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Source: Cutting Edge

WS BRIEF: US5762298: Use of artificial satellites in earth orbits adaptively to modify the effect that solar radiation would otherwise have on earth's weather", Inventor, Franklin Y.K. Chen, Northport, N.Y. 11768, Issued/Filed Date, June 9, 1998/June 7, 1995.


"A Satellite Weather Modification System (SWMS) uses earth satellites to harness solar energy to modify the thermodynamics and composition of the earth's atmosphere." Before we get too far into this discussion, let me remind you of the purpose of applying for, and receiving, a U.S. Patent. Once an inventor creates something brand new, and perfects it, he is going to want to prevent anyone else from copying him, thereby denying him the opportunity to derive the maximum monetary gain possible. The U.S. Patent system was created to protect the inventor from a copy-cat for a sufficient period of time that he can derive the maximum amount of monetary reward for his invention. Our legislators at the time of creating the U.S. Patent system logically believed that such a system would encourage innovation and risk-taking that would greatly benefit our society as a whole. I concur with this thinking.


However, the point I am trying to make is that an invention has to be proven and workable before the inventor seeks the protection of the U.S. Patent Office. The Patent Office, on the other hand, mightily endeavors to ensure that the "invention" is real, and can be duplicated by other scientists before they will issue the patent. Therefore, the fact that this patent was issued is positive, concrete proof that Weather Modification in this particular instance is workable. You will discover that the U.S. Patent Office has issued many different Weather Modification [Control] patents over the past 25 years. Thus, I believe that scientists in the know consider Weather Modification [Control] as a "hot" category into which the best and the brightest are encouraged to enter.

Now, let us return to our Weather Modification patent, above, using satellites.


"SWMS has three subsystems: (1) The first subsystem includes a network of earth satellites called Satellite Engines (SEs) used to reflect solar energy and/or transform solar energy into other forms of energy beams discharged at specified locations. The media at these locations and the media through which the energy beams pass absorb these energies and change them into heat."

(2) "The second subsystem includes a large network of Remote Sensing Devices (RSDs). These sensors are used to measure local media compositions, dynamic parameters and thermodynamic properties. Sensor measurements are fed back to the third subsystem, which includes a network of Ground Control Stations (GCSs)." We already have ground control stations already in place, called GWEN stations. GWEN towers were implicated in the massive 1993 flooding in the American Midwest.

(3) "GCSs provide energy beam guidance by estimating each beam's characteristics and its aim point trajectory as functions of time. Integration of these three subsystems establishes a sensor feedback energy beam guidance and control loop." [Color text emphasis added] I find the parallels between this system and HAARP to be uncanny. First, like HAARP, this system utilizes energy beams to effect weather control. Secondly, like HAARP, these energy beams can be aimed at a particular point on earth by determining the specific trajectory the beam must travel to get to the targeted location. Thirdly, like HAARP, this system can control the weather, at least in the areas specified below:


"SWMS's weather modification applications include alteration of precipitation, reclaiming of wasteland, reducing damage by bad weather, and improving environment. Its non-weather related applications include supplying concentrated energy to electricity generating stations (solar, wind and hydro), high latitude greenhouse farms, and solar powered airplanes." [Ibid.]

If you can alter precipitation, you can do so destructively, against an enemy. People like to make assumptions as to the benign utilization of technology, even though 20th Century history is full of instances where technology was first created, and then utilized so destructively as to kill tens of millions of people.

If you can reclaim wasteland, you can create wasteland.

If you can control storms so that they will not hit an area where "damage" might occur, then you have the capability to control storms so that they will hit a targeted area with the utmost of damage. [For example: the massive flooding in Venezuela that killed up to 50,000]

Supplying "concentrated energy" may sound like a wonderful application that would work to the benefit of mankind but it can also be used to destroy mightily. Energy beams have proven their effectiveness in destroying aircraft, missiles in flight, and people on the ground.

