Censored Gulf news: Terror in Deep South for Agenda 21 (Pt III) Disinformation, depopulation
August 5th, 2010 3:38 pm ET

Disinformation weaponry applied to further depopulation.
Dr. Mark

How could anyone claim to be proud of an organization when history records that its founder wrote of the necessity of "the extermination of 'human weeds'...the 'cessation of charity'...the segregation of 'morons, misfits, and the maladjusted' and...the sterilization of 'genetically inferior races?' ~ Dr. Stan Monteith, M.D

After 100 days of the U.S. petrochemical-military Gulf of Mexico region attack causing napalm-like injury, death and destruction, millions of people have been poisoned, thousands of children and adults are suffering chemically burned skin, chemical pneumonia and coughing up blood from internal bleeding, while hundreds of thousands of fish washed ashore Louisiana's coast from a chemical weapon Satanically applied to the Agenda 21 killing field.

Obama, his administration, and even his wife continue their public charade, supported by mainstream press's blatant lies and sins of omission, a Disinformation weapon assaulting Americans as the UN Agenda 21 unfolds.

Intel Hub reported on August 4, "In and around Orange Beach Alabama, a massive amount of people are sick from the toxic mixture of oil and Corexit9500" (1). Radio host Gregg Hall reported to the Human Rights Examiner that hundreds of thousands of fish washed ashore in the Point Aux Chien Native American tribal area.

"Everyday it looks more and more like Agenda 21 is playing out before our eyes. The plan to kill 80% of the worlds population has been put into overdrive, with the Gulf a major part of the overall plan." (Thomas)

Activist Jerry Cope on Democracy Now spoke of the tremendous cover-up to conceal the whole Gulf situation from the public.(2) UN Agenda 21 is manifesting with Obama's regime and its military following orders, including preventing relief to the Gulf's injured and releasing absurdities, such as the recent report that BP didn't make Gulf oil spill worse with dispersants, EPA finds.(3)

Disinformation weapon of war

The CIA Inspector General in Assessing Benefits of Resaerch once stated to the U.S. Senate Committee On Veteran's affairs,  "The knowledge that the Agency is engaging in unethical and illicit activities would have serious repercussions in political and diplomatic circles and would be detrimental to the accomplishment of its mission."(4)

If awakening after a 105 day comatose state and reading corporate news headline, one would have little clue that a major chemical attack on the Gulf Coast Americans plus all other life-forms had occurred; that it will continue adversely impacting all life; and that chemicals in an unprecedented amount is now in Earth's food chain.

All oceans are connected and all life breathes the same air - all now tainted with lethal poison still sprayed the last week of July.

Today's mainstream "news" prevents public preparation for Agenda 21, including its depopulation for "sustainability." Protesters aim at various corporate and government entities. Without knowing the enemy, however, one cannot defeat it.

Disinformation is applied while Gulf Coast people's suffering physically and emotionally is of no significance in the New World Order march toward Agenda 21. Disinformation is a psychological non-lethal weapon of war used “to gain public approval of the act."(5)

This “Non-Lethal Weapon” results in mind control through elements of propaganda and fear.

Disinformation hit targets during the 9-11-2001crimes, during the 2009 H1N1 'swine flu' campaign, and during the ongoing plight of Targeted Individuals. It is squarely hitting targets again so people of the South have no validation or subsequent aid or comfort. The military has had decades to refine this psychological weapon.

“There’s been a very overt effort by BP and the Coast Guard to project a sense that the crisis is over, but this is far from the case,” said Dr. Irwin Redlener, director of the center and president of the Children’s Health Fund, a sponsor of a recent survey.(6)

Aside from Disinformation weapon tactics such as "Lie Big, Retract Quietly" and "Capitalize on media to bury truth," one such tactic is to "pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it," states Giordano Bruno. "Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy."(7)

Gulf Coast people have been deliberately cut from the American support network, isolated from people of goodwill and emergency aid organizations such as Red Cross, etc. Corporate TV offers suffering victims no face or name. It does not repeatedly air personal stories such as it did to rile the masses to support the illegal, amoral attacks on the Middle East after 911. It has not brought into living rooms Gulf Coast survivors, such as Mike Roberts, only one among millions reporting first week of August, after "no oil could be found."

