approaching from SE as dust storm moves to NW.

52 tornadoes in 24 hours [SE], April 8, 2006, , HAARP grids and grid-lines are very evident during storm movement. Moreover, 515 hailstorms and 160 wind damage reports. Yeah, this is normal!

Midwest tornado outbreak, March 12, 2006, , during March 11-12 and 12-13, 2006 over 100 tornadoes were sighted in the Midwest, mainly Missouri, HAARP grids and grid-lines evident during the entire storm movement.

Double-eyed Hurricane Wilma, October 25, 2006, definitely an unusual event, , HAARP grids and grid-lines are very evident.

Wintry jet [stream]; December 14, 2003, , HAARP grids and grid-lines are very clear and distinct.

Squall line stuns Washington DC, August 26, 2003, “UNPREDICTED”????, HAARP grids and grid-lines are fairly obvious in spite of black and white imagery and quick clip; NOAA asserts that this was “unpredicted” and “raced down on the capitol from West Virginia …”

Gravity winds over Mexico, December 16, 2002, EXTREMELY IMPRESSIVE , HAARP grids and grid-lines are extremely obvious.

Santa Ana winds, November 27, 2002, , HAARP grids and grid-lines very evident.

[Another] Midwest tornado outbreak, November 10, 2002, VERY UNUSUAL, ,70 tornadoes raged throughout the night from Ohio to Mississippi, HAARP grids and grid-lines are very evident.

Midwest tornadic line, November 24, 2001, , 45 tornadoes and hundreds of high winds and large hail from Texas to Minnesota, HAARP grids and grid-lines are very evident; NOAA claims these are “nice examples of high-altitude ripples (gravity waves) moving out from over-shooting cloud tops.”

Quebec [Canada] Wildfires, multi-spectral color, July 6, 2002 and Arizona Wildfires, June 22-24, 2002, , HAARP grids and grid-lines are fairly evident.

Tornadoes across the South, November 24, 2001, Mississippi and Alabama,, HAARP grids and grid-lines are fairly evident.

Gravity winds in Hurricane Gordon; September 16, 2000, UNMISTAKENLY HAARP, , yet NASA states “An explosive convective tower in the middle of the storm popped up a few hours earlier, sending out dozens of gravity waves in the atmosphere, like ripples in a pond.”

Wildfire closes Los Alamos NM; May 10, 2000, Cerro Grande Fire, , HAARP grids and grid-lines are evident near end of this short movie clip.

[Two] Tornadoes rip Ft Worth [TX]; March 28, 2000, , HAARP grids fairly evident even with grainy black and white imagery; Note that HAARP grids and grid-lines closely precede tornadoes and other cyclonic activity.

Complex clouds off [San Francisco Bay] California; February 1, 2000, , BIZARRE HAARP grids and grid-lines are EXTREMELY OBVIOUS even with somewhat grainy black and white photo satellite imagery; NOAA claims these are “Clouds of many kinds and heights [and they] move [and] evolve in this one movie.” Yeah right!

Salt Lake City tornado from both GOES [satellites]; August 11, 1999, NOAA-classified it as a F2 whirlwind; , HAARP grids and grid-lines are fairly evident even with somewhat grainy black and white footage. Meteorologists called this a “rare tornado” that occurred “without warning” and many meteorologists stated that the Salt Lake City Basin is not at all conducive to tornado development. On the early evening of August 10th, I observed thick, dark, greenish tornado clouds with intense HAARP activity pass over the Sadler Fire ICP from the southwest and moving to the northeast.

Red-green stereo movie of May 3rd Oklahoma tornado; May 3, 1999, extremely fast movie clip, , HAARP grids and grid-lines are very evident in spite of quick clip.

Tornado outbreak in western Iowa, May 16, 1999, , HAARP grids and grid-lines are very evident even with grainy black and white imagery; Note that HAARP grids closely both precede and then follow this mile-wide F4 tornado and other cyclonic activity.

Killer tornado casts a long shadow over Oklahoma City; May 3, 1999, , HAARP grids and grid-lines are very evident even with grainy black and white photograph.

Killer tornado casts a long shadow over Oklahoma City; High resolution noon to sunset and low resolution infrared movie noon to midnight, May 3, 1999, more of the above, , HAARP grids and grid-lines are fairly evident in high resolution but faint, yet distinguishable in low resolution, even with grainy black and white movie imagery.

GOES-8/-10 red/green stereo image [of a Killer tornado over Oklahoma City]; May 3, 1999, , HAARP grids and grid-lines are EXTREMELY OBVIOUS even as a single satellite image.

Florida firestorms and Florida firestorm movie; April 19, 1999, one black and white photo and one color movie clip, , HAARP grids and grid-lines are fairly evident in photo even with grainy black and white imagery and clearly visible in movie clip, both on northern fire and southern cloud banks.

Killer tornadoes near Cincinnati [OH]; April 9, 1999, , HAARP grids and grid-lines are fairly evident in this fast-moving color movie clip.

