by Christopher Story

An indication of their endemic carelessness and stupidity, on a global scale, was afforded by the ignominious collapse of the Copenhagen ‘process’ – another, and even more ominous, global cover for intended Fraudulent Finance operations of gargantuan proportions.

That ‘collapse’ can be linked DIRECTLY to the obtuse determination of criminal operatives ‘working for’ the US Secretary of State, Mrs Hillary Clinton (Queen Melusina), a senior CIA operative with a notorious background and reputation.

Specifically, we learned on 18th December that four of Mrs Clinton’s senior personal aides had been arrested on 17th December and were accused of wire fraud, a felony which, on conviction, entitles the recipient to 20 years in jail. These operatives had been surreptitiously moving money, on the direct instructions of Mrs Clinton who, as Secretary of State, is in charge of ‘international economic development’. (Whether Jezebel has received the ‘Geithner treatment’ is not yet known).

Whereupon the Copenhagen conference effectively collapsed.

Reports from the colossal army of media reporters in Copenhagen painted a picture of total chaos, anger, disaffection, strife and confusion – precisely what is to be expected with every dimension of the World Revolution, a.k.a. The New Underworld Order, which is built on a foundation of deception and lies. Since Satan is the author of confusion and lies, all these endeavours are destined to fail in various ways, usually collapsing from within.


There is no need to waste time and space elaborating the nexus of deceit and lies underlying this colossal failed initiative (although it is not dead yet). But in passing, we can take note of the many graphic descriptions of the shambles which predictably overwhelmed this shambolic globalist One World deception operation. The fact that such a massive [see below] UN globalist revolutionary operation collapsed in chaotic ignominy, somewhat like the shambles at Brown’s G-20 meeting in London last April, is not the main point we intend to make here: but we must cite, for the record, the representative impressions of a Financial Times journalist of that pathetic, doomed event:

‘For an event billed by some as the most important international summit since the Second World War, it was an uninspiring location. The Bella Centre, a cavernous convention hall set amid the windswept wastelands on the outskirts of Copenhagen, is typically used for trade fairs rather than high-stakes diplomacy’.

‘Among the events scheduled for the next two months: an interior design show and conventions dedicated to golf, camping and Lego. The charm-free venue helped feed the fractious atmosphere as delegates were trapped for hours on end in windowless rooms'.

'Tight security added to the tension, with road blocks surrounding the site, and airport-style screening before entering the building’.

‘The roads leading to the Bella center were illuminated with red flashing lights on lampposts to illustrate the level to which sea water might well rise if nothing is done to tackle climate change’ – notwithstanding, of course, that the climate in this world always changes, while it has been getting progressively colder since average temperatures peaked some years ago. ‘It was tempting to think that, in this austere corner of Copenhagen, it would not be such a loss’.

‘It did not help that the Danish hosts had accredited 45,000 people for the conference, when the Bella Centre has a capacity for just a third of that number. The result was agonisingly long queues for registration on peak arrival days, with thousands of people forced to wait outside for hours in freezing temperatures’.

‘Once inside, delegates were faced with overcrowded corridors and more queues for food and drink, with catering staff as frazzled as the negotiators. The periodic demonstrations and “street theatre” by activists from the many non-governmental groups allowed into the building tended to grate rather than inspire’.

‘In the media room, thousands of journalists sat in front of laptops at desks covering a space the size of a football pitch. Never can so many from many countries have gathered in one place…’.

‘With no access to the negotiating rooms, only the best-connected journalists had a clear sense of what was going on. The rest had to make do with occasional gloomy press conferences held by key countries to blame others for the lack of progress’.

‘In the corridors, people rushed around purposefully talking into mobile phones, the atmosphere becoming more intense and harried with each passing day'.

'Only a fraction, however, were real players in negotiations. The rest were hangers-on, such as business leaders burnishing their green credentials, the NGO lobbyists and an army of spin doctors helping to feed the information-starved press’(3).


This is quite enough of a word picture to illustrate the following laws:

All initiatives of the World Revolution globalists represent attempts to achieve deliberately unachievable objectives.

All such initiatives are mobilised in pursuit of agendas that are hidden from the public, and therefore represent deception operations.

The foolish journalists, the second-rate businessmen and industrialists idiotically burnishing their ‘green credentials', the paid spin doctors spieling lies, acronyms and gobbldegook newspeak to gullible journalists, the amoral and cynical lobbyists, the organised street demonstrators and the brainwashed ‘street theatre’ agitators, and the frazzled officials trying to sustain the non-existent credibility of the lies and frauds that they had been called upon to institutionalise, were in fact all engaged in one gigantic fraud and deception.

This was arguably the most cynically ambitious operation of the World Revolution since the criminal operative Mikhail Gorbachëv, who had sat on his backside for three weeks to observe the public relations fallout from the deliberate sabotaging in 1986 of the Soviet Chernobyl nuclear reactor over which he presided in order to inject the revolutionary ‘green agenda’ with 'irrefutable global significance', subsequently pronounced that environmentalism had gained the World Revolution more traction in just a few years, than 72 years of revolutionary (overt) Communism.

