Censored Gulf news: State-sponsored terrorism targets Deep South for Agenda 21 (Pt II)

August 3rd, 2010 5:56 pm ET


 "No oil" Gulf of Mexico on August 1, 2010  (Photo: NRDC)


Photo: Project Gulf Impact


Photo: Dispersion of biochemicals through 'Chemtrailing''/Belfort Group

The Fourth Reich is rising like a giant Phoenix from the ashes of 9-11 – Glen Yeadon

Part II

Secret bio-chemical research for depopulation

On Freedom Link Radio August 1 program, highlighted in Part I of this article, crime fighter AC Griffith, former NSA linked to the CIA, stated he does not think government will offer any type of aid to the Gulf Coast people. The people are being left there to die. Some are coughing up blood and thousands  are experiencing skin break-down.

Government aid has not been forthcoming to help the people survive after Obama and his military with help of BP contaminated their air, water, land and food with toxins some scientists report are 11 times more deadly than crude oil toxins alone.

Obama's adminstration Gulf reports run parallel to the New Orlean Convention and Business Center reports: The oil is gone. There is no public health crisis. Now's the time to eat plenty  of Gulf seafood. The voice of the people at Ground Zero is unheard, their lives violated in a covert war against them.

How could this happen in America?

As mentioned in Part I, Agenda 21, with the psychologically appealing stated aim of "environmental sustainability," includes depopulation, an act of war on The People that the U.S. has been testing and refining for over sixty years and that German Nazis respected. Chemical testing on any human is morally unconscionable. When offering no potential therapeutic benefit to test subjects or humanity, it is scientifically dubious and criminal. When it injures and/or kills masses of people, it is a crime against humanity. Nevertheless, testing dangerous and even lethal chemicals on humans has escalated in recent years with taxpayer and dirty black budget money.

Soft-kill aerial sprayed biochemicals, commonly called “chemtrails,” are among U.S. “exotic” WMD arsenal that Congressman Dennis Kucinich illuminated in his resolution HR 2977 to prevent further exploration and use of these weapons. Kucinich stated that chemtrail spraying over the U.S. is one example of domestic or state-sponsored terrorism. He was coerced to remove "chemtrail" from his congressional resolution (13).

On February 9, 2010, the Human Rights Examiner wrote, "The United States has suppressed the history of Nazi infiltration and control of the United States, leaving the brutal party to develop like a many-headed serpent, a hydra, slipping into and poisoning every level of society."(14)

People aware of Nazi atrocities resultant of German eugenic policies(15) are less aware of America’s leadership of the German Nazi eugenics policy. Government documents in The National Archived and Library of Congress reveal that grandfather of G.W. Bush, Prescott Bush, served as business partner and operative for the financial architect of the Nazi War Machine from 1926 through 1942.(16)

America’s wealthiest and most influential leaders, including oil tycoon John D. Rockefeller Sr., railroad tycoon James J. Hill and steel tycoon Andrew Carnegie are among American eugenics leaders.(17) According to Glen Yeadon and John Hawkins, co-authors of The Nazi Hydra in America: Suppressed History of a Century,  relatively few Nazi doctors and scientists responsible for German eugenic crimes were held accountable during Nuremberg Trials; only some found guilty. The U.S. government brought some 12,000 of those key Nazis to the U.S. in Operation Paperclip. They quickly merged with US intelligence to form the Central Intelligence Agency, the CIA that covertly steers the same and worse crimes against Americans and others for their leader.(18)

The CIA’s non-consensual human experimentation involving kidnapping and torturing “terrorist detainee” subjects follows the agency's long history of such experimentation, much through Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) that commissions “advanced research” for the Defense Department. In 1994, the Rockefeller Committee issued a report confirming 50 years of secret government testing on nearly half a million civilians and military personnel.(19)

After decades of secretly testing aerial chemical spraying humans, for over a year now, the Pentagon has been prepared to secretly fight and ‘win’ a ‘biological war’ for Full Spectrum Dominance (20) furthering Agenda 21 under pretext of fighting terrorism, a terrorist being anyone, anywhere who exposes or attempts to expose truth about high-level corruption and psychopathy - or who is simply in the way.