Killer tornadoes in Arkansas [and Tennessee]; January 21, 1999, color and infrared movie clip, , HAARP grids and grid-lines are very evident and note storm approaches from west, then southwest, then south.

Giant [1000 mile] smoke plume over Alaska; October 8, 1998, , HAARP grid-line very evident in a series of separate color, black and white, graphics, and write-ups attempting to explain this anomaly. This is clearly a HAARP grid-line extending from Canadian border through Alaska to Kodiak Island. The author tries to explain - “Evidently, there was no lateral plume dispersion over the 1000 mile transport range.”

Florida fires, color movie; July 3, 1998; , HAARP grids and grid-lines are very evident in the second half of this color movie clip with intense convection columns.

Florida fires close I-95; July 2, 1998, , HAARP grids and grid-lines are fairly obvious in the smoke columns and some clouds in this color photo, especially when zooming to 150% to 200%.

Smoke at Titusville, Florida; June 7, 1998, , HAARP grids and grid-lines are fairly evident in the approaching and nearby clouds, especially when zooming to 150% to 200%.

GOES-10 [Series] visible and fast-scan tornadoes in Minnesota, Mississippi, North Carolina, and Georgia; March 20 to 29, 1998, , HAARP grids and grid-lines are fairly evident even with grainy black and white movie imagery.

Criss-crossing clouds over Florida; March 8, 1998, “cloud streaks and waves”???? , this black and white photo clearly reveals HAARP grids and grid-lines.

Tornadoes hit Louisiana, [then into Mississippi and Georgia], November 21, 1997, , HAARP grids and grid-lines are very evident from the outset, even with somewhat grainy black and white movie imagery.

Contrails in the “split window”; November 9, 1997, , significant chemtrails very evident even with black and white photo imagery.

Contrails [extend almost] to the limb; September 19, 1997, “man-made cirrus”???? , chemtrails are very evident along with HAARP grids and grid-lines off the California coast, even with black and white photo imagery. NOAA asserts that these clouds are “currently one of the ‘hot’ questions in atmospheric science.”

“Fairy ring” of thunderstorms in Pennsylvania; July 9, 1997, , HAARP grids and grid-lines fairly evident even with black and white photo imagery.

June from GOES-8; July 6, 1997; , HAARP grids and grid-lines fairly evident with this color satellite movie, mainly those approaching the US from the Northwest; impressive world view in motion.

Killer tornadoes in [Jarrell] Texas; May 27, 1997, , impressive HAARP grids and grid-lines are fairly evident with this series of black and white and color satellite movie clips of these rapidly building and intense tornadoes; according to NOAA, “This [Jarrell] tornado … buckled asphalt roads, peeled the bark off trees, and stripped the flesh from the skulls off cattle [trapped] in its path. Some cars in the path of the tornado were never found.” Yeah, that’s normal!

Thunderstorms chase Toto across Kansas; May 17, 1998, , HAARP grids and grid-lines fairly evident even in this somewhat grainy black and white movie clip.

Contrails burn cirrus movie; May 10, 1997, , NOAA states these are “burn holes” in the skies over Georgia; HAARP grids and grid-lines fairly evident even in this somewhat grainy black and white movie clip.

Red-green stereo images of hurricanes; February 23, 1997; VERY IMPRESSIVE, , color satellite photos of several hurricanes.

Big brush fires in Malibu [CA]; October 21, 1996,, chemtrail and/or HAARP grid-line cross very evident in the upper-left of this color satellite photo.

Tornadic super-cell southeast of Denver [CO] airport; August 9, 1996, , HAARP grids and grid-lines are very evident to the northeast in Wyoming storms, even with grainy black and white satellite photo imagery.

Tornadic storms in Baltimore [MD] -Washington [DC] region; July 19, 1996, , HAARP grids and grid-lines are fairly evident in clouds, even with the grainy black and white satellite movie imagery.

GOES-8 movie during Fairfax VA tornado; June 25, 1996; , HAARP grids and grid-lines are fairly evident in clouds to the southeast, even with the fast-moving grainy black and white satellite movie imagery.

Summer thunderstorms in the mountain west; June 16, 1996,, HAARP grids and grid-lines are fairly evident in clouds in the lower right, even with the fast-moving grainy black and white satellite movie imagery.

GOES-8 rapid scans of Kansas thunderstorms; June 1, 1996, , HAARP grids and grid-lines are clearly evident in the clouds, even with somewhat grainy black and white satellite movie.

“Train” of thunderstorms across Missouri; April 29, 1996, , HAARP grids and grid-lines are very evident in the surrounding clouds, in this black and white satellite photo imagery. NOTE the “dry/clear slots” encircling the several thunderstorms.

Spring storm development in the Midwest; March 20, 1996; , HAARP grids and grid-lines are fairly evident in clouds, even with the fairly fast-moving grainy “false color” satellite movie imagery.

Brushfires in Oklahoma, February 27, 1996, , HAARP grid-lines are evident in smoke columns, even with the fairly fast-moving, somewhat grainy black and white satellite movie imagery.

