Chemtrails And Terror In The Age Of Nuclear War
By Amy Worthington
The Idaho Observer, June 3, 2004

North America is now suffering its seventh year of conspicuous
and dangerous aerosol and electromagnetic operations conducted
by the U.S. government under the guise of national security.
Concerned citizens watch in fear as military tankers discolor
the skies with toxic chemicals that morph into synthetic

We continually witness bizarre meteorological occurrences as
powerful electromagnetic devices manipulate both the jet
stream and individual storm fronts to create artificial
weather and climatic conditions. Black operations projects
embedded within these aerosol missions are documented to
sicken and disorient select populations with biological test
agents and psychotronic mind/mood control technologies.

Part of what is happening in the atmosphere above us involves
the Pentagon,s secret space weapons program, designed for
strategic, operational and tactical levels of war. NASA
missions will soon be transferred to Pentagon control.1 The
Air Force Space Command declares that, in order to monitor and
shape world events, it must fight intense, decisive wars with
great precision from space.2 Air Force Secretary James G.
Roche has stated: "Space capabilities are integrated with, and
affect every link in the kill chain."3

A glimpse into new death technologies under construction4 is
in legislation introduced by Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinch.
His unsuccessful Space Preservation Act of 2001 was intended
to ban space deployment of:

* electronic, psychotronic and information weaponry

* high altitude ultra low frequency weapons

* plasma, electromagnetic, sonic and ultrasonic weapons

* laser weapons

* strategic, theater, tactical or extraterrestrial weapons

* chemical biological, environmental climate or tectonic

* chemtrails (this item was stricken from a later version,
suggesting duress)

In their quest to remain top dog in the kill chain, the
purveyors of perpetual war have deliberately dimmed earth's
life-giving sunlight5 and reduced atmospheric visibility6 with
lung-clogging particulates and polymers. This ecological
terrorism has severely compromised public health, according to
thousands of testimonials. Years of mass appeals to
legislators, media and military officials for information, and
for cessation of catastrophic atmospheric degradation, have
fallen on deaf bureaucratic ears. Public awareness of what
befalls us remains as murky as our skies because those "in the
know" are muzzled by national secrecy laws and Americans have
no authority to challenge matters of national security. Left
to gather clues, we know this much so far:

1. At least part of the aerosol project has been dubbed
Operation Cloverleaf,7 probably due to its multi-faceted
operations, which include: weather modification, military
communications, space weapons development, ozone and global
warming research plus biological weaponry and detection

2. Dumping tons of particulate matter from aircraft has
geo-engineered our planetary atmosphere into a highly charged,
electrically-conductive plasma useful for military projects.8
The air we breathe is laden with asbestos-sized synthetic
fibers and toxic metals, including barium salts, aluminum, and
reportedly, radioactive thorium.9 These materials act as
electrolytes to enhance conductivity of military radar and
radio waves.10 Poisonous on par with arsenic and a proven
suppressant of the human immune system,11 atmospheric barium
weakens human muscles, including those of the heart.12 Inhaled
aluminum goes directly to the brain and medical specialists
confirm that it causes oxidative stress within brain tissue,
leading to formation of Alzheimer's like neurofibrillary
tangles.13 Radioactive thorium is known to cause leukemia and
other cancers.14

3. Only a small percentage of the military's atmospheric
modification projects are visibly obvious. What we can,t see
is equally dangerous. The ionosphere, the earth and its
inhabitants are continually bombarded with high frequency
microwaves used to manipulate the charged atmosphere for
weather modification, information gathering and for tectonic
(earthquake-producing) weaponry.15 Independent chemtrail
researcher Clifford Carnicom confirms that we are also
continuously subjected to extremely low electromagnetic
frequencies (ELF) pulsing at 4 hertz multiples, frequencies
known to profoundly affect human biological and mental

4. There is a well-documented biological component to
continuously ongoing atmospheric studies in which nations and
regions are furtively inoculated via specially designed
delivery systems with combinations of viruses, bacteria,
fungi, mycoplasma, desiccated blood cells and exotic
biological markers so that testmasters can assess human,
animal and plant response.17

5. The multi-organizational megalith perpetrating these
bio-chem projects against humanity includes the U.S.
Department of Defense (DOD) and its research arm DARPA, plus
the Department of Energy (DOE) with its huge network of
national labs and universities. Private defense contractors
and pharmaceutical companies are heavily involved.18
Cooperating governments of other nations and probably some
United Nations agencies are complicit, since the aerosol
projects are global in scope.

