At Altitude - Chemtrails Up Close
By A.W.

Jeff - during the first week of this February, I was passenger on a Virgin America Airbus flight, heading East out of San Francisco International Airport.

Once we were cruising at altitude ( 30,000 feet) I could not ignore the "Chemspew" (a term coined for the electro-chemical smog that results from massive Chemtrail spraying & attendant accumulation) being generated in front of me and anyone who cared to look out of any window/portal our airplane.

The "Chemplanes" appeared to be flying at the same general altitude as our own flight - zipping past us multi-directionally like angry hornets-- some so close, I actually flinched (scared the $%^@ out of me!) a few times as they shot by and I found myself astonished that no one else seemed to notice this.  Wide-eyed, like a kid, I marveled at how just how MANY there were ... from what I could see, the chemplanes were clearly executing a colossal grid pattern of some kind, extending as far I could see to the horizon; I include a sample shot I took of a chemtrail segment of this grid, that had the appearance of an "H" pattern as we cruised by: to me, this demonstrates undeniable INTENT on the part of the pilots creating them.

Most of the "chemplanes" had the appearance of Boeing commercial jetliners; with the exception of a conspicuous minority, which looked like various types of much smaller, faster & more maneuverable private jet aircraft.

Remarkably, the Virgin America Airbus I was a passenger on did not appear to be venting anything at all - no contrails nor chemtrails - even though at the same altitude as most of the planes in the photos I present here.  I made certain to get a good look for this.  That said, it was instinctively clear to me that any attempt to get some shots to confirm and document this observation would create suspicion/ discomfort among my fellow travelers -- with me asking them to come out from their comfortable seats so a stranger could crawl in past them to better take pictures of the engine nacelle exhaust that just happened to be well behind his assigned seat.

I don't think so. At least, not this time ...

The pictures I did manage to take were extremely difficult to capture: the lighting was intense, ever-shifting & highly saturated with UV content; sun flares abounded.  I was straining to see and shoot through a small portal at high speed (500 knots) with no way to know when a plane


would approach or from which direction. Most shots actually got away from me, as I had about 4 seconds at most to spot an approach, bring the camera to bear, focus & press the shutter ... There is no WAY the pilots of our flight were unaware of the foregoing activity, Jeff. IMPOSSIBLE.

The Airbus has sophisticated on-board radar and is continuously tracked in near real-time by ground and satcom systems from takeoff to landing; besides...if EYE can see as much a I did while straining through my squinchy starboard portal, THEY can most certainly see a much wider, panoramic view of chemplanes executing their eco-crimes from many directions, from behind their cockpit windscreen.

Question is: what are commercial pilots told about the chemplanes?

How much do they actually know about such Operations?

What do they tell them-SELVES ... ?

Thank you for your considerate attention and time.

All images were captured at altitude using a Canon high-resolution digital point/shoot cam; the author of said images holds exclusive copyrights to them all & granted exclusive permission to Jeff Rense to present them on his website: .

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