[HAARP] Cloud-threatened Mid-Atlantic states; January 13, 1996, , HAARP grids and grid-lines are readily obvious in the surrounding clouds in this black and white satellite photo imagery.

Movie of storm and tornado outbreak in Georgia [and northern Florida] on May 15th; , HAARP grid-lines are clearly evident in clouds, in this fairly fast-moving black and white satellite movie imagery.

Jet contrails all over Ohio on [Christmas] Day; December [25], 1994, , numerous chemtrails are readily obvious in the lower portion of the black and white satellite photo imagery.

Thunderstorms over the Midwest at sunset; July 14, 1994, , HAARP grids and grid-lines are readily obvious in this black and white satellite photo imagery, especially when enlarged.

GOES satellite color photo imagery of the “earliest tornado on record at Milwaukee, Wisconsin” showing very obvious dry line and dry slot in water vapor image, , March 8, 2000.



Since 1996, I’ve witnessed, heard from other credible veteran fireline supervisors, and/or researched some of the most unprecedented fire behavior I can remember, every year since then. This extreme fire behavior has literally become “the norm” any more, and it generally manifests itself in the form of intense, large fire whirls, and often anymore, literally as “fire tornadoes.” Just think back a few years ago, to the video of the radical fire tornado and fire whirls at 10,000 feet on the Johnson Fire, on the Dixie NF, in Utah. In my opinion, in addition to increased fuel loadings, this may be the result of Weather Modification, mainly HAARP, and I think, also may be as a result of almost continuous aerial spraying (chemtrails) of all types of flammable heavy metals, like trietylaluminum, aluminum, and magnesium. Increased tree mortality is also an outcome of this spraying.

Some of you may recall the August 14, 1996, Charlton Fire in Oregon, that I reference in my 1996 paper or were actually on that fire. In spite of record snows the winter before, this fire burned as if it was drought conditions. You cannot honestly say it was solely because of heavy fuel loading, even though that is a problem just about everywhere. This fire on the Willamettte and Deschutes NF’s, exhibited unprecedented fire behavior, such as stripping bark from green trees as the updrafts sucked rocks off the ground, uprooted old-growth timber and laid them down in a circular pattern, vaporized nearby ponds and streams, and slung hot mud for miles, including on an airborne helicopter. At the time, it was the hottest recorded infra-red satellite signature of a wildland fire. The FBAN described this as an “extremely rare event.” This is “the norm” anymore. I’ve seen this type of fire behavior every year since then - several times a year. In 2003, in the same area, the B and B Complex exhibited very similar, extremely intense and radical fire behavior – several times in the14 days we worked that fire. Recall, the extreme fires and fire tornadoes you’ve witnessed in the sagebrush fuels of the Intermountain Region and every other fire region you’ve worked in. You know what I’m talking about. The list goes on and on and will continue. Just read the 2008 Indians Fire Facilitated Learning Analysis (FLA) if you have any doubts about fire tornadoes.

Clearly, HAARP technology has the capability to alter a region in the Earth’s atmosphere, ionosphere, and/or magnetosphere by heating these regions using electron cyclotrone reasonance, altering plasma in an upward helical motion; whereby the plasma rises, and horizontal winds are drawn in to replace the rising plasma and to form new plasma; on the same order of magnitude as the total zonal kinetic energy of known stratospheric winds known to exist, effectively lifting the ionosphere. Winds can be produced at selected locations and altitudes, which can then be used in establishing weather patterns. Moreover, large regions of the atmosphere can be lifted to an unexpectedly high altitude to create cross-winds. Weather modification is then possible by altering upper atmosphere wind patterns by constructing one or more moving plumes. My favorite is the simulating “heave” type detonations without the adverse nuclear fallout. All of this indicates to me one of the major reasons we’ve been having the fire tornadoes and fire storms that we’ve been experiencing, for any number of modified weather-related reasons. This certainly has my full attention, and should concern all Wildland Fire Supervisors. After all, we know that the wind is the greatest and least predictable weather factor and fire behavior indicator, next is the humidity. HAARP affects both.

Our elected officials are repeatedly trying to pass a couple of Weather Modification bills. The House pushed for HR 3445, Weather Mitigation [Modification] Research and Technology Transfer Authorization Act of 2007, introduced by Rep. Mark Udall [D- CO]. and the Senate vied for S-1807, Weather Mitigation and Research and Development Policy and Authorization Act of 2007, introduced by Senator Kay Hutchison [R-TX], . They changed the bill titles from “Modification” to “Mitigation.” Fortunately, both these bills received heavy opposition from the public and both bills languished for 2007. I’m sure they’ll be back in 2009.

Be patient following the internet links, many of them take a little time. If a link doesn’t work, then search for the operative words in the article or title and you’ll find it. Just keep searching and you’ll find it – and more.

Continue to educate and inform yourselves and those you supervise and work with regarding these new indicators, and apply what you’ve learned here in order to better “Fight Fire Aggressively While Providing for Safety First.”

And most of all, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not unto your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.”

Proverbs 3:5-6

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