The UCS Global Warming Scam

      And Appropriate Comments

Union of Concerned Scientists

Which kind of scientists? How many of them are members of the UCS? Intriguing questions. Just try to ask them to provide a list of names, positions, and academic background and see what happens. No response. The members of the UCS, in the overwhelming majority, are common, lay and ignorant people that provides $5.00 and up to the UCS fat wallet. The authority of their opinions is based on their money power. Money talks. . . and when it does, the Truth shuts up.

global warming

Global warming is real and underway (They must be kidding!)

Take Action on the McCain Lieberman Global Warming Bill !

The mainstream scientific consensus on global warming is becoming clearer every day: changes in our climate are real and they are underway. Now. But we can do something about it. The evidence that human-induced global warming is real is increasingly clear and compelling.

Actually, it is not clear nor compelling. It is a tragic fake. The "scientific consensus" does not exists. The "evidence" claimed by the IPCC has been shown false and based solely on "computer simulations". Virtual worlds. Kids video games are far more real.

·         Since the late 19th century, the mean surface temperature of the earth has increased by about 1º F (0.3-0.6°Celsius).

So what? No wonder this happened since the sun's activity had increased in the same period. And the sun is the overwhelming source of energy our planet Earth gets…

·         Over the last 40 years, which is the period with most reliable data, the temperature increased by about 0.5 º F (0.2-0.3°Celsius).

Reliable data? Since when temperature taken from ground stations is “reliable”? They suffer from the “heat island effect” that offsets the readings upwards, giving unrealistic values. Satellite and radio sonde-baloon measurements show a distinct cooling trend since 1979. Go and check here.

·         Warming in the 20th century is greater than at any time during the past 400-600 years.

Again, no wonder, since Earth was recovering from the Little Ice Age that started about 1300 AD and lasted until about 1865. The solar activity is to blame here. But don't worry: by 2030 the Gleissberg solar minimum, similar to the Maunder and Spoerer minima of the Little Ice Age will set the Earth into a new Little ice Age. It's going to be really cooooolSee here, (and check here)

·         Seven of the ten warmest years in the 20th century occurred in the 1990s, and 1998, with global temperatures spiking due to one of the strongest El Niños on record, was the hottest year since reliable instrumental temperature measurements began.

Once again, the solar activity is to blame for the El Niños/ENSO events. The solar activity had a double high peak around 2000, that set the high temperatures and triggered the El Niño and La Niña. The solar activity is decreasing and Earth will plunge into another Little Ice Age.
In addition, changes in the natural environment support the evidence from temperature records:

·         mountain glaciers the world over are receding;

Are you serious? The World Glacier Monitoring Association says otherwise. 75% of the world's glaciers are advancing.

·         the Arctic ice pack has lost about 40% of its thickness over the past four decades;

As arctic air and water temperatures have not increased, the decrease of thickness is due to special windy conditions on the
Arctic. See here: No ice decrease, and especially Annals of Glaciology.

·         the global sea level is rising about three times faster over the past 100 years compared to the previous 3,000 years; and

Why do you insist in lying in such a shameless way? There have been no sea level increase at all!   Read this: No sea level rise.

·         there are a growing number of studies that show plants and animals changing their range and behavior in response to shifts in climate.

Climate has not changed due to temperature, so there are no change in animal behavior – except the early departure of swallows from the southern hemisphere in their trip north - from the city of Goya, Corrientes, Argentina, to San José de Capistrano, California, due the cooler and shorter summers in the Southern Hemisphere. Warming? Where?


Causing serious disruptions to our environment and lives . . .

As the Earth continues to warm, there is a growing risk that the climate will change in ways that will seriously disrupt our lives.

As we are still 2°C below the average temperature of the Medieval Warm Period, or Climatic Optimum, as scientists call it, (800 AD to 1250 AD) what we can expect from a 2°C rising is better conditions for agriculture and every human known activity.

While on average the globe will get warmer and receive more precipitation, individual regions will experience different climatic changes and environmental impacts. Among the most severe consequences of global warming are:


·         a faster rise in sea level,

No way: increased temperature means increased evaporation and increased cloudiness, taking more water from the seas. We could even experience a descent of sea levels!