So what was the underlying purpose of this massive cooperative intelligence operation?


To understand its underlying purpose we must first recall that Western populations have been under massive Psychological Operations (Psy-Ops) assault from the orchestrated and controlled World Revolution environmentalist lobby for over two decades.

In response to this mass brainwashing, people have been hoodwinked into taking ‘personal’ measures to ‘save the planet’, such as driving hybrid cars, buying products carrying labels promulgating some dimension or other of the fraudulent environmentalist propaganda, and generally behaving as though ‘the planet’ (a key-word) is doomed – which is absolute tosh.

Biblically, we were told to worship the Lord and multiply ‘as the sand that is on the sea shore’.

Just as the human population, numbered in the millions, of two thousand years ago, breathed air, so do Earth’s seven billion people today. If there was a problem, this would hardly be the case. The fact that seven billion people, rather than a hundred or so million, are breathing, serves as proxy for indicating that the Earth’s resources, in the aggregate, are indeed limitless – and that Earth was designed specifically to host a population of multiple billions.

There is no overall objective truth to any of the subversive and cynically oriented environmentalist 'green’ propaganda inculcated into gullible brains for the past 2+ decades.


For instance, temperature measurements made from weather balloons and satellites since the late 1950s show no atmospheric warming since 1958.

Averaged ground-based thermometers have recorded warming of about 0.40C over the same period – an effect thought to be biased by the Urban Heat Island effect and other artefacts. No unambiguous human global warming signal has been identified, even though some $50.0 million has been spent since 1990 looking for it. Without the greenhouse effect, Earth would be so far below deep freezing that no life could survive. On both annual and geological (viz., up to 100,000 year) timescales, changes in atmospheric temperature precede changes in CO2. Carbon dioxide is a minor greenhouse gas, so it cannot be a primary forcing agent for temperature increase.

The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the main revolutionary scaremonger driving this fraudulent operation, is a political (World Revolution), not a scientific body. Some open information about the immense corruption with which this revolutionary entity is associated, and the damage it is inflicting on Western infrastructure thanks to the extreme mind-controlled stupidity of brainwashed, self-interested elements within the international financial and industrial communities, is appended as Note 4 below (4) .

The retired Director of Research at the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute, Dr Hendrik Tennekes, has stated that ‘the IPCC review process is fatally flawed’. The Russian Academy of Sciences has stated that the Kyoto Protocol has no scientific basis. Indeed, ironically, Mr Andre Illarianov, a prominent Kremlin adviser, has stated that ‘Kyoto-ism’ is ‘one of the most aggressive, intrusive, and destructive ideologies since the collapse of Communism and Fascism’ (even though Gorbachëv presided over its launch in the 1980s).

Finally, for our purposes here, climate change is a non-linear (that is, a chaotic) process, some elements of which are not understood at all. Therefore no deterministic computer model can ever make accurate predictions of climate a century or more into the future (5) . We could get much more technical, as others have done: but the point is adequately made.


It is reinforced by the laughable drivel that has been written supporting this colossal false revolutionary propaganda and mass mind-control operation. As another source has helpfully pointed out, crass articles devoid of reliable intellectual content, designed to scare gullible people with scant or zero knowledge of Scripture into fearing that life on earth is doomed ‘unless we do something’, have included the following:

Climate change pushes poor women to prostitution.

Eating kangaroos could help fight against global warming: scientist.

UN says eat less meat to curb global warming.

EU to ban inefficient fridges and TVs in global warming battle.

UN Chief: Global warming caused Darfur genocide.

Schwarzenegger set to ban ‘energy-guzzling’ big screen TVs.

Global warming is as dangerous as war.

Ted Turner: Global warming could lead to cannibalism.

Enhanced ‘greenhouse effect’ causes global warming.

Climate changes causes birds to lay eggs early.

‘Contraception cheapest way to combat climate change’.

Limit families to two children ‘to combat climate change’.

Global warming pushes polar bears to cannibalism.

Gore calls Myanmar cyclone a ‘consequence’ of global warming.

John Kerry: We can’t ignore the security threat from climate change.

Global warming to fuel rise in asthma, malaria.

Now the Pentagon tells Bush climate change will destroy us.

Fat people cause global warming.

Scientists: Humans ‘very likely’ cause global warming.

Global warming could increase terrorism, official says.

ABC website tells kids when they should die.

Climate change causes health concerns.

Global warming causes 300,000 deaths a year, says Kofi Annan thinktank.

Climate change causes 315,000 deaths a year: report.

Climate change ‘causes conflict’.

Global warming causes extinction.

Global warming skeptics are like Holocaust deniers.

Al Gore: Climate change more dire than terrorism.

Bill Clinton: Global warming bigger threat than terrorism (6) .

With one of the world’s leading financial terrorists and murderers, William Jefferson Rockefeller Clinton, telling us that global warming is a bigger threat than he is, one can be certain that Clinton, like his ‘CIA wife’, has had a vested interest in the outcome of the colossal revolutionary Climate Change agitation and propaganda operation. And indeed, this is precisely the case: he is involved in a lucrative related project on the Indo-Pakistan border, among other 'Climate Change' schemes.