Gross chemical and electromagnetic pollution is only part of
the horrific realities we endure. The sociopaths who brazenly
pervert skies, climate and weather for power and profit are
the same madmen who have waged four limited nuclear wars since
1991. Radioactive weaponry, declared both illegal and immoral
by the entire civilized world, has been used by the Pentagon
in Desert Storm, the Balkans campaign and the on-going
occupation-wars against Afghanistan and Iraq. Few Americans
understand the extent of carnage inflicted in their name
across the planet.

By scientific definition, the missiles, tank penetrators and
bunker busting bombs unleashed against Iraq and Afghanistan by
U.S. and British forces in the so-called war on terror are
nuclear weapons.19 Refuse from radioactive weaponry does not
disperse, but remains in the atmosphere organotoxic, mutagenic
and carcinogenic to all living flesh for 4.5 billion years.

Inhabitants of the Pentagon's two newly "liberated" nations
are now slowly dying of radiation and heavy metal poisoning.
Victims of U.S. weaponry used in Afghanistan have a
concentration of non-depleted uranium isotopes in their bodies
never before seen in civilian populations.20 Tons of depleted
and non-depleted uranium contaminating their land, air, food
and water guarantee their painful demise. Using data from the
United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA), nuclear
scientist Leuren Moret calculates that the estimated 2,500+
tons of depleted uranium used against Iraq in 1991 and 2003 is
sufficient to cause 25 million new cancers.21 Is it a
coincidence that the population of Iraq, according to the CIA,
is 25 million?

The quarter million U.S. and British fighting forces who have
helped the Pentagon deliver this holocaust also face
inevitable radiological death by slow burn. Rotated into
atomic war zones since 2001, coalition troops have inhaled and
ingested millions of tiny invisible ceramic uranium particles
which emit alpha, beta and gamma radiation as they embed in
lungs, kidneys, blood, lymph and bone.22 Radiation exposure to
a single internalized U-238 (uranium) alpha particle is 50
times the allowable whole body dose for one year under
international standards.23 As U-238 decays into daughter
isotopes, it becomes ever more radioactive, causing cell and
organ destruction to escalate over time.24 Uranium
contamination leads to incapacitating, multi-organ system
disorders identical to illnesses suffered by thousands of Gulf
War I vets. Bodily fluids poisoned with uranium isotopes
sicken spouses and visit upon offspring a genetic

Who knows what a disabled and prematurely dying military
population will mean to future stability and safety of USA?
Yet Senator Chuck Hagel (R- Neb.) now demands that America
provide more fodder for its atomic battlefields by reinstating
the military draft so that "all of our citizens...bear some
responsibility and pay some price" in order to "understand the
intensity of the challenges we face."26

Despite disingenuous denials that biological harm will result
from atomic warfare,27 the Pentagon knows full well the
gruesome realities of uranium weaponry by virtue of its own
voluminous studies spanning 60 years. Pentagon documents
confirm that America,s war establishment knowingly exposes its
own troops to dangerous levels of radiation.28 The resulting
illness of those now returning from the war zones is already
making headlines.29

Because our military-industrial overlords brazenly poison the
very grunts who make their war games possible, we must
logically conclude there is virtually nothing they would not
secretly and sadistically do to the rest of us. Military
officials lie as perniciously about chemtrail operations30 as
they do about effects of DU weaponry. If people were to
consider the published science regarding chemtrails and DU,
they would understand that we are all in mortal jeopardy.

Both the Pentagon,s aerosol operations and its limited nuclear
wars are deeply interconnected. We can trace the beginnings of
Operation Cloverleaf right to the Strangelove brain of Dr.
Edward Teller, father of the hydrogen bomb and proponent of
nuking inhabited coast lines to rearrange them for economic
projects.31 Before he died in 2003, Teller was director
emeritus of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, where
plans for nuclear, biological and directed energy weapons are
crafted. In 1997, Teller publicly outlined his proposal to use
aircraft to scatter in the stratosphere millions of tons of
electrically-conductive metallic materials, ostensibly to
reduce global warming.32

Shortly after Teller's presentation, the public began seeing
frenetic chemtrailing. In 2000, CBS News admitted that
scientists were "looking at drastic solutions for global
warming, including manipulating the atmosphere on a massive
scale." CBS confirmed that the plan to load the air with tiny
particles would "deflect enough sunlight to trigger global