·         more heat waves and droughts, resulting in more and more conflicts for water resources;

No way. Increased cloudiness means more rains. More rains means more available fresh water everywhere.

·         more extreme weather events, producing floods and property destruction; and

Actually, since the 0.5°C increase started, the number of extreme weather events as hurricanes and tornadoes have diminished. Check the statistics.

·         a greater potential for heat-related illnesses and deaths as well as the wider spread of infectious diseases carried by insects and rodents into areas previously free from them.

Leaving aside sanitary conditions arising from poverty, why are there not more infectious diseases in tropical areas than in temperate ones? The major vectors for really bad diseases are mosquitoes –and they are found even in the Canadian and Siberian tundra, so warmer doestn't mean more insects or pests. Rodents carry lice and fleas, responsible for many plagues as typhus, bubonic plague, etc, that can be controlled by means of DDT, the safest and most effective insecticide ever developed by man. Allow better sanitary conditions for the developing countries and we'll get rid of most plagues and diseases.


If climatic trends continue unabated, global warming will threaten our health, our cities, our farms and forests, beaches and wetlands, and other natural habitats.

Trends never stay steady for long times. If the growing trend for a baby kept steady we'd get a 21-foot teenager... The present climatic trend is towards cooling, and the effects of the severe cooling predicted for 2030 is far worse than a 2°C increase that we pray God to get. We can't do anything to “abate” the warming trend (even if there was one) because the Sun is driving the climatic trend, not we – you like it or not.

We can take action to reduce the threat     (Unfortunately we can't)

Fortunately, we can take action to slow global warming. Global warming results primarily from human activities that release heat-trapping gases and particles into the air. Again, human influence on the climate is nil. Sun's energy mandates everything.

The most important causes include the burning of fossil fuels such as coal, gas, and oil, and deforestation. The most important source of greenhouse gases is Mother Nature, and there is nothing we could do about it.

To reduce the emission of heat-trapping gases like carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxides, we can curb our consumption of fossil fuels, use technologies that reduce the amount of emissions wherever possible, and protect the world's forests. Those activities wouldn't have the slightest effect on the warming or cooling trends. They would only contribute to heavy economic losses in all countries in the world – but will make a nice profit for the “global warming pushers.”

We can also do things to mitigate the impacts of global warming and adapt to those most likely to occur, e.g., through careful long-term planning and other strategies that reduce our vulnerability to global warming. Once more, there is nothing we could do to mitigate the impact of any climate change, even warmer or cooler. What we could do is start a new and powerful nuclear energy plan for producing the energy we'll need for keeping us warm in the terrible winters ahead – like the last one happened in the Northern Hemisphere. If the planet has warmed as they claim, then why this last winter set records on sub zero days on a row, and absolute low temperatures? Yes, I know: put the blame on Global Warming.

Be part of the solution

Clearly, global warming is a huge problem. It will take everyone -- governments, industry, communities and individuals working together to make a real difference.

Actually, the real huge problem will be COOLING. And our hugest problem is not the climate but the way the Greens are stopping development all over the world and sending poor countries to misery. You can be part of the problem if you keep listening to them. Stop that and you'll be part of the solution.

At UCS, we're working to bring sound scientific information to policymakers and the public to educate them about global warming, its impacts, and about available practical solutions. We're raising awareness of the need for action and working to create Congressional support for ratification of the
Kyoto climate treaty.

They are working to bring the biggest amount of cash to their wallets. They are pushing a political agenda designed to impose the Global governance by the “chosen”: the
US and Great Britain Establishments and their wealthy corporations. Part of that plan was the invasion of Iraq. Don't let them fool you!

But we don't stop there. We're also advocating policies that will combat global warming over the long term. Things like clean cars that run on alternative fuels, environmentally responsible renewable energy technologies, and stopping the clear-cutting of valuable forests. These are solutions that will help to reduce global warming, and you can be part of them.

The policies they advocate will have no effect on warming or cooling. It has been proven beyond any doubt. It will only increase the power of the industrial corporations and the financial institutions that make a most horrible team. As said, you can be part of the solution, or part of the problem, depending if you recognize which is the problem affecting the nations of the Earth: inexistent catastrophic global warming or the quite really catastrophic power of multinational industrial and financial corporations and their well funded accomplices like the unscientific UCS.