Air samples thru broken glass filter:


I've been collecting air samples since March 2007, 24/7, by just blowing unfiltered air (with brass tubes 5/32) into a bottle of distilled water with an aquarium pump (with the air filter removed), with 2 inches of fine broken glass (1/16 to 1/4 diameter) in the bottom and filled with distilled water only (about 18 ounces to start) .


Fine broken glass can be easily made by heating a clean jar with a torch, then dropping it into a pan of cold water. One can then heat it again, by pouring off the water and heat on the stove, real hot and then add cold water, (always wear goggles and gloves) repeat several times and crush with hammer or clean metal object.


I re-routed my intake by drilling another hole in the body, sealing the factory intake so I could collect air any place.


Most of these collections were made under the eves of my house (+7) feet up, with the intake hose inserted into a plastic jar about half way and near the bottom, then turned upside down. This creates a pressure filter and eliminates most debris, collecting only the finest of air composition.


When you first fill the "sobe" bottle, shine a laser pointer through it for reference and at the end of your collection shine the laser through it again, quite the difference proving you've collected something.


This liquid (about 4-6 ounces remain after 1 week) was then electrolysised at first 5 day intervals, now 7, with a 6 volt lantern battery and two thin strips of brass 1/2 to 3/4 inches wide and of equal length. This simple process will remove primarily any metals and\or ionic salts captured in the distilled water and is used millions of times a day to process, extract, or coat things with metal coatings.


I standardized my collection method in May I believe by adding 2 inches of fine broken glass in a 20 ounce "Sobe" bottle and lowered the air flow to about 1/2 a human breath (one 30-60 gallon pump purchased at slavemart for about $20.00).


I started collecting what averaged out to be about 2-3 fluid ounces of what someone else called "Miracle grow" a month, quite alarming. I electrolysised my urine (using stainless steel electrodes) to see if it was passing through me and it was, and explains why we are all not dead yet !!!


Barium says its non-bioaccumulative, more evidence that's what this stuff is. I've also electrolysised rain and tap water too, tap water from a well seems so far uncontaminated with the fibers but could be so microscopic I can't see them,



The amount of that extract changes with the color of the sky and the sheen around the sun. I.E. strong sheen and metallic gray sky all week increase my yield, azure blue sky, less sheen, reduced yield but is almost always over 2 ounces per month.


This and just using a strong flashlight pointed upward at night, and looking into the focused beam of light, prove that we are living in a virtual bath of what research by others suggests is an exotic form of barium, aluminum and God knows what else, but I cannot afford complete testing myself (see barium test confirmed).


Whatever this stuff is, its color remains quite consistently a sky to aqua blue. It creates extraordinary alkaline conditions in all my samples that ranges above 9 at least, but I stopped testing them all. The average collection per 5 days is about .25 fl ounces at 1/2 a human breath.


This stuff has become so saturated in our atmosphere, at least here in the White Mtn's, that quite often sunlight can be seen streaking to the ground through it when cloudy (see aerosol pictures), much like when sunlight streaks in through one’s window blinds when cooking smoke or other smoke is present inside.

This stuff has reduced our sunlight compared to two years ago, as I set a light meter then and it now measures a decrease in light of about half. This is also evidenced by my camera ,whose flash operates now in the morning way more than it used to, and at times lights at the park that are on photo sensitive switches (and cars) turn on during the day or turn on way before dusk, very concerning.


Another Description of the Air Sample Method:

It's easy to capture or even just find these fibers. I used a 20 dollar fish air pump with the air filter removed. I re-routed my intake so I could collect air samples outside with the pump and stuff inside but that's not really needed. Put your pump outside on a table with the air filter removed. This pump puts out at about 1/2 human breath.


I blow this air via two brass tubes into a 20 ounce "Sobe" bottle, but any bottle will do. I also put 2 inches of clean broken fine (1/8 to 1/4 inch diameter) glass in the bottom. Fill with Distilled water only and run for 24/ 7.


You'll get about 4 to 6 ounces of water left which is perfect for electrolysis. Use a 6 volt lantern battery and some thin brass strips. Electrolysize for about two days. Before electrolysis dry 30 drops on a microscope slide.


Every air and rain water sample I have contains morgellons fibers at about 6-10 per 30 drops but this can change.