Teller estimated that commercial aircraft could be used to
spew these particles at a cost of 33 cents a pound.34 This
gives credence to a report by an airline manager, forced by a
compulsory non-disclosure agreement to remain anonymous, that
commercial aircraft have been co-opted to assist the military
in consummating Project Cloverleaf.35 A 1991 Hughes aircraft
patent confirms that sunscreen particulate materials can be
run through jet engines.36 A science textbook now used in some
public schools discusses the sunscreen project by showing a
large orange-red jet with the caption, "Jet engines running on
richer fuel would add particles to the atmosphere to create a
sunscreen." The logo on the plane says "Particle Air."37 The
implications of this crucial information should not be
understated. A program to make America,s millions of annual
jet flights a source of specially designed particulate
pollution is serious business.

Cloverleaf particles and polymers saturating the air we
breathe are smaller than 10 microns (PM 10) and are invisible
to the human eye. By comparison, a human hair is 60 to 100
microns in thickness. Scientists and the EPA report that
because PM10 and sub-micron pollution particles bypass lung
filters and enter the blood stream, they cause radical changes
in the endocrine and nervous systems. 38 They can trigger high
blood pressure and cause heart attack within two hours of
inhalation.39 They cause the blood to become sticky, making it
tougher for the heart to pump and increasing the risk of blood
clots and vessel damage.40 Now researchers in Taiwan document
"a significant increase" in the number of stroke victims when
PM10 pollutant levels rise.41 The American Lung Association
confirms that we are breathing more toxic air than ever.42 No
wonder nationwide asthma rates have been soaring in recent

Tiny synthetic filaments called polymers are part of the brew.
In 1990, a NATO report detailed how high-flying aircraft can
modify the atmosphere by spraying polymers to absorb
electromagnetic radiation.44 U.S. patent number 6315213
describes how cross-linked aqueous polymers dispersed into a
storm diminish rain.45

Polymer chemist Dr. R. Michael Castle has studied atmospheric
polymers for years. He has found that some of them contain
bioactive materials, which can cause "serious skin lesions and
diseases when absorbed into the skin."46 He has identified
microscopic polymers comprised of genetically-engineered
fungal forms mutated with viruses. He says that trillions of
fusarium (fungus)/virus mutated spores, which secrete a
powerful mico-toxin, are part of the air we breathe.47
Allergies anyone?

We can safely bet that into our particle-enriched air,
experimenters are also dumping nanoparticles, developed for a
variety of military and industrial uses. These engineered
carbon molecules, as small as one-thousandth the diameter of
human hair, display bizarre chemical properties and are known
to trigger organ damage.48 A recent study at Southern
Methodist University found that fish exposed to one type of
nanoparticle suffered severe brain damage after only 48

The military,s aerosol operations have been climate altering
to the extreme. Air traffic is a huge source of greenhouse
pollution. Increasing that traffic exponentially in order to
scatter tons of heat-trapping metallic particulates and
heat-liberating barium salts have undoubtedly led to
accelerated global warming. Greenhouse gases in the
atmosphere, including carbon dioxide, have reached a record
high this year.50 As carbon dioxide levels rise, oxygen levels

In 1996, Scientists for Global Responsibility compiled a
report contending that dangerous geoengineering, as proposed
by Teller and the Global Change Research Coordination Office,
would be absolutely ineffective in mitigating global warming.
The report noted that climate engineering research is funded
by industry with a vested interest in continued high
consumption of fossil fuels.51 The hair-brained scheme of
particle engineering was contrived to ensure that industry
polluters will never be forced to decrease their greenhouse
gas emissions. But because warming and pollution trends have
worsened drastically since the aerosol projects began, we must
suspect that the warming mitigation program is a hoax and that
chemtrailing is really intended, among other things, to create
a series of "hobgoblins."

The establishment,s modus operandi for maintaining a fierce
and lucrative hold upon the collective American mind has been
defined precisely by satirist H.L. Mencken (1880-1956) who
wrote: "The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the
populace alarmed, and thus clamorous to be led to safety, by
menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them

In The Report from Iron Mountain published in 1967, just as
the Pentagon,s lucrative Vietnam War was being revved into
high gear, establishment braintrusters confirmed that
perpetual war is absolutely vital for controlling and
manipulating the masses. The document even suggested a number
of options for creating fictitious enemies, noting that
perpetual war induces populations to give blind allegiance to
political authority.52

Since the 1930s, when the Eastern Establishment, including the
Bush family, used its New York banks and oil companies to
secretly fund Hitler,s German Nazi party,53 our controllers
have employed FEAR, the concept of ENEMY and WAR to keep us in
bondage. Chemtrailing is a manifestation of the Fourth Reich,
an era of corporate fascism ushered in by a powerful military
juggernaut, which manufactures enemies and unleashes fake
terror attacks to scare us into voiceless submission.

