HAARP Activity Off The Charts During Japan Earthquake

Posted on March 11, 2011 by Beyond The Curtain

Beyond The Curtain

The 8.9 earthquake that rocked Tokyo today resulted in a giant tsunami that caused and is still causing incredible damage to beach cities across the world. Following a week of electromagnetic silence, HAARP was turned on at approximately 0:00 hours 9 March, 2011 UTC. Here is the data for the last 36 hours.

The image below is a time-frequency spectrogram, which shows the frequency content of signals recorded by the HAARP Induction Magnetometer (http://www.haarp.alaska.edu/haarp/magind.html). This instrument, provided by the University of Tokyo, measures temporal variations in the geomagnetic field in the ULF (ultra-low frequency) range of 0-5 Hz. The spectrogram images are produced by computing the PSD (power spectral density) of successive 102.4-second segments of timeseries data, and plotting these spectra as color/intensity slices along a 24-hour scale.

For the past week prior to the quake, HAARP has been turned off with the induction magnetometer looking something like this everyday:

The chart below is a running 36 hour plot of the readings taken from the fluxgate magnetometer, built by the University of Alaska, Geophysical Institute, operating at the HAARP ionospheric observatory in Gakona, Alaska. The three traces represent mutually orthogonal components of the earths magnetic field as follows:

* The H component (black trace) is positive magnetic northward
* The D component (red trace) is positive eastward
* The Z component (blue trace) is positive downward

Geomagnetic storminess is usually indicated in oscillatory variations in the earths magnetic field. Additional detail concerning the nature and severity of the ionospheric disturbance can be found through analysis of the three components of the field.

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