THURSDAY MAY 15th, 2008


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PHOENIX Az...8:00am Thursday May 15,2008
The NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE calls for "possible sunshine" again...
I think we all know what that means in the 5th driest....
3rd sunniest city in the country.
According to NOAA (National Oceanic & Atmospheric Association)....
Technical Memorandum NWS WR-177, first printed in 1969,
last revision in 1996....
Phoenix receives 301 days of sunshine annually,
and "all our statistics from each month indicated a strong downward trend...
"in the relative humidity levels."
To me,low humidity and 86% sunshine annually should mean less cloudy days.
Then there's that new forecast expression "possible sunshine".
Please think about how absurd the expression "possible sunshine" is..
when you are referring to the Sonoran Desert.
Thursday May 15th 2008. Average relative humidity is 26%.
Please consider how ludicrous the concept of cloud formation is...
at "average" 26% humidity.
So they say these are clouds.
What's with the lines?
No discussion of contrails please,
those are for bullies.
Every indication is that this is normal for the desert.
Phoenix Az, how many times in the last year...
have you heard the local weatherman say...
"false radar readings,"
"possible high clouds,"
and "blowing particulate matter."?
Thursday May 15, I now consider to be....
an average day for Phoenix skies.
If you look in one direction at 10:00am, you see this...
If you look in another direction at 10:am May 15th, you see this.
It doesn't stop nagging at me...
that what I see...
is not reality.
According to the National Weather Service...
the relative humidity when these photos were taken at 3:00pm was 9%.
Now there's one for the "Cloud Appreciation Society".
So when I look down the street and see this horizon at 3:00pm...
I don't understand how I can also be seeing this at 9% humidity.
So "Chicken Little", I say to you,
"If the sky isn't falling, what exactly is it doing?"
It's uniting us, all over the world in the knowledge...
that something is wrong.
It's showing us how to trust our instincts again.
It's breaking the chains of addiction to authority.
It's teaching us to NEVER give up exposing lies and deception,
despite the rudeness,hostility, and aggression we encounter.