Geoengineers deny having deployed aerosol programs for years, however, they propose spraying 10-20 million tons of aluminum oxide and other toxic chemicals into our sky as stated in numerous geoengineering patents.  Furthermore, lab tests have disclosed extremely high levels of these metals in ground, water, rain and atmospheric tests around the world.  Blood and urine tests also reveal alarming levels of aluminum, barium, strontium, cadmium and other chemicals known to cause cancer, Alzheimers, asthma, heart, kidney and liver damage, increased blood pressure, brittle bones, severe lung, spleen and intestinal diseases, skin disorders, mental confusion, blurry vision, extreme hair loss, etc.  No purpose justifies these consequences.






Geoengineers boldly state, “Geoengineering changes in the environment could lead not only to ‘winners and loser’ but even to conflicts over resources and the potential for migration and  instability...” WHAT?  Then perhaps they need to get out of the business of weather control.


Extreme drought from spraying mega tons of aluminum in our atmosphere is a result of a failed program.


 Public servants and media have kept silent, labeling those who expose geoengineering "conspiracy theorists."  Once this program is made legal, it will be interesting to see how they will spin it.  Atrocities throughout history would never have happened if people hadn't kept silent. 


County ordinances to stop this program have been initiated due to increased public awareness.















      The only thing needed for evil to triumph

       is for good men to do nothing.     Edmund Burke