A friend of mine lives in the Village of Oak Creek near Sedona, Arizona.  She has been in the Sedona area for around ten to twelve years.  After my friend moved to the Village of Oak Creek, she started complaining to me about the Chemtrails.  How could it be true that small planes were out almost everyday for 8-10 hours at a time (except when prohibited by the weather) going back and forth making white lines, cross crosses, or other various patterns until the whole sky was white?! A blue sky in Sedona now seems to be a rarity. How could this be true, I thought to myself.


My husband and I have been going to the Red Rock Country for annual vacations for the last six years.  We just can't seem to get enough of the beauty of the Red Rock Country and Oak Creek Canyon. We have stayed at Canyon Wren in the Canyon and also stayed the Baby Quail Inn in West Sedona.  Having been in Sedona at different times of the year, and never having had a problem myself with the air quality, I felt my friend was exaggerating the Chemtrail activity story.  Evidently I was just lucky until February, 2007, when I went back to Sedona to get treated with Myofascial Release Therapy from Lori Zeltwanger.  I was doing a four week Intensive Treatment Series during which I would get treated 3-4 hours per day for 5 days a week.


I noticed while I was getting treatments from Lori during the weeks I was in Sedona (Lori lives by Thunder Mountain and has a very large picture window with spectacular views), I started noticing Chemtrails going back and forth until the blue sky that was visible earlier in the morning had disappeared. The whole Chemtrail story was unraveling right before my eyes!  My friend was telling the "truth" and I didn't fully believe her story until I saw it with my own two eyes.


My luck ran out on Friday, February 9, 2007, when I started having severe respiratory distress. My condition continued to decline on Saturday, February 10, 2007, and I had to call my husband Jim. Jim could tell by my voice that I was in having serious problems with my breathing. My throat felt like I had particles of metal in it and my whole mouth was tasting like metal. Jim told me he would catch the Shuttle early Sunday morning to come from Tucson to Sedona and then drive me back to Tucson in my car.


What happened to the beautiful Red Rock Country?  Who would ever believe that the Red Rock Country would become an ENVIRONMENTAL NIGHTMARE?


Besides being physically shut down from the massive Chemtrail activity in Sedona, I was emotionally devastated.  Our vacation “get-away”(Sedona), which had become “paradise” to us, was turning out to be an Environmental Disaster. I am going to miss the wonderful friends and therapists that we met over the years by coming to Sedona. My husband and I reluctantly concluded that we would have to pass on our dream vacations until these Environmental assaults are permanently terminated!


After getting back to Tucson, I decided to do some research on Chemtrails.  I feel that the following link is credible based on my own personal experience with the Chemtrails:


After I got back to Tucson, I had my husband vacuum out my car twice, and had my car steam cleaned with hot water to try to eliminate the remaining residue from the Chemtrail dust. Believe it or not, the very same day, about half way through the steam cleaning process, I happened to look outside and I observed Chemtrail activity in Tucson over the Catalina Mountains. I never noticed anything like that before here in Tucson. I called my girlfriend, Elaine who lives in Central Tucson and asked her to look at the sky in her area of town and report her observations to me. Elaine said that she saw considerable Chemtrail activity in the Marana area as well.


Since my Chemtrail incident in Sedona, I have talked to several people. One person actually left the Sedona area due to the massive Chemtrail activity and other people were affected by the Chemtrails too. The Urgent Care facility in Sedona has occasionally been overloaded due to people with respiratory problems.


Some other links that you might be interested in looking at are as follows:;read=153567




These Chemtrails in Tucson and Phoenix are NOT clouds!


Are there any Environmental Groups or Agencies in Sedona that can use their clout to put an end to the Chemtrail activity?


If you feel that your health has been adversely affected by the massive Chemtrail activity in Sedona,  please e-mail Vicki at  or contact Bridget  at the Arizona Skywatch website:


Vicki of Tucson

March 13, 2007