Given that this operation took over two decades to ‘build’ – until the point had been reached at which the revolutionary reorganisers of the world thought that ‘public opinion’ (according to their controlled opinion polling operations) could be relied upon to ‘insist upon’ and to ‘lock down’ a global ‘Climate Change’ agreement – it was manifestly regarded as a top priority operation by the manipulators. Finally, so confident were they of achieving their objectives, entailing a 'Great Leap Forward' that they took the immense risk of attempting to dragoon 192 squabbling countries into reaching a ‘common position’ which could be formalised into a GLOBAL ACCORD – ANY accord.

And that’s the point.

As far as the World Revolution was concerned, it would be neither here nor there what accord Copenhagen produced, as long as a global agreement was delivered. Why did they ‘need’ a global agreement, ANY AGREEMENT, signed off by the whole world?

Because what was recklessly sought here was a document signed by 192 countries, backed by manipulated and brainwashed ‘global public opinion’ which, the planners gauged, would thereafter be embued with an aura of infallibility and sanctity.

The object of the exercise was nothing less than to procure a 'Climate Change' accord to which the representatives of 192 nations had appended their signatures – A GLOBAL AGREEMENT which no-one could thereafter dispute, so that anyone who remained so foolish as to QUESTION the wisdom of the representatives of 192 countries, could be discredited as mentally defective.

After all if the whole world had signed up to the accord, how could it POSSIBLY be suspect?

Furthermore, the new, infallible, monumental global accord would be of such stature that it would ‘serve humanity’ for the next half century. It would be billed as having 'saved' us all, too.


WHY the ‘need’ for such an agreement – ANY agreement, so long as it was truly GLOBAL? Because the Climate Change agenda is a cynical cover ‘line’, an elaborate ruse designed to hoodwink the gullible ‘mainstream’ media and the masses.

Behind this cover smokescreen, sanctified by the WHOLE OF HUMANITY, the organised criminal financiers had intended to maximise the potential for wholly Fraudulent Finance operations (e.g. trading ‘carbon credits’, later 'carbon dollars'), for their own enrichment and in further pursuit of their mad and failing, but ongoing, revolutionary agenda to generate funds with which to acquire and redeploy the real assets of the whole world.

When it was discovered that global warming was not in fact ‘happening’, and the science didn't support the underlying deception, the master slogan had been hurriedly switched to ‘Climate Change’ – an idiotic public relations error, as the climate always changes.

This slip by itself illustrates the fraudulent nature of this discredited World Revolution initiative, which has almost (but not quite) collapsed in total disarray.

And the reason it all but collapsed was that four personal aides working for Mrs Clinton were arrested for wire fraud, in a perfectly timed operation – as they were engaged in switching funds from the Settlements in order to finance the Copenhagen ‘infrastructure’.

All of a sudden, the stolen or diverted funds upon which the intended infrastructure would depend, were not forthcoming; while the four aides were arrested for wire fraud.

The conference collapsed IMMEDIATELY. The arrests for wire fraud CUT OFF THE FUNDING that was to have been diverted and stolen. In other words, the 'first' transactions that were to have been covered by the lusted-after accord, were INTERCEPTED.

So the whole charade just imploded.


The consequence was that Führerin Merkel – the former Secretary of the Agitation and Propaganda Department of the Communist Yugend organisation at Karl-Marx University in East Berlin – plus Mr Gordon Brown, President Sarkozy, President Barack Obama, Sr. José Manuel Barroso, the Swedish Prime Minister, and lesser mortals, were pictured in the papers sitting round like grizzled students in a huddle in a pub, arguing with each other – with Merkel doing most of the talking, it seemed, as she struggled to prevent the collapse of Ackermann’s derivatives-crammed Deutsche Bank.

With the intended protection money racket based on fear that ‘the planet’ will overheat, having collapsed in the presence of the whole world’s ‘mainstream’ media round their cloth-ears – and camouflaged scope for surreptitious money-movement operations stretching out for half a century ahead having consequently disintegrated before their greedy eyes – the stupid participants in this criminal gathering were left arguing pointlessly amongst themselves and in front of the media, over the latest mess and gross public relations disaster that they had precipitated, in conformity with their endless propensity to engage in subterfuge for ulterior internationalist motives hidden from the general public, instead of getting on with the jobs that they were elected to perform.


For, rather than attending to the requirements and priorities of their electorates, these World Revolutionary so-called leaders – each of whom dances to the internationalist agenda rather than to the demands of the people who placed them in power – are all negligently fiddling around with discredited, collapsing, disintegrating globalist operations, which are in various stages of terminal decay and decline – the European Union Collective being no exception.

And because these disreputable characters are integrated with these operations, they can’t even see that that they are falling apart before their clouded eyes. One must never underestimate the propensity for such cynical false ideologues to deceive themselves, even as they practice double-mindedness and deception of others, as a matter of course.

 Source: http://www.worldreports.org/news/255official_money_saboteurs__economic_terrorists