Finally, I am amazed at the non-specific language used in this application. The inventor says this system can "improve" the environment. What does that mean? The very rains and lightning that farmers in an area want so desperately might be despised by the city-dwellers. The Illuminati believes that Mother Earth is being so damaged by our Industrial Civilization that a great "improvement" would occur if two-thirds of mankind were abruptly "eliminated" and the Industrial Civilization destroyed. As Henry Kissinger said, "Yes, in the coming New Order, many people will die, but it will be a better place to live for those who do not die". Behind the seemingly benign nature of this Weather Modification Patent may lie terrible realities that would fulfill the Illuminist Plan.


This patent proves that Weather Modification {Control} is a scientific reality. Unfortunately, this technology is in the hands of Luciferians who are intent upon these draconian changes described in the previous paragraph. I then found it very interesting to see the related patents quoted in this patent approval. Let us examine some of them quickly and briefly.


1. "US3564253 System and Method for Irradiation of Planet Surface Areas", Inventor Arthur G. Buckingham, Westinghouse Electric Corporation, Issued/File Date, February 16, 1971/January 31, 1967.

"A system and method for generalized irradiation of relatively large surface areas of a planet, such as the earth, the moon, etc. for illumination, heating, weather control, etc., employing one or more planet-orbiting self-erecting planar-reflector satellites controlled in attitude and orbit position to reflect energy from the sun to a desired area on the planet's surface. " [Colored text emphasis added]

Did you notice the words, "weather control" in the granting of this weather modification system? As far back as 1967 , an inventor had created a method of irradiation of our planet for the purpose of weather control!! This method depended upon "planet-orbiting self erecting planar-reflector satellites" that would concentrate energy from the Sun to a specified spot on the planet! HAARP can also direct energy beams created by scientists to any spot on the earth!

This U.S. Patent demonstrates that Weather Control was being pursued as far back as 1967!


2. U.S. Patent US03220004 was listed as a related patent, with the issued date of November, 1965. However, the link to this patent was no good. I got the message that the details of this patent were not available. I wonder what it is that someone does not want to get out to the public?


3. Results for patents that reference US03220004 -- We find the following patents issued that make reference to this patent of November, 1965, and discover that most of them seem to have military application.  7 patents matched 1-7

Patent Issued Title US5990851 11/23/1999 Space deployable antenna structure tensioned by hinged spreader-standoff elements distributed around inflatable hoop US5345238 09/06/1994 Satellite signature suppression shield US5202689 04/13/1993 Lightweight focusing reflector for space US4166598 09/04/1979 Vehicle enshrouding apparatus US4166597 09/04/1979 Stowable and inflatable vehicle US4115775 09/19/1978 Deep penetrating forebody with tethered radar reflector US3564253 02/16/1971 SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR IRRADIATION OF PLANET SURFACE AREAS


4. "US3601312 Method of Increasing the Likelihood of Precipitation by the Artificial Introduction of Sea Water Vapor Into The Atmosphere Windward of An Air Lift Region", Inventor Orval R. Feather, Michigan, Issued/Filed Dates, April 24, 1971/April 28, 1969 .

Once again, we see the capability of changing the pattern of precipitation was perfected enough in 1969-1971 as to warrant a U.S. Patent. This patent consisted of injecting significant amounts of sea water far enough up into the atmosphere as to produce rain. I bet you never heard the weatherman talking about this issue, have you? Weathermen typically still act as though every storm, every weather system, and certainly every violent storm is an "act of God", totally random and totally out of man's control.


5. "US3608810 Methods of Treating Atmospheric Conditions", Inventor Eugene K. Kooser, Houston, TX, Issued/File Dates, September 28, 1971/December 5, 1968."

This patent protects the capability for either making fog conditions or dispersing fog conditions. Once again, military application is obvious. But also once again, not one American in a million ever considered fog to be a weather condition that can be controlled and/or created.


