The Delphi Technique - Introduction

by Rayelan

I have created a Delphi Technique tri fold two sided pamphlet.

It is a pdf file.

Click here to display it,  and print the pages.

Take it to a place that makes copies and have them print it on both sides. i.e. a two sided copy.

If they have a folding machine, have them fold it into 3 parts to save yourself the time of doing it.

Next step... READ IT!!!

Learn it so well that you can recite it if you have to!!

Next step...

Find the locations of all meetings in your area.

School board

Water board

City Council

Board of Supervisors

Democratic Central Committee

Republican Central Committee

Candidate Fundraisers

Anything else you can think of...

NEVER go alone, arrange for a friend or family member to go with you.

Do NOT have the friend pass out pamphlets.

Have them stand back and watch the crowd to make sure that nothing happens to you.

If someone tries to take the pamphlets from you, your friend should step in at this time and ask loudly,

"What are you trying to keep all of us from reading?"

If this happens, yell to your friend,

"Please take some, help me pass them out before they take them away from me!"

This will hopefully encourage others to run up and grab a handful.

We have to learn their techniques to fight them. We have to stop playing by the Marquis of Queensbury rules. We are in the fight of our lives for our freedom. We must learn to play by the guerilla rules that our enemies have played by for over a hundred years... while we went about our lives not knowing that we had been infiltrated by enemies of our way of life.

Here is the Delphi Technique Pamphlet.

Download it and email it to every patriot you know.

Thank you... and our Founding Fathers thank you!!

As is usual in tri fold pamphlets, that first page is last!! It's the way it has to be laid out for two sided trifold printing.