Purposeful Melting of Polar Ice Caps

Diane Macauley  -  10/16/2014

I remember during the 1970's  the population of the US was being told there was a new Ice Age coming and the Arctic Ice Cap had to be melted in order to prevent an environmental catastrophe.  Then some where in the 1990's the story changed to "Oh no, the Arctic Ice Cap is  melting.   Co2 is causing Global Warming!.  You people have to lessen your carbon footprint !  ". I remember thinking, " Huh? What?,   isn't that what the scientists had said they were purposely setting out to do  in order to save us all? "


The truth of the matter is that the Arctic Ice Cap has been the target of purposeful melting for many decades by Russia and the United States, with other countries in agreement.  This is being done in order to open up the shipping lane that is ice locked many months out of the year, and to be able to access the natural resources that lie beneath the ice (oil and natural gas  being two of them). The Global Warming scam is the cover story used to deceive the people.   The following links will substantiate this fact, as well as give you direction that will enable you to  begin your own research.


This lie is the bearing wall to the house of lies called "Global Warming/Climate Change caused by Co2".  Being as the Arctic is the fastest melting point on Earth, and that fact is used by those attempting to  garner support for their deception, proving the fact that the Arctic has been the target of geoengineering programs for decades will bring the house of lies crashing down.  I suggest this be the focus point of discussion.


I am sending another e-mail after this one that has links to articles regarding the military activity at the Arctic involving  Russia and the US,  as well as disputes over which  countries will have access to the resources.

off: Timeline History of Weather Modification, Weather Warfare, Climate Modification, and Geoengineering (UPDATED 3.23.13)








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Source:  Diane Macauley