6. "US3613992 Weather Modification Method, Inventor Robert G. Knollenberg, on behalf of the United States of America as represented by the Director of the National Science Foundation, Issued/File Dates, October 19, 1971/March 25, 1966."

In 1966, the technology to produce rain and snow by seeding clouds was enough perfected to apply for a patent. Most of the information I have heard about seeding clouds is that this technique has proven unreliable. However, that is not the point here; the point is that the U.S. Government was highly interested in the subject of weather control back in 1966, and was taking concrete steps to improve its control.


7. "US3802971 Pyrotechnic Formulations For Weather Modification Comprising A Mixture of Iodates", Invented by five (5) scientists from China Lake, California, with the applicant listed as the United States Government on Behalf of the U.S. Navy. Issued Date/Filed Date: April 9, 1974/October 10, 1968.

This application of weather modification is clearly for our military. But, again, notice that we were controlling the weather to some degree back in 1968. I remember Senator Claiborne Pell, boldly stating in the Providence Journal Bulletin back in 1975 that the militaries of the major nations of the world could control the weather so completely as to be able to use weather as a military weapon. Pell began to proclaim that a United Nations' treaty was needed to outlaw such activities, and a few years later just such a treaty was enacted [Read NEWS1196 and NEWS1197, NEWS1198, and NEWS1199 for full details].

But, then Pell made a very bold statement, that the U.S. military had used Weather Modification as Weaponry during the Vietnam War!

Despite the denials of government officials, the evidence is pervasive, wide-ranging, and overwhelming that scientists can -- and do -- control the weather, using it as weaponry. There are many more patents that have been issued on Weather Control, and many related links off that. Rather than try to list them all, you can just go to to view the other many patents. Remember, a patent deals with that which is perfected and workable.


Patents do not deal with theoretical science or any kind of speculation. The capabilities described within these patents for Weather Control are real science.

Further, my experience in U.S. Military Intelligence has taught me the principle that, once the government admits a new technology, you can safely assume two things: 1). Our government has had this technology for at least 20 years; and 2) Government technology in the area in question has risen so far above the admitted technology that authorities feel safe in admitting this "new" technology.



A United States' Air Force site speaks boldly about using Weather Modification as part of their futuristic war making capabilities. Even though these Air Force officers speak of having this capability in 2025, I can guarantee you that for these men to speak of this capability at all, we have it now, not in 2025. Listen to these men speaking of our Weather Modification, noting that this report was created in 1996:

"By 2025, we envision that weather prediction models, in general, and mesoscale weather-modification models, in particular, will be able to emulate all-weather producing variables, along with their interrelated dynamics, and prove to be highly accurate in stringent measurement trials against empirical data. The brains of these models will be advanced software and hardware capabilities which can rapidly ingest trillions of environmental data points, merge them into usable data bases, process the data through the weather prediction models, and disseminate the weather information over the GWN in near-real-time." System Description

This site then depicts a piece of clip art taken from Microsoft's Clip Art Gallery to depict how this Weather Modification works. Highly sophisticated computers guide equally sophisticated satellites orbiting the earth. This combination system will be able to pinpoint any place on earth to receive exactly the kind of weather our military scientists want them to receive. This representation also accurately parallels the capabilities of Tesla's earthquake-producing energy beam system.




NEWS BRIEF: "WEATHER AS A WEAPON? Manipulating the Weather: A war of winds and lightening in the future? Researchers say it would be an asset no military power can afford to be without", by Michelle Norris,, Feb. 17, 2000, C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\ABCNEWS_com Can the weather be used as a weapon.htm.