Both Saddam Hussein and the al Queda networks have long been
nourished with U.S. government and corporate funding and
groomed by U.S. military and corporate advisors to play useful
roles as "enemies."54 Former German Defense Minister Andreas
von Bulow recently confirmed on U.S. radio that hijacked
planes were able to fly around the eastern U.S. on 9/11
unimpeded by military interdiction because those attacks were
part of a carefully-orchestrated "covert operation" designed
to coerce America into perpetual conflict with the Muslim

Now, a "secret" Pentagon report has been conveniently leaked
to the media. It contends that abrupt climate change is the
most fearful hobgoblin yet.56 Authored by change agents with
ties to the CIA and the Royal Dutch/Shell Group, the report
contends that abrupt climate change will lead to a global
catastrophe of monumental proportions, including nuclear war
and natural disasters, as whole nations disappear beneath the
encroaching sea and survivors fight for dwindling food, water
and energy supplies.

Yet the Pentagon has been involved for decades in the drastic
manipulation of weather, climate and atmospheric conditions.
The U.S. used a chemical agent dubbed Olive Oil during
Operation Popeye to induce heavy rains in Vietnam 40 years
ago.57 The Air Force document titled "Weather As a Force
Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025" lists its weaponized
agenda for creating abrupt climate change including: Storm
creation and modification, fog and cloud creation,
precipitation enhancement, precipitation denial, drought
inducement and artificial creation of "space weather." This
document also states that the military,s radical weather
modification agenda will "become a part of national security
policy with both domestic and international applications."58

Weather weapons are now routinely used in war zones. A citizen
reporting from Serbia noted that during NATO operations in the
Balkans, black clouds suddenly materialized out of blue skies,
hailstones were the size of eggs, and surreal thunder and
lightening terrified the people. He reported that scientists
found that the electromagnetic field over Serbia had been
punctured, causing rain systems to circumvent the region.59 In
addition to manufactured drought, scientists also predict that
Serbia will suffer 10,000 cancer deaths from DU weaponry used

According to University of Ottawa Professor Michael
Chossudovksy, the military,s High-frequency Active Auroral
Research Program (HAARP), operating in Alaska as part of the
Strategic Defense Initiative, is a powerful tool for weather
and climate modification.61 Operated jointly by the U.S. Navy
and Air Force, HAARP antennas bombard and heat the ionosphere,
causing electromagnetic frequencies to bounce back to earth,
penetrating everything living and dead.62

HAARP transmissions make holes in the ozone,63 creating yet
another hobgoblin. HAARP inventor Bernard Eastlund described
in his original patent how antenna energy can interact with
plumes of atmospheric particles, used as a lens or focusing
device, to modify weather.64 HAARP is capable of triggering
floods, droughts and hurricanes, much to the chagrin of both
the European Parliament and the Russian Duma.65

HAARP also generates sweeping pulses through the ULF/ELF
range.66 In 2000, independent researchers monitored HAARP
transmissions of 14 hertz. They found that when these signals
were broadcast at high output levels, wind speeds topped 70
miles per hour. They watched as these same transmissions
dispersed a huge weather front approaching the west coast from
California to British Columbia. Although precipitation had
been originally forecast, the front was seen shredding apart
on satellite photos and rain did not materialize.67 The
hobgoblin drought can be an enriching and empowering tool for
certain corporate and governing entities.

HAARP is not only capable of destabilizing agricultural and
ecological systems anywhere on the planet, but its effects can
target select regions to affect human physical, mental and
emotional responses during non-lethal warfare projects.68
HAARP frequencies beamed at specific targets can generate
catastrophic earthquakes,69 exactly like the quake last
December which killed thousands of people in Iran, a nemesis
nation according to the Bush administration.

The Pentagon,s warning about climate catastrophe is surely
nothing more than a thinly-veiled attempt to prepare the
masses for the bizarre atmospheric upheavals we can expect as
the military continues to brutalize our planet and near space
with its grotesque toys. And we ain,t seen nothing yet. Dr.
Eastlund and his ilk have developed plans for solar power
satellites designed to modify the weather with electromagnetic
beam output that dwarfs the present HAARP system.70 As abrupt
climate change is increasingly orchestrated, we will surely
need additional fascist agencies, an ever-growing military
budget and more poison-particle projects that just happen to
ensure population reduction as a side benefit.

