November 25, 2009

Honorable Henry A. Waxman, Representative, 30th Congressional District
Congress of the
United States
2204 Rayburn, House Office Building
, DC  20515


References:    1.  Identify full disclosure, scope, authority and funding allocation of currently
                                conducted aerial spraying operations over Los Angeles County, that form
                                persistent “contrails” aka “chemtrails” by jet aircraft of the U.S. government, or of
                                subcontracted operations.
                           2.  Name the programs by acronym and full name, the chemical content of all
                                materials discharged into the atmosphere, and the purposes for conducting such
                           3.  Address the public safety concerns that are disregarded, and identify for how long
                                such aerial spraying operations are expected to continue into the foreseeable future,
                                and whether you approved of funding for this entire operation, and/or will do so in
                                the future.

Dear Congressman Waxman:

Under the Freedom of Information Act, this letter constitutes a notice and request on behalf of the undersigned, who is a constituent within your congressional district, for detailed information pertaining to the referenced matter.  I do not represent any organization, but rather am a concerned citizen who has written to you a year and a half ago for clarification of the issue, but did not receive satisfaction with your responsive letter.  The problem of chemtrail pollution still persists, with no abatement apparently in sight.

The information requested does not have to be in the form of official documents presented.  What is requested is a detailed summary of the referenced criteria, so as to particularly inform people within your congressional district regarding the full scope of the ongoing aerial spraying operations over Los Angeles.

If any part of this request is denied, please cite each specific reason that justifies refusal to release the information.  Please also advise of appeal procedures available under the law that may be exercised.

Questions regarding the processing of this request may be made by return correspondence, or by phone contact at (999) 999-9999. 

Thank you, Congressman, for your attention and expected cooperation.



Kathy Ann Ornstein