"In one scene from the movie Patton, the general demands of his military chaplain. I want a prayer & a weather prayer. Let's see if we can't get God working with us on this thing.. We now live in an age of such advanced technology, that rather than just praying for the weather, it may one day be possible to control it. Consider what might happen on some battlefield of the future where the U.S. military could gain a tactical advantage by changing the weather. There are several ways they might try to do that. One way would be to create rain that turns battlefields into mudbaths in order to immobilize enemy troops and enemies. Another is by triggering lightning storms over airfields to keep hostile aircraft on the ground. Yet another possibility would be to burn through a heavy fog by firing lasers to give U.S. fighter pilots a better view of enemy targets. An Air Force research paper called . Owning the Weather in 2025. predicts that weather modification could reshape battlefields. "

This article then goes on to report that the U.N. Treaty against Weather Modification For Hostile Purposes -- passed in 1977 and signed by the United States -- prohibits such use of the weather. [Read NEWS1196, "U.N. Treaty Proves Weather Control Is Real" for full details]. However, you can disregard this little piece of propaganda, because this U.N. treaty has a loophole large enough to drive a Mack Truck through! It does NOT prohibit civilian scientists from using this technology on their own people, or on people with whom they are not at war! Thus, the huge HAARP field in Alaska is nominally under the control of the University of Alaska, and the scientists are supposed to be civilian.

This article then concludes by talking about trying to control the weather by cloud seeding, a technology so out-of-date it is never used anymore. However, bringing to the attention of the reader technology that is so obsolete, the writers divert our attention from the real technology being used, i.e., the old shell-hiding game.




"Nikola Tesla said, in June, 1900, 'The time is very near when we shall have the precipitation of the moisture of the atmosphere under complete control...' If you have ever read a biography of the great genius, you'll know he wasn't joking." [This quote, and the others below, taken from "Sightings", C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\weather.htm] Notice that Tesla predicted, in 1900, that scientists would have the rain-making functions of the weather under "complete control"!

"Have you noticed how itıs not raining much again; how most of the weather fronts that have managed to come through this season have been dissipated and broken up? Have you noticed the occasional weird cloud shapes that appear with the few fronts that do manage to pass by? And how the jet stream has been forced North again? How high pressure ridges continue to dominate the Southwest?"

"Some say the rain is being turned on (last year) and off (during the preceding 7-year drought and again this season) by an irritated and vengeful God. In reality, however, it is Man who is playing God and doing the dirty work. None of this is illusory or accidental, for there is powerful and compelling evidence that the bizarre weather patterns of recent years have been - to a very large degree - engineered, controlled, and influenced by both the Russian and American governments. To those of you familiar with the work of the super mind of Nikola Tesla, the following will not come as much of a surprise." Notice that this above quote from Tesla about controlling the precipitation was uttered in 1900! We have come a long [secret] way since then!


"On the Fourth of July, 1976, the former Soviet Union began broadcasting huge, pulsed electromagnetic fields from three gigantic 40-million watt transmitters which beamed those signals halfway around the world to the U.S. This electronic assault disrupted and jammed radio and television broadcast signals, enraged the FCC, and irritated ham radio operators, who quickly dubbed the signals 'The Russian Woodpecker,' because of their pulsed cadence. To date, the Russians have completed nearly 30 of the huge transmitters which emit signals primarily in the very dangerous 10-Hertz range, otherwise known as Extreme Low Frequency (ELF). The technology is based on the brilliant work of the peerless electrical genius, Nikola Tesla."

"These 'Tesla' transmitters create massive 'standing' ELF waves that form major high pressure 'blocking systems' that change the normal high altitude jet stream pattern, force it to the north, and actually retard the normal flow patterns of incoming weather systems. Ever notice the television weather satellite pictures showing the jet stream pushed north and a big stationary high pressure blocking nearly every major rain system that approaches the southern half of California? ...


Regarding the 7-year drought, which appears to be rearing its arid head again, the 1/13/93 edition of Discovery Magazine stated:

'Scientists would be happy if they learned one thing from this (seven year) drought: What causes the massive high pressure system to build up just off the California coast and stay there, like a double-parked delivery truck in rush-hour traffic, pushing storms to the north?'"