"I've fished in all these waters - everywhere you can see. It's all oiled. This is the worst I've seen. This is a heart-break...," Mike Roberts, shrimper with Louisiana Bayoukeepers, who grew up in the area told Toxicologist Riki Ott as mainstream press reported the oil clean-up crews could find no oil.(8)

"Bay Jimmy on the northeast side of Barataria Bay was full of oil. So was Bay Baptiste, Lake Grande Ecaille, and Billet Bay," writes Ott after her excursion with Roberts and a filmmaker.

Did Gregg Hall's finding of hundreds of thousands of fish that just washed ashore in south Louisiana make most mainstream headlines? Corporate news declared, “75% of the oil has dissipated.” (Thomas)

Looking closely, one finds reports such as from McClatchy Newspapers are found: Gulf oil flow was 12 times more than feds' original estimate. "As BP neared a fix that's expected to kill for good the runaway well that has wreaked economic and environmental catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico, the government said that 10 to 12 times more oil had been flowing from the well than originally thought." (9) That's after Florida independent scientists proved the former government/BP reports false.

EPA's research report released August 2(10) concludes that oil mixed with dispersants was no more toxic than oil alone. Its earlier tests showed dispersants "generally less toxic than oil," nice, bedtime Disinformation stories considering independent scientist research reports prove the witches brew has already entered the food chain. Independent research reports continue to prove otherwise and that the poison has entered the food-chain.

Stained, brown water has washed up in pockets along Alabama beaches over the past two weeks, appearing to contain Corexit according to a preliminary analysis.(11)

Over one third Gulf Coast children have new rashes or breathing problems, or are nervous, fearful or “very sad" New York Times reporting a new study.(12) Meanwhile, the petrochemical-military industrial complex plans its next killing field, the Arctic, highlighted by Robert Greenwall and Brave New Foundation.

"To get around the Obama Administration's moratorium on off-shore drilling, BP built 'Liberty Island' 3 miles off the Alaskan Coast and plans to drill 2 miles under the sea and then 6-8 miles horizontally to tap an underwater reserve. An oil spill in the Arctic would be far worse than what continues to unfold in the Gulf. There is no proven technology for cleaning up oil in icy water and the nearest emergency and relief supports are thousands of miles away. (Greenwall)

Greenwall states, "Federal regulators even allowed BP to write its own environmental review for the project," states Greenwall, raising awareness that "Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar, has ability to STOP this catastrophe before it happens and YOU have the ability to influence Secretary Salazar. Tell Secretary Salazar to stop BP's dangerous and unregulated drilling in the Arctic."

Positive outcome of such demands is slim when Obama sneaked an Executive Order to further Agenda 21 by establishing the National Ocean Council to control America's oceans, coastlines and the Great Lakes.


National Ocean Council (White House, National Ocean Council, signed July 19, states that coastal jurisdictions will be subject to United Nations Law Of Sea Treaty (LOST) in its Agenda 21 program.(13) America's oceans and coastlines will be divided into 9 regions: North East, Mid-Atlantic, South Atlantic, Gulf Coast, West Coast, Great Lakes, Alaska, Pacific Islands (including Hawaii) and Caribbean. (Anderson)

"Michael Shaw said that the Agenda 21 Convention on Biodiversity treaty of 1992 failed to pass Congress so it was executed through soft law and administratively on local levels, and Obama's Executive Order is a similar soft law tactic to enact the LOST treaty," reports Cassandra Andersen.(14) 

If Congress makes "CLEAR Act" a law, "the UN Law Of Sea Treaty, as part of the National Ocean Council's agenda, will be 'ratified' in a convoluted and stealth manner, in full opposition to the [U.S.] Constitution and its intent."

This is the motive of the Gulf of Mexico operation: Agenda 21 - including its relocation, full control and depopulation highlighted in Parts I and II of this series.

Depopulation national leadership

Anderson highlights Obama's appointees to the National Ocean Council include co-chairman, John Holdren, Obama's science and technology advisor and depopulation enthusiast who advocates sterilization through infertility drugs in water and food plus forced abortions in his book, "Ecoscience." (Emphasis added)

Another appointee is Ken Salazar, Secretary of the Department of Interior and its sub-agency, MMS (Minerals Management Service) with authority over offshore drilling and responsibility for enforcing spill prevention measures.

