Ionosphere-cooking Microwaves Ignored as Climate Change Factor

by Kim Greenhouse on December 16, 2009

in Climate Change, Environment,Science & Technology

HAARP (High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) fires multi-billion-watt radio frequency beams directly into the atmosphere, altering the subatomic particles there. At such high altitudes, HAARP technology can mimic the effects of the sun. It includes, but is not limited to,  weather modification technology. Why is this missing from the climate change debate?

As the sentiment of people around the world is concentrated in the atmosphere of the Copenhagen Climate Conference, it is imperative that you learn about this technology. By omitting it from the overall picture of weather and climate and effectively declaring it a non-factor, we are ignoring a MASSIVE contributing factor to the alteration of our weather and the devastating and unforeseen effects it has on climate.

The military-industrial complex has secured patents that enable them to literally cook our atmosphere. Furthermore, they have free reign to use this technology as if earth is “their” lab. It is practically beyond comprehension that not one person has raised these issues in the context of climate justice, debate, law, industry, science & the Copenhagen Climate Conference.

This marvelous earth is not “their” secret lab for “their” experiments. We need to understand why and how this technology is being empowered to exist and continue. Let’s be clear: HAARP technology disrupts the entire planetary ecosystem. It is only one of many powerful technologies that are directly destroying this beautiful planet. This globally irresponsible travesty should be known all over the world for what it really is: a microwave technology that violates humanity, plants, animals, and the earth itself.

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