In 2002, the preparation and strategy directive for winning a “biological war” was adopted without public knowledge and review according to Francis Boyle, the international legal expert at University of Illinois who drafted the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989 enacted by Congress.(21)

All weapons of war require research and development on humans, permissible in the U.S. although violating international law. The U.S. government has been and now, under the Obama regime, is responsible for secret chemical and biological research not only on detainees tortured in overseas hell-holes, but also on its own citizenry, in their homes and communities in the land of the free that some still celebrate.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans in various geographical areas, before the Gulf crime against humanity, have been nothing more than human guinea pigs for testing the worst WMDs, including biochemical weapons. Since WWII, entire American cities have been secretly aerial sprayed with injurious bio-chemical agents in the name of “research.”

The U.S. General Accounting Office (GOA) issued a report on September 28, 1994 stating that between 1940 and 1974, the "Defense" Department and other national security agencies studied hundreds of thousands of human subjects in tests and experiments involving hazardous substances, some secret, many open-air testings.(22) GOA revealed that the military, with numerous cooperating agencies including health departments and individuals, secretly sprayed entire cities, such as San Francisco, St. Louis and New York City, with biochemicals.

Historically, American individuals targeted as subjects for testing weapons have been the vulnerable and the dissenters. This practice dramatically escalated since the 911, 2001, as hundreds if not thousands of American targeted individuals would testify. Still today, the government continues serial mass murder under the name of "research." Introducing S.193 to prevent such targeting through non-consensual human experimentation, former astronaut Senator John Glenn said on the U.S. Senate floor:

"In 1993 the Governmental Affairs Committee began to investigate the cold war radiation experiments...when our Government sponsored experiments involving radiation on our own citizens without their consent.... there is no law on the books requiring that informed consent... More important, I believe there is a need for such a law, as there continue to be cases where this basic right - I do view it as a basic right - is abused... this system does have some gaps and, if enacted, I believe this legislation will close those gaps.(23) (Emphasis added)

Despite such congressional attempts to halt non-consensual human research, U.S. presidential vetoes allow this atrocity. The world watches it occur throughout he Gulf Coast region. (16) The long history of United States CIA, Pentagon, Health Department, Universities and others secretly researching effects of aerial spraying on non-consenting Americans and citizens of other nations has culminated in today's widespread application of chemicals on people of the Gulf of Mexico region. No effective human or environmental protection agency or program prevents this atrocity.

No perpetrator stops on his or her own. There is no reasoning with extremists. Real terrorists, the US military and its Commander in Chief Barack Obama, black ops hired by petrochemical corporations, the "Justice" system, corporate leaders overseeing the chemicals raping the people and all their employees that will do anything to earn the dollar, even indirectly kill their fellow American - all freely roam the U.S. committing their terrorist acts with impunity.

Few involved in this monster system responsible for human tragedies will expose these matters and prove their felonious involvement with high crimes or cowardly failure to act on known atrocities. Americans who do try to expose and prevent such human rights violations are often neutralized, removed from positions of authority, or worse. Van Jones was the first to experience this persecution in the Obama administration - for signing a 911 Truth Petition. Hugh Kaufman, EPA analyst is one among many who experienced this during Bush' regime. When Kaufman reported with integrity truth about 911 investigative findings including chemicals and effects, he lost his EPA position. He now speaks truth about chemically poisoning millions of Gulf Coast people with Corexit meant to cause internal bleeding.(17)

S. Louisiana domestic terrorism target

"The terrorist racket is a huge growth industry for hungry corporations that interface with the Department of Death and lust for $10 billion set aside for terrorism prevention."(18) For years, south Louisiana has been been a prime target for domestic, state-sponsored terrorism. It is oil and gas rich, strategically located, with the nation's most inland port, Baton Rouge - a handsome conquest for controlling the entire nation. This has been known to many south Louisianans for decades. Too few would have guessed their own government would be their enemy. Too few know that their horrid fate lies in the hands of leaders and the military supporting Agenda 21.

Soon after Hurricane Katrina, as south Louisiana people suffered the inhumane aftermath due to oil giant and high-level government evil corruption, despite public outcry, the U.S. military "was brazenly determined" to conduct open-air germ tests on them, (19) the same targets suffering today from an open air gas chamber. The petrochemical-military-industrial complex never rests in its acts based on lies and deceit to bring the power of hell to Earth.

In response to that 2005 military attempt to poison people of south Louisiana, Captain Joyce Riley stood before Louisiana government officials and told them that the only acts of terrorism ever conducted on American soil have been perpetrated by our own government.

Instead of focusing on Obama and his CIA/military terrorism in the Gulf, a crime against humanity for eventual Agenda 21 to be achieved, for those deemed worthy of living, eyes are programmed toward BP, only one pitch fork prong in the petro-chemical-military-industrial satanic complex.


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