Odd things were also being reported back in the winters of the early 1980's:


1. "A ridge of high pressure has hovered nearly 800 miles off the California Coast for the past two months, blocking the usual flow of moist air from the Pacific. [Time, 1/1981]


2. "For the past four months, a single weather pattern...causing the drought is one of the most unusual national patterns ever recorded...such long lasting (high pressure) centers were unheard of until 1977 (when the Soviets began the ELF 'Woodpecker' transmissions --ed.)

"Last summer's Midwest flooding was probably no accident, either. 'An unusual shift in the jet stream, acting as a barrier (is causing the floods)... --Newsweek 7/26/93

"The stagnant high pressure zone acted like a barrier, preventing the normal flow of weather patterns from west to east..." -- New York Times 7/29/93

"It is extremely unusual for weather patterns to persist for so many weeks. The reasons for the weather patterns to become fixed...are unclear." Storm, The World Weather Magazine 9/93


"Exactly one year after the 'birth' of the Russian Woodpecker, July 4, 1978, the U.S. Government conducted its own ELF weather experiment which created an enormous downpour of rain over six counties of northern Wisconsin. This ELF-generated storm generated winds of 157 mph and caused $50 million in damage, leveling Phillips, Wisconsin, and destroying 350,000 hectares of forest."

"The first published alarm about Soviet weather control warfare came from Dr. Andrew Michrowski of PACE (Planetary Association for Clean Energy). In a published paper in 1978, Dr. Michrowski described how he had placed monitoring stations all across Canada and determined that "the Soviets managed to establish relatively stable and localized ELF fields (over North America) which were able to hamper or divert the jet stream flow in the Northern Hemisphere."

"Several years later, Michrowski stated in a PACE Newsletter (Vol.4, #4): ELF fields...propagate vertically to the ground, creating 'standing waves'...that can redistribute energy and momentum in (atmosphere) through cumulus convection. It has been consistently noted that variance of the (Soviet) ELF transmissions leads to a subsequent change in the route of the jet stream flow in the Northern Hemisphere within 72 hours."

"The 2/81 PACE Newsletter reported that the Soviets turned off their ELF Woodpecker signal for a brief period in 1980: "During the two-week lull, the Northern Hemisphere's jet stream was NORMAL... ...with the return of the Soviet ELF transmissions, the jet stream was deflected (again) by a persistent (high) pressure ridge extending from the Yukon to Arizona."


The evidence is now nearly overwhelming that both American and Russian governments can control the weather. As part of our Weather Control and Weather Warfare series, we have even reported many news articles, appearing in reputable papers, since the early 1970's, reporting that scientists can control the weather. It is amazing to me that the average American still has not awakened to this reality.


But, this Tesla technology can also create killer earthquakes, volcanoes, tornadoes, and any other type storm they want to, and direct it any place they want to, at any time they desire.


The Illuminati has to feel extremely confident now. They must feel like they are truly in control of the world. Now, they are working to use this HAARP technology to control the minds of people, even to the point they can place actual thoughts into the minds of an entire population. The time is soon coming when people of an entire population will suddenly receive the thought to turn in all weapons, for example.


Truly, Scripture is prophetic when it says that, at the End of the Age, "power was given" to the forces of Antichrist [Revelation 6:4-8]. This word, 'given', literally means 'granted to", or the capability to do something was granted to Antichrist. The time has come when God has allowed Satan to reveal secrets like Weather Control to the Illuminati, and only the most terrible results can flow.


These Illuminists who now control our weather and our storms are the very ones who want to reduce our global population by 4 billion people, who want to forcibly move people into designated areas inland, and who want to bring down our Industrial Civilization. Now that you know this fact, storms that batter like the Venezuelan coast that killed up to 50,000 people, at least could have been prevented by this technology, and at most was deliberately created to further the plans of the Illuminati. We find it highly instructive that the Venezuelan president has just informed the survivors that they are going to be forcibly removed inland, exactly in accordance with the Illuminati Plan.

Finally, we find it highly instructive that this terrible storm fell exactly on the Eastern-most line of the hemispheric Hexagram [Read NEWS1350 and NEWS1351 for full details]