Andersen reports:

"US Department of Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, by way of the US Forestry Service and US Fish & Wildlife Service, has been complicit in the decline of our country's food independence. For example, US Fish & Wildlife (along with the Department of Commerce) shut the water off in California using Endangered Species Act; it was later proven that partially treated sewage was the primary culprit in killing the salmon and delta smelt that was previously blamed on farmers.

"The US Forestry Service has also misused the Endangered Species Act to limit farmers and ranchers. Remember that the USDA co-owns the Terminator Gene patent with Monsanto that makes seeds sterile."

Also appointed is Lisa Jackson, EPA administrator who threatened 18,000 pages of new regulations to curb "global warming," another giant psyop to control the masses.

Federal health care farce: No toxic survival by design

As Dr. Mark Sircus illuminated, unlike Russia's government that distributed toxic survival supplies to Chernobyl survivors,(15) the US government has done no such thing to Gulf Coast survivors. Survival and health care of those suffering most are no concern to Obama, his wife, or "Health" Secretary, Kathleen Sebelius, the latter also appointed to Agenda 21's National Ocean Council.

A look at the fabric of the Sebeiius brand of "health" sheds more light on the Gulf Coast - starting with Margaret Sanger. Sebelius major support is by the organization founded by Sanger, Planned Parenthood Federation. In her 1930s publication, The Birth Control Review, Sanger openly supported Nazi Germany's "infanticide program," championed Adolf Hitler's Aryan white supremacy goal. Before World War II, she commissioned Nazi Ernst Rudin, director of the German medical experimentation program atrocities, to serve as advisor to her organization.(16) 

Sanger planned genetically engineering the human race. She called for "elimination of human weeds;" "cessation of charity" due to it prolonging lives of the unfit, and segregation and prohibiting reproduction of the unfit. In 1939, Sanger organized the Negro Project to eliminate members of what she thought to be an "inferior race," stating "the masses of Negroes... particularly in the South, still breed carelessly and disastrously, with the result that the increase among Negroes, even more than among whites, is from that portion of the population least intelligent and fit..." (Montheith)

Sanger led the now prevalent tactic of using religion to pulpit pump propaganda into Americans so they act against their best interest and in opposition to Christianity. Montheith writes of her intention to "hire three or four colored ministers to travel to various black enclaves to propagandize birth control...The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal. We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members."

Sanger targeted religious groups, blacks, Hispanics, "American Indians" for destruction. Sanger and Hitler were involved Lucifer worship and were energized by the same dark, spiritual forces according to Monteith.

The US "Health" Secretary, Kathleen Sebelius champions Sanger's Planned Parenthood Federation as a long-term member. When Obama appointed Sebelius as Secretary of Health, Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, the leading U.S. "sexual and reproductive health care advocate and provider," promptly published a letter stating, "We applaud Gov. Kathleen Sebelius’ confirmation as secretary of health and human services. She is an excellent choice to lead HHS and has a proven track record of increasing access to affordable care."(17)

Planned Parenthood promotes infertility and lethal vaccinations, boasting, "Our caring and knowledgeable staff provide a wide range of services — including vaccines for human papilloma virus (HPV) and hepatitis A and B."(18) 

Sebelius was US driving force behind WHO's 2009 hazardous, fraudulent H1N1 vaccine campaign. She advocated first injecting pregnant women with the biochemical that induced spontaneous abortions, forced miscarriages. Left-over H1N1 vaccines were sent to the Third World, generously donated by Obama, Sebelius and their eugenics cronies. Years will pass before that giant human research reveals if women who took that vaccine, or their daughters, are sterile.

First Lady, Michelle Obama plays her part to a tea. She recently emailed millions of Americans via the front group, MoveOn, promoting health care for all of us "moms" while moms in south Louisiana and all along the Gulf Coast receive not one bit of health assistance to battle being gassed by her husband, Commander in Chief.

Yesterday, one of those moms emailed the Human Rights Examiner the following message after reading about pregnant women attempting to save their unborn by fleeing chemical rape in the Gulf Coast:

I don't know if I am in the clear zone, I am in Kissimmee, Florida.
I want to help in any way I can.
This year has destroyed my saving, I work day to day to pay rent. I have no electric. But, I have a roof over head. If anyone who needs it can make it to me I can offer a place to stay.

People just do not realize what is being done to us.
It hurts so bad, to watch everything they do as if we do not matter.


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