Why The NANO-BOTS In Chemtrails? This Rabbit Hole Is Deeper Than You Think...

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Date: Saturday, 2-Nov-2013 18:42:08


Nano-Technology, Chemtrails, Mind Control, NWO, - The Dirty Underbelly of the Trans-Humanist Agenda

The Trans-Humanist Agenda (THA) connects nearly all the deep pockets, and the absurd, insane, anti-human activities practiced by deranged, and maniacally evil sectors of Earthly inhabitants. (1)

But of course it would. By definition - and design - the THA is explicitly anti-humanity - against the positive maintenance of, or core survival of the human race.

The THA includes, but is not limited to - all manner of command and control aspects of the Human species.

Evidently, it is not enough for the controllers to devise schemes to extort a 'fee' which forces their Human slave race to pay a heavy price for simply existing on Earth -
be it paying in the form of blood, toil, gold, loss of liberty, or the loss of life itself. (2) (3)



Adolescent and imbecilic - yes...nonetheless the childish reptilian minds of the controllers continue to attack humanity on all fronts... (4)

The chief aim of the controllers, in addition to the methods previously listed, is COMPLETE and TOTAL PHYSICAL MIND CONTROL OF THE HUMAN MASSES. (4a)

The main thrust of the THA is to transform every existing individual Human entity into a non-human extension - a neuronal synapse path that leads to and from the Master Quantum Computer Brain.

The end goal is for humans to believe they are human - when they are no longer human, but rather exist as a neuronal transfer center slave - transferring data into, and receiving data from - the Master Mainframe Quantum Computer 'Brain'.

- to believe you are you when you are not you at all.

- to cause individuals to believe they are thinking their own original thoughts, when their thoughts are actually being manipulated, or implanted in their brains, via a world wide grid network of nano tech implants and microwave technology. (5) (5a)


To accomplish this goal, the THA implements a dark, insidious blend of corporate CONTROL mechanisms, corporate PROFIT mechanisms, and the application of advanced technologies which only a small handful of humans can even fathom the existence of.

Fifteen years ago, nano technology was all the rage in the scientific community.

Nano-tech was being touted as the 'next big thing'.

- Microscopic robots that could perform amazing feats in areas of health, and scientific research.

Why is it that some 15 years later, the burgeoning nano-tech industry is not mentioned anywhere in mainstream media circles?

NT has simply dropped off the radar screens.

Why? Did it just go away?

Did Bill Gates have an epiphany and suddenly realize there was "no money in investing in nano-technologies"?

No - quite the opposite, in fact.

What happened to nano-tech is only that it went completely to underground black-opps - with Dr Death Gates - and others who are raking in BILLIONS in corporate PROFITS, due to PATENTS and CONTROL GATES MAINTAINS on the nanotech industry and its production sectors. (6)


To understand WHO is providing the FUNDING - the astronomical amounts of PROFIT AWARDED to demented psychopaths such as Gates, et al - to understand WHO is providing the master plan and logistics - AND purchasing UNTOLD QUANTITIES of patented nano-technology - requires a look beyond the semi-human front organizations such as CIA, Evergreen Air, US Air Force, NSA, and Brussels.

To locate, and understand the contents buried deep within the tunnels of THAT rabbit hole, requires a study of the deep underground research provided by individuals such as Phil Schneider, Dr. Barrie Trower, Zecharia Sitchin, Michael Tellinger, Bob Lazar, Al Bielek, Dr. Karla Turner, Jordan Maxwell, William Cooper, Dr. Preston James, PhD., Thomas Edwin Castello, Magnus Olsson, and Dr. Alfred Webre - to name a few. (7) (8) (9)



"Where has all the nano-tech gone? Into chemtrails and vaccines - every one...."

The world-wide phenomena of chemtrails, although vehemently denied by the liars in the pretend government, and the mind controlled zombie media mouthpieces - is very real - and continuously ongoing - 24 seven - everywhere on the planet.

The logistics and expense alone, required to pull off this feat by earthly standards, would be, and does indeed remain, unfathomable to most Human perception.

Additionally, the integral construction of nano-tecnology itself may be complicated, but the insidious application of the technology is not 'rocket science'.

The basic agenda of the demented psychopath Human-life-intruders is to saturate the planet with microscopic nano chips, that will be inhaled by every living, breathing creature on planet Earth.

When inhaled, the nano-chip machines make their way out of the lung tissue, CROSS THE BLOOD-BRAIN BARRIER, and attach themselves to neuronal control paths, thus becoming part and parcel of human brain activity.

Once infected, the brain becomes a receiver and transmitter, sending and receiving data TO and FROM the Central Mainframe Quantum Computer - "Mr Computer" - the quantum computer NETWORK which of course, remains under the guided, hidden hand of the controller factions, and the once-human individual now becomes a neuronal transfer center slave - or trans-human.



The above describes the intended outcome of the controllers sickening dreams.

Even the best laid plans of mice and quantum computers can be foiled by a little old-fashion know how.

Should the international power grid fail, this system design would be facing a problem.

A machine is always a machine, and a machine can be destroyed, without harming a real human being.

A quantum computer, or a series of quantum computers linked together can be destroyed simply with a big enough 'hammer'.

Time will prove that much of the above depends on artificial intelligence, which is, after all WHAT the CYBORG ANDROID controllers ARE, and no matter how advanced they claim to be, they still have no understanding of the human spirit - since the controllers lack souls, or any inkling of Humanity.

You can make a clone, but you cannot clone the Human Spirit, who's potential is far beyond the wildest expectations of the android borgs.

The Alan Parsons Project - I Wouldn't Want To Be Like You



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