Hello Mike and Bridget;

I'll try to be brief, first of all I hope you guys are well.


Yesterday 4/29/08 was a spraying of all sorts mostly from west northwest area of me.


First the X's and grid patterns were present and then purpleish clouds were present extracting whatever moisture could have been present trying to make one believe it was about to rain.  


The real clouds came later again only to be diminished or run northward toward Las Cruces, NM.


I saw some airplanes what I would say were white tankers, another with a red tail on far back running clean until it hit clouds leaving chemtrail flying northwest coming from southeast pattern.


No windows were present on sides with viewing through my binouculars.


Also about 3 weeks back we were in Glorieta, NM north of Santa Fe with some cold weather and clouds but only for same kind of spraying we are all too familiar with by now.


It is truly evil with what is happening and only our Lord knows what is in store. Keep the Faith in Him, he is our Savior and really only Hope.  When all is said and done our Hope is in his Kingdom because we are only but a vapor and then gone.


I know it's difficult and hard to understand, because I struggle in the flesh as you guys but the Spirit is willing.


God Bless to all his children!  Only he will truly root out all Evil...