Despite visual evidence that every aspect of our physical
environment is being manipulated and damaged for war games,
some Americans cannot accept that dangerous covert operations
are being conducted by a government they still believe to be a
virtuous defender of freedom. Their stumbling block is a
numbing belief that their own officials would never perpetrate
dangerous experimentation on humanity since "they have
families too." History and the release of declassified
government documents disprove such naiveté.

Although "they" had families too, the U.S. government and its
defense contractors exposed citizens of the northwest U.S. to
huge and deliberate releases of radioactive iodine 131 from
the Hanford Nuclear Reservation where plutonium was produced
for nuclear bombs.71 Those Cold War releases unleashed
radiation illnesses upon thousands of downwinders, some of
whom received up to 350 rads of radiation when a maximum
safety dose is set at .025 rads annually.72 Between 1949 and
1952, radioactive pellets, dust and particles were tested on
the hapless citizens of Utah and New Mexico.73

By 1963, 1,200 nuclear weapons tests conducted at the Nevada
test site had exposed every person in the U.S. to deadly
radioactive fallout, causing millions of fetal deaths,
spontaneous abortions, stillbirths and birth defects.74 The
U.S. government also conducted over 4,000 radiation
experiments on individual human test subjects without their
informed consent.75 The delayed effects of decades of
radiation exposure from weapons testing are today demonstrated
by a U.S. population plagued with epidemic cancer and heart
disease, neurological disorders, low fertility, chronic
fatigue, obesity (thyroid involvement), immune system
dysfunction and learning disabilities. Approximately half of
all pregnancies in the U.S. result in prenatal or postnatal
death or an otherwise less than healthy baby.76 As military
tankers spew white chemical plumes across America at a cost of
$3,448 per hour per tanker,77 we are reminded of Dr. Leonard
Cole's 1994 testimony before a Senate Committee regarding 45
years of open air testing during which military aircraft
sprayed American cities with bacteria, fungus and carcinogenic
chemicals.78 Between 1962-1973, the U.S. Navy conducted
hundreds of bio-chem tests known as Operation SHAD (Shipboard
Hazard and Defense). SHAD projects like Autumn Gold and Copper
Head exposed 10,000 navy personnel to aircraft spray laden
with biological and chemical warfare agents, including sarin
nerve gas.79 The cocktails used in those genocidal "tests" are
now linked to cancer, heart and lung problems suffered by
surviving guinea pigs.

We are told that defense officials perpetrated these
atrocities so that scientists could learn about how to
"protect" Americans from attack. So why, in the late 80s,
would our "protectors" fall all over themselves to supply
Saddam Hussein's war machine with 90 shipments of chemical and
biological weaponry, including sarin, anthrax, botulism,
brucella and West Nile Virus?80

It will likely be years before Americans are told what is
being tested upon them during our present chemtrail/space wars
era. The Hanford downwinders did not learn until 1986 what had
been unleashed upon them some 30 years earlier; SHAD victims
filed suit in 2003 to learn the extent to which they were
intentionally exposed to dangerous substances in the 60s.

To understand how our nation has arrived at this doomsday
corruption, we must recall that immediately after WWII ended,
the U.S. government initiated Operation Paperclip through
which a large number of German Nazi scientists were imported
to the United States. Once issued new identities, these death
industry pros were employed in U.S. military laboratories to
develop a dazzling array of secret weaponry projects.81 With
congressional funding, the crowning achievement of this nexus
was the creation of ghastly new bioweapons, including the AIDS
virus82 and an incapacitating chronic fatigue agent engineered
from mycoplasma and brucella.83

The military is empowered to continue lethal experimentation
by devious wording of Section 1520a Chapter 32 of U.S. Code
Title 50. The law states that the Secretary of Defense may NOT
conduct any chemical or biological test or experiment on
civilian populations, unless such tests are for medical,
therapeutic, pharmaceutical, agricultural, industrial purposes
or for research in general or for protection against weapons
or for law enforcement purposes, including riot control. So
DOD may not use us for guinea pigs, unless it is for any
"good" reason under the sun! The law states that human
subjects must give informed consent. But a nasty loophole in
Section 1515 of Chapter 32 allows informed consent to be
suspended by executive order during a period of national
emergency, a situation under which this nation perpetually
labors by deliberate hobgoblin design.

Few American test rats realize that the Pentagon's boys in
Congress have now:

* appropriated millions of dollars for the manufacture and
testing of new "mini nukes" and bunker buster bombs.84

* authorized the DOE to resume nuclear testing in Nevada.85

* exempted DOD and DOE from landmark environmental laws in the
development of these new weapons.86

America's 70,000 nuclear weapons manufactured since 1945 are
not sufficient! As DOE gears up to develop and test
fourth-generation nukes, numerous reports continue to surface
about the agency,s sordid corruption and mismanagement. DOE,s
habitual cover-up of site contamination and its devious
efforts to downplay serious illnesses suffered by many of its
nuclear workers are among recent scandals.87

When new "low yield" nuclear weapons (defined as being smaller
than 5 kilotons) are tested in Nevada, downwinders might like
to know that a mini .5 kiloton nuclear warhead would have to
burrow 150 feet to eliminate atmospheric fallout. No weapon
yet developed can penetrate more than 40 feet into the earth.
A tested nuclear warhead that burrows to only 40 feet will
throw a million cubic feet of radioactive debris into the

The Pentagon's new nuke era is in the capable hands of Defense
Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, who has so ably presided over the
pre-emptive nuclear incineration of Middle Eastern Muslims.
Rumsfeld has never adequately explained why his Department was
unable to defend the Pentagon building despite a full hour,s
notice that hijacked planes were in the air. Should Rumsfeld
be replaced due to the Pentagon,s Iraqi torture scandal, we
are assured that his Bush-appointed successor will share his
have-nuke-will-travel ideology.

Working closely with Rumsfeld is a coven of pro-nukers,
including his advisor Keith Payne, a vocal advocate of
pre-emptive nuclear war. Payne has written that an
"intelligent" nuclear offensive launched by the U.S. would
result in only 20 million U.S. casualties, "a level compatible
with national survival and recovery."89

Now that we have tied together the historical and political
realities for which we mindlessly wave our flags, we still
hope that sufficient numbers of American lab rats will
miraculously awaken from their collective stupor and take
stock of our appalling situation. After all, rodents have a
notoriously short life span and are always killed when no
longer useful to those conducting research. The irony of this
horror story is that we rats are being plundered to finance
our own demise. Our national debt of 7.2 trillion grows by
$1.8 billion a day.90 The Pentagon cannot account for $2.3
trillion of its shadowy transactions.91 The radioactive
operations in Iraq are costing $3.7 billion a month, those in
Afghanistan $900 million a month.92 No one knows how many
$billions are being flushed into Operation Cloverleaf and
other hobgoblin projects. The U.S. spends $11,000 per second
on weapons, according to calculations of celebrated author
William Thomas.93

So, while we await the great awakening, have a wonderful,
barium-dried summer under a synthetic tarpaulin of
aluminum-white, particle-laden, electrically-charged aviation
scum that passes for sky. Endure well your respiratory and
ocular difficulties while staring at huge oily sun rings and
smeary sundogs, the patent signature of chemical assault.
Don,t forget to salute and click your heels when you see
tanker formations patriotically saturating the atmosphere with
such a dense, micro-particulate brew that they cast black
shadows alongside or ahead of themselves.

As you witness the noxious drama in the skies, remember, it's
all just part of the "kill chain."


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we were made to sign non-disclosure agreements which basically
state that if we tell anyone what we know we could be
imprisoned....They told us that the government was going to
pay our airline, along with others, to release special
chemicals from commercial aircraft....When we asked them why
didn't they just rig military aircraft to spray these
chemicals, they stated that there weren't enough military
aircraft available to release chemicals on such a large basis
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summary & HAARP connections
repost 19 Mar 2004 18:04 GMT

Two separate flyers:

1. Mechanics, Airline Executives, & Doctors talk of Project
Cloverleaf, 1998 to the Present

2. Project Cloverleaf: Timeline, 1994 to the Present--with its
HAARP connections

And god bless Dennis kucinich who attempted to introduce a
bill in 2001 that would ban chemtrails operations--though
hardly anyone supported it. One of the few Congressional
friends to the American people--and the world--is Dennis

FLYER #1 mentions how Congressional and governmental stalling
is excellent evidence of a coordinated cover-up. Plus, it has
some testimonials that are excellent hooks for people to
explore the referenced website.

FLYER #2 is a detailed timeline of documentable evidence about
chemtrails with its HAARP connections, beginning in 1994. This
one has detailed medical reports as well about chemtrails.