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Dear honorable member of the Arizona State Legislature:

On December 16, 2010, we delivered to your office a copy of the documentary DVD titled “What in the World Are They Spraying?”.  Have you had the opportunity to view it yet? It deals with the ongoing aerosol spraying operations being conducted over our country.

As you know, the Federal Environmental Protection Agency is threatening to sanction Maricopa County in January, 2011, for exceeding air particulates standards (please see attached article from The Arizona Republic).  And this at a time of tremendous budget pressures on our state.

Independent laboratory analyses, in EPA-approved labs, are showing toxic levels of metal particulates in our air, water, and soil.  We are confident that these metal particulates, including aluminum, barium, iron and manganese, are not being generated by the citizens of this state.  We suspect the aerosol operations over Arizona, by agencies outside our state, are dumping these particulates into our atmosphere for purposes beyond our comprehension. 

Since these operations began as an almost daily occurrence in 1998, Maricopa County Health Department statistics have shown an alarming increase in deaths from Alzheimers Disease (aluminum), Atherosclerosis (iron), and Hyper-tension (barium and manganese), which we believe are related to these metal particulates.

The people of the sovereign State of Arizona have sent you to the State Legislature, as our duly constituted and lawful representatives, to protect our inalienable rights, among which is the freedom from being deprived of life, liberty, and property without due process of law. The United States Congress authorized the Federal EPA to guarantee the quality of our air, not to penalize Arizona citizens for particulates being injected into our atmosphere by agencies beyond our control.

As legislators for the sovereign State of Arizona, you have the power to:

1)  Nullify the sanctions imposed by the EPA for particulates that are being injected into our atmosphere by federal agencies, such as the US military.

2)  Assert the authority to order all aerosol operations over Arizona to cease, pending the informed consent of the sovereign citizens of our state, as required by US Code Title 50, Chapter 32c, Section 1520a  (Restrictions on use of human subjects for testing of chemical or biological agents).

3)  Hold back (in an escrow account if necessary) all funds sent by the state of Arizona to the United States Government which are used to support the EPA and any other federal agencies that are conducting the harmful aerosol operations over our state. If you prefer, you can hold back only the amount equaling the penalties that are being imposed by the EPA.

We believe it is our responsibility, as citizens of Arizona, to help you work in the best interests of all of us. We look forward to meeting with you in the near future, and presenting more evidence on this issue.


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