Chemtrails - How To Read Between
                            The Lines In The Sky
                             By Annette McCann


         Like all of the facets of the "conspiracy, there is a
         handful of people who have dedicated a significant
         portion of their lives to investigating the
         international "chemtrails controversy. As knowledge
         increases, the ability to ascertain "who is spraying the
         people of the world and "why they are doing it also
         increases. The article below frames the questions and
         then gives us the most likely answers about the "who and
         the "why.

         By Victoria Winston

         The U.S. government has a long and sordid record of
         using Americans as unwitting guinea pigs. The Army's own
         records and numerous congressional investigations
         confirm that both civilians and military personnel have
         been continually "tested" with poisonous injections,
         psychotropic drugs and aerial spraying during numerous
         covert projects.

         Congress has enabled the military to abuse us like this
         by passing laws of subterfuge and deceit. The prime
         example is Tile 50, which authorizes America's grisly
         chemical and biological warfare program.

         Chapter 32, Section 1520a appears to protect citizens
         from secret experimentation since it states that
         citizens must give informed consent for testing. But
         Section 1515 of the same chapter authorizes suspension
         of the informed consent requirement "during the period
         of any national emergency."

         According to the research of Dr. Eugene Schroder and
         others, this nation has been existing in a declared
         state of national emergency since 1934.

         By presidential edict, America remains under a permanent
         state of emergency. Naive citizens are conditioned to
         accept this because they are pummeled with dire
         predictions about illegal drugs, terrorism, global
         warming and disease. Thus, America has become a bogeyman
         state, the definition of bogey being "an imaginary evil
         or anything society especially (and often needlessly)

         Pre-fabricated bogeys are governing tools used to
         further a sinister agenda. Ironically, it can be shown
         with astonishing documentation that the very same
         government which hysterically warns of drugs, thugs and
         bugs is also:

         *operating the international heroin and cocaine trade

         *committing horrific terrorist atrocities through
         patsies like Tim McVeigh

         *deploying thousands of polluting aircraft to spray the
         atmosphere with bizarre biologicals, as well as barium,
         a chemical which can engender artificial heat

         We must therefore take with a large grain of barium
         salts the apocalyptic predictions on global warming
         released last month by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on
         Climate Change. Fred Singer, former director of the U.S
         Weather Satellite Service, has discredited the panel's
         doom and gloom report, which he called a "political

         Quoted by the Washington Post, Singer called the UN's
         predictions "suspect" because they are a drastic
         contradiction of existing scientific data collected by
         weather stations, satellites and high altitude balloons.
         Backed by a large number of other credible scientists
         who dare to tell the truth, Singer pointed out that
         almost all instrumental data show virtually no
         significant global warming trend in the last 60 years...

         This poignant fact did not impede CBS news when it
         reported in January that America's military-industrial
         establishment is looking at drastic solutions to the
         "problem" of global warming.

         The proposed solutions include blasting tiny particles
         into the air, launching 50,000 mirrors into orbit and
         putting a huge SOHO satellite between the earth and the
         sun. Such seemingly absurd solutions would be used,
         according to CBS, to "dim the power of the sun."

         Bogey-frightened Americans are thus being conditioned to
         accept "future" atmospheric experiments. The laugh is,
         these experiments have been underway for years. This is
         illustrated by "chemtrails" permeating our skies since
         early 1999.

         Crisscrossing lines of persistent aircraft effluent are
         dubbed "chemtrails" because they are very obviously NOT
         normal jet condensation contrails comprised of engine
         exhaust and water vapor. Chemtrails are comprised of
         chemical compounds and particulates specifically
         formulated to alter the atmosphere and "dim the power of
         the sun."

         Intrepid chemtrail investigator Clifford Carnicom has
         organized clues indicating that we humans are being used
         as lab rats once again. He says:

         1. We have had jet engines for 50 years but something
         has changed. We are seeing a whole new area of physics
         and aircraft activity as our skies are now continually
         overcast with either haze or clouds formed from aircraft
         effluent, a phenomenon which we did not see before early

         2. Normal contrails begin to form a full wing span
         behind the tail section. Now we are seeing aircraft
         effluent coming right out of the tail (stabilizer
         section) or out of the wings, signifying that the
         effluent is being sprayed, rather than forming as a
         by-product of combustion.

         3. Contrails composed of water vapor will almost always
         dissipate in a couple of minutes, as they have for the
         last 50 years. Chemtrails not only prevail for hours,
         but foam out to create either a white haze or a dense
         cloud cover.

         4. At least six credible sources, including NASA,
         confirm that natural cloud formation almost always
         occurs at more than 70 percent humidity. Balloon radio
         observations indicate that chemtrail effluent is forming
         man-made clouds even under conditions of extremely low

         5. Cloud formation requires very tiny nuclei particles.
         Most cloud nuclei is only .3 to .2 microns in size.
         Normal aircraft exhaust emits much larger particles
         (30-200 microns) and yet the effluent from chemtrail
         planes are now forming clouds.

         Carnicom says there are at least three forms of
         atmospheric material reported in conjunction with the
         chemtrail phenomenon. These include: sticky gels,
         powders and extremely tiny fibrous material (much
         smaller than asbestos). Some of this material has been
         found to contain biological components, including human
         blood cells. These materials are often associated with
         reports of illness when humans come into contact them.

         We can be assured their our bogey-meisters will never
         warn about the real crisis confronting us: The mindset
         of those who put into motion policies that seed our
         breathing mixture with systemic poisons. Distinguished
         chemtrail commentator Diane Harvey sums it up like this:

         "It is beginning to look as if the actual purpose of all
         that we have been investigating is nothing less than the
         actual physical transformation of the earth's atmosphere
         in order to provide a platform for the latest
         chemical/electromagnetic technologies of warfare,
         communication, weather control, and control of
         populations through non-lethal chemical electromagnetic
         means. And what this portends for the future in terms of
         any meaningful retention of human freedom, and even the
         very life of the planet itself, is entirely unknown.
         Therefore it is not beyond reason to suggest that,
         unless this project is forced into the light of public
         scrutiny by means of a relatively few dedicated
         citizens, human freedom itself and perhaps even all life
         on this planet may be at risk."

         Carnicom's numerous scientific studies and hundreds of
         chemtrail eyewitness reports and pictures are available
         on his internet site at: http://www.carnicom.com.

         The Idaho Observer can be found at:

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