Playing the Global Warming Card

By Cassandra Anderson
February 11, 2011

Man-made global warming (also known as climate change) claims have been thoroughly discredited by the "scientists" who perpetrated them through leaked e-mails in the 'Climategate' scandal. It seems like it should be a dead issue, but the truth is that too many resources have been invested in this scam to allow it to fade away. The global warming myth is thriving internationally, on the federal level and in state and local governments.

The global warming myth was popularized by Margaret Thatcher (under the influence of a UN depopulation advocate) and was designed to break US power, usher nuclear weapons into the UK and to punish Thatcher's political enemies.

Carbon dioxide is natural and beneficial to plants. Rises in carbon dioxide follow temperature rise. It is a lie that the cause and effect are the reverse.

Agenda 21

In 1992 the federal government, by executive decree, made the core of every cabinet agency's mission the implementation of Agenda 21 Sustainable Development. Global Warming is the global crises used to restructure human life so as to implement world governance under the Agenda 21 action plan. Other crises are prepped in the event that Global Warming theory becomes exposed. Agenda 21 serves the globalist movement with its policy cornerstones: abolition of private property, education of the youth for global citizenship, and the utilization of technological advance for the purpose of monitoring and controlling human action.

Michael Shaw of says, "Agenda 21 is the action plan that calls for the establishment of world government in accordance with principals that negate the political recognition of an individual's unalienable rights. This alone accounts for much of the turmoil we see today.  Our future under Agenda 21 is bleak as power becomes centralized."

UN International Treaties

There is an enormous drive to get nations locked into international UN treaties around phony global warming because the UN Kyoto Treaty expires in 2012. As of October 2010, 191 nations have signed and ratified the Kyoto Treaty.

Federal Regulations

The proper role of government is to protect the people and their property; this is why destructive policies are cloaked in "safety" provisions.

Because a national cap-and-trade scheme failed in Congress, the feds are using the EPA to institute draconian laws. The EPA has drawn up an 18,000 page document with new federal regulations that affect energy production and transportation in addition to a cap-and-trade scheme. House Republicans are planning to stop the EPA (but Obama and the Senate will likely block them).  As of September 2010, Texas is the only state that has had the good sense to oppose these absurd and unconstitutional mandates based on a vague Supreme Court ruling. 

Almost every level of the federal government has a "sustainability" plan, from the Department of Homeland Security's new 'Climate Change and Adaptation Task Force' to the USDA, Department of Energy, Department of the Interior, Department of Transportation, HUD, the Department of Defense, and even the Post Office.  The regulations include everything from centralizng control over supergrids to licensing homes for energy efficiency.  Each agency and many of their sub-departments have regulations based on phony science designed to centralize control.

State Mandates

Thirty two states are involved in unconstitutional alliances to implement global warming laws that directly affect energy production and transportation. Northeastern states are already engaged in a carbon trading scam and California's plan is to permanently break its economy by imposing a cap-and-trade scheme and implementing outrageously invasive restrictions on individuals and businesses.

County Regulations

All American counties have 'sustainability' programs that limit land use, direct the educational system and and deploy technological techniques to monitor and control human activity.  Counties have been targeted by the global elites because counties control land use zoning. The end game is to abolish private property from individuals, herd people into cities (Smart Growth) and prevent humans from entering rural lands (Wildlands Project). To date, these programs have been reliant upon individuals becoming suckered into the global warming myth. Federal funding is an integral part of this scheme.

City Ordinances

Cities have also been targeted by the UN Agenda 21 Sustainable Development movement. Over 600 towns in America are dues paying members of ICLEI (International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives) program. ICLEI is a UN accredited Non Governmental Organization (NGO) that works to aggregate cities around the world in accordance with the policies and objectives of Agenda 21 and in accordance with global warming mitigation policy.

ICLEI, at a taxpayer funded price, implements a local ordinance scheme in the name of global warming that advances Sustainable policies in towns across America. These regulations are aimed at land use limitations, wholesale building code revisions, parking limitations, new transportation alignments and Smart Growth globalist policy generally. ICLEI contracts are treasonous as they violate Article 1 Section 10 of the US Constitution. (No state or its subdivision may enter into any treaty alliance or confederation with a foreign power.) ICLEI is the most vulnerable actor bringing globalism into your community. The Kick ICLEI Out effort is tracked at Freedom


While the overwhelming regulations attack energy production, transportation and land use and ownership, the ultimate goal of the UN Agenda 21 is depopulation. The UN's Global Biodiversity Assessment report says on page 773 that only 1 billion people are 'sustainable' in an industrialized world; therefore, an 85% population reduction is necessary to maintain "sustainability". 

In addition to energy and transportation as targets for destruction, independent farms are also under the "sustainable" attack, again in the name of fighting global warming.

Overpopulation Legends

Overpopulation is another enormous lie that the UN has foisted upon us. Their very own documents reveal that the population will reach 9 billion people by 2050 AND will plateau there into 2300.

Food and water are used as weapons. An example of this is California's Congress caused water shortage. The federal government, which is allotted 48% of deliverable water in the State, has massively reduced water contracted to farmers; California produces 50% of America's fruits, vegetables and nuts. Subsequently, it was revealed that high levels of ammonium, from partially treated sewage flushed into the Delta, was the primary cause of fish deaths. Despite record snowfall in California, the federal government is still restricting water to farmers. Due to lack of reservoirs, much of the excess water was spilled into the Pacific.

Grain reserves that could stabilize food prices have also been manipulated to induce shortage.

Therefore, government manufactured shortages and planned mismanagement by the elite, is the real problem.

Most people are unaware that only 5% of America is considered developed (with buildings and roads), according to the government's own documents. America is resource rich, there is no excuse for food shortages.

The Endangered Species Act

Because the global warming fable has been dispelled for people who are aware, the UN has turned their sights on endangered species.  The Endangered Species Act is another UN program, based on 5 international treaties, with the same objectives as the global warming scam, even though the issues are separate. There is plenty of deception and fraud in this UN scheme as issues of bio-diversity are being readied as the new global crisis demanding "global solutions".


The global warming fairy tale is now and has always been used as a tool for destructive political policies.  Therefore, any individual, organization, government or any other entity who considers carbon dioxide a pollutant and harmful is grossly misinformed or is in psychic league with the power structure that is pursuing depopulation, and is ultimately beyond trust.


Local governments have powerful jurisdiction that often supersedes federal and state control; local governments must give up their power voluntarily to Agenda 21 schemes. Michael Shaw of promotes local action through education of elected officials with the ICLEI Primer and legislation to Kick ICLEI Out as a major step toward securing freedom and